Durham Arrests Steele’s Top Informant

Christopher Steele via Wikimedia Commons

This story is breaking and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Federal agents arrested Igor Danchenko on Thursday. Danchenko, served as Christopher Steele’s top informant while compiling a dossier into former President Trump’s 2016 campaign and alleged collusion with Russian officials. The arrest is part of Special Counsel John Durham’s probe into the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

The Daily Caller reports:

Danchenko was taken into custody on Thursday, the New York Times (NYT) first reported. He was employed by Steele’s firm, Orbis Business International, but was previously investigated during the Obama administration as part of a probe into suspected Russian intelligence officers operating in Washington, DC. Before his time at Orbis, Danchenko worked as a Russia analyst at the liberal Brookings Institute, where he became known for accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of plagiarizing his economics dissertation.

As part of his work on the Steele dossier, Danchenko claimed to have interviewed six individuals with knowledge of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. However, during a 2017 FBI interview, Danchenko contradicted many of the dossier’s key assertions. As a result, the FBI concluded that “the reliability of the dossier was completely destroyed,” according to Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Danchenko has defended his work on the Steele dossier, describing it as “raw intelligence from credible sources” in a 2020 interview with NYT. The dossier served as primary evidence for the FBI’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) warrant request for Trump campaign aide Carter Page, a Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General report found.

As part of his investigation into the origins of the DOJ probe into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government, Durham has targeted the production and dissemination of the Steele dossier. He indicted former Perkins Coie and Democratic National Committee attorney Michael Sussmann in September for lying to the FBI’s top attorney during a meeting in which Sussmann passed along allegations against the Trump campaign.

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        1. Damn right I do. He’s a hell of alot better the the fake one now in office. We didn’t have to 3.80 for a gallon of gas under Trump.

          1. I find it so hard to even think about ever voting again. 13 Rino Republicans have sold us down the river. Its all about Power and Money. I won’t ever give a donation to the Republican Party because it is not a Party of sticking with each other in voting for what and when something is good for our Country. President Trump was impeached 3 times because he wasn’t a Politician but just a Savvy Business Man to bring our Country to its full potential. I dare anyone to tell me that they don’t believe most of our Politicians are Millionaires and are in a position to becoming much wealthier while in Political Office. I think I would like to start a Class Action Civil Lawsuit against the Federal Government and the whol;e White House Administration From President Biden on down. I have been suffering from January 2021 When Biden became our Illegal President and I have been under much stress for the Higher cost of living they had put on us. Living on S.S. doesn’t leave much left especially now. My fuel cost have gone up about $80 month, food up about $15 a week, All my insurances have been increasing 10% about $55 per month.Under President Trump My Wife and I lived a good life being on a fixed income. But now its almost like having to decide whether you eat or take your medications. I am sick of having wealthy idiots in Political Office me what I can and can’t do as they do whatever they want. Anyone have any suggestions on doing a Class Civil action against these idiots once and for all. Also if illegal Immigrants who broke the Law then it should be hard for me and others to sue for the distressful harm this White House Administration has caused for most of us. Standup and take some legal action now. Joe F.

          2. Those 13 are the true Republicans. Most of the other Reps slobber at the feet of their treacherous god-idol – DDT aka Dirty Donald Trump.

          3. Oh, Teddy, you have it so wrong!! Put your Teddy bear aside along with your fantasies. The truth is simple. We were at least 100% better off under Trump. Joe Biden has no clue about foreign policy or how to safely remove Americans from Afghanistan–and PLEASE do NOT forget the lives of our military men and women because of his stupidity. Biden and his Democrats, while they accuse Republicans of being racists, are the real ones. Look at who was behind the KKK. And also, do you remember back when Biden was a senator and we were trying to move to school integration through busing how he had command of the Senate floor and went on a tirade about not wanting his kids going into the “jungle” to get an education and that “we” (meaning white people) shouldn’t either? Do you? I didn’t think so. The Democratic party is fraught with many members who are racists. Those 13 Republicans are not for what the people in this country really needs. We do NOT need more taxes, more money spent on foolish endeavors, more money going to migrants who are here illegally. We NEED more money for those who are here legally and are hurting because of asinine Biden and his worthless agenda. If you believe his shutting down the Keystone pipeline while lifting the sanction on Russia’s pipeline was a bright move, then I think you should head to the next mental institution.

          4. When unhappy, someone must be blamed. The Steele dosier was unverified “raw intelligence” according to this report. Those who visited the Rus over the last 50 years find it entirely plausible, but if only one person discloses a situation it will be in a state of “unverified” and “raw.” A Republican donor funded the first phase of the Steele dosier. The Hillary campaign bought a copy of what the Republican campaign knew about Trump’s exploits in Russia that were entirely plausible because these disclosures are entirely consistent with the way the Rus operate. Trump appeared to be brash, naive and oblivious to the Russian surveillance that is so obvious when one just looks around and takes notice of strangers and and occurrences.

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        3. Who are you calling the loser? If you answer American citizens, you’re so right. We lost a decent, honorable fighter for America. He was respected all over the world, except in his own country by Marxist Democrats, rinos and radical Muslims. Our enemies are rejoicing in Joe Biden who they can walk over, even with his corrupt administration. We have been ruined in 10 months by a deliberately incompetent administration that wants big government to take over, regulate, tax wildly, make the American people fully dependent, in other words, another Communist country. Well sir, you can have it. Throw away the Constitution which gave us our freedoms and rights. From now on, we are the slaves of the New Normal as the Obama and Biden government are called. Gone is our freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and the right to protect ourselves. We’re no longer energy independent. We have wind turbines that freeze in cold weather and kill hundreds of thousands of birds including our American eagles. We have electric cars which contaminate the earth much more than fossil fuels and a green energy expenditure that will bankrupt us and our descendants. Actually, you and those who agree with you are the losers as well, because by the time you’ve opened your eyes, it will be too late.

          1. Good reply, Mimi. I might add how the wind turbines and solar energy panels will ruin the landscape of America. It will require deforesting to put in enough of these kinds of equipment to supply this country with “green” energy BUT in doing so there goes the oxygen supplied to Americans through nature. So what kind of air will you be breathing? Certainly won’t be that well oxygenated. I see more health problems from this action not less as AOC and her idiotic group profess.

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          1. Try again. Be original. Oh, sorry. Why should you be? You follow the teachings of a man who plagiarized his way through life.

        5. I’m 77 years old and a democrat since the JFK days. And when obummer started his crap the second year of his presidency, I knew I screwed up. President Trump is the greatest president in my time. obummer made jimmy carter the second worst and now obummer is the second worst because in 10 months alzheimer joe has become the worst in history!!!

      1. This longtime Republican says that DDT (Dirty Donald Trump) is the most vicious, the most treacherous, the most lyingest person who has ever been in American politics. AND THE WORST PRESIDENT AMERICA HAS EVER HAD.

        1. Have you seen the price of Gas, supermarket food and everything else that we consume? You are either ignorant or on the Dole! You don’t care about our economy or our country! You are either incompetent or you are in on it! Or you are probably marxist which is just another word for communist!

  1. Do you think just maybe, major arrests like Hillary and her cohorts will be done before the 2022 elections?! Don’t use that election as an excuse this time Durham to not indict.

    1. Although the work was done at Hillary’s behest, she wasn’t involved in the actual dossier preparation so she will be free from arrest I do believe regardless of what we might believe.

      1. Don’t fool yourself for one moment. Hillary was always culpable in this from the start. Her criminal history is so long there isn’t a tape measure long enough to show it. She’s a conniving, ruthless, greedy, power hungry monster. She vilified the women her husband raped, groped, and molested. She’s always been a Marxist from her college days, but it’s the power she needs and wants. Her ego is only equaled by Obama and Michelle. She was so angry to have lost an election she thought was hers, that she did all she could to bring Trump down and with the FBI’s and the DOJ’s help, she managed to obstruct him in whatever he tried to do, and she had plenty of help. Don’t take my word for it. If you really want to know what she is, read Edward Klein’s book, “The Truth About Hillary Clinton.”

      2. She had to authorize payment from the Clinton Foundation.
        Let’s see if one of her flunkies is willing to take the fall and risk perjury.

      1. Afraid you are wrong about that. Special counsels have added protection that normal U.S. attorneys lack. Under the DOJ regulations, a special counsel can only be fired for cause, while U.S. attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president.

    2. They will prosecute the very low hanging fruit who are no longer useful or easily replaceable. Only a fool would conspire with these Deep State criminals in the hope of a big pay day!

  2. Biden is a barely walking.. mumbling, incoherant, shadow, of a human being
    acting as a leader of a nation, he’s barely
    Cognizant of being part of. Truly pathetic
    & even more so, are his handlers behind the WH curtain. Let’s Go Brandon!!

      1. Biden in 48 years has never been right about a thing and that’s a fact ! The fact that Albert Hess believes what he’s told by wishful thinking Democrats has me believing that he could be taken by anyone. Biden if you are old enough to remember ran in 1972 for the US Senate and his wife and child were killed by a truck driver. fact is she pulled out in front of the truck while Biden (big dumb Joe) claimed the truck driver was drunk. That it turned out the driver was not drunk and Biden to this day still clings to that lie when the Judge that over saw the case found out that the truck driver was not drunk and that Biden’s wife simply pulled out in front of the truck and killed herself & child. It’s all public record but Mr Hess believes it’s not true! But look it up it’s all been debunked and Hess can believe what he wants but true facts are hard for him to believe. I was 11 years old and I remember it all.

      2. Anyone who believes that is seriously lacking in intellect. One thing you have to give the Democrats for is cheating. They know how to rig an election. In this case using Covid as an excuse for mail in ballots, dirty voter rolls, absentee ballots, late counts, disposal of ballots, rewriting ballots, they know all the tricks and with big money paying them to do it, they managed it. So much for Biden winning, cheating is the right term for what was done. Our enemies are rejoicing, we have lost all respect from our allies and our enemies, not to mention the radical leftist administration which is our biggest enemy.

    1. I wonder what it’ll take to get this abuse of an elderly ill man, stopped. Forget that he has done nothing for our country lo these many years in public office, now is the time to shelve him, into a nice NH. Then we bring on Kamala and hold her accountable, for the disaster she has been a part of. IMO, Biden is not accountable, maybe his family is???

      1. Biden has never been a decent man.He’s always been a nasty, greedy, corrupt moron. I have no pity for him or his equally corrupt family. However, it’s the Democrats who are really in charge, including Obama’s Susan Rice and the rest of the swamp. It’s a deadly combination of very corrosive people who will stop at nothing.

      2. WAKEUP about Kamala Harris: What is important to know and fight against is this fact: Kamala is usurping OFFICE by election2020 fraud, and she is not eligible for VP or POTUS because she is not a Natural Born Citizen of USA as her parents were alien student visa travelers NOT US Citizens. 

        Like the 2-Term Usurper Muslim Infiltrator Barack Obama who has finally admitted he was born in Kenya not USA, Kamala Harris must be arrested immediately for her federal level felony treasonous crimes, then after prison, both she and Obama should be deported and banished from USA forever!

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        1. Wow, George, you need to go back to school. Evidently you missed the part about what it takes to be legally qualified to be President. In the future, you ought to check your facts and info before you embarrass yourself any further.

      3. In all his years in the Senate, Biden penned (that is different from sponsoring) almost no laws save possibly the Crime Act Law which was seen as a very weak piece of legislation. He rode the coattails of other senators by co-sponsoring but he lacked the intelligence to originate something on his own. Anything he put forth (and this is true of other legislators as well) was more than likely penned by his staff or even lobbyists. I researched this so it is not made up. He could spin a good tale, though–I will give him that–and the public believed him. He was worthless in the Senate, as VP, and most deplorable as the President of the USA.

    1. There’s plenty to go around. Only time will tell if any of the top ‘mobsters’ will be charged or arrested. Being cynical, I doubt it. But we can hope, whoever she is.

  3. HANNAH, The Marine lady kicked out because she would not take the poison Jab…says that everyone waited every morning for Ocrapo to give everybody their marching orders for the day. She has been hired by FOX news…I wish her well…


  5. All of the wrong doings that have been done by the democrats are being exposed in a timeline before the next election. What the American people have been subjected to in the last 10 months reveals the true nature of the democrats mind set only a crooked person or a complete naive person follows them.

    1. Maybe 10% of the crimes committed by the democrats have been exposed. The problem is that when their crimes ARE exposed, there does not seem to be anyone that indicts, prosecutes, and convicts them. They all need to go to jail for a long time.

  6. Well, you know it’s serious when Hillary started engaging in politics again. She’s scared and she’s trying to get ahead of the story. I have no doubt she’ll try to claim she’s the victim in all of this. REMEMER, it was Hillary, her staff and supporters who questioned Obama’s birthplace and his birth certificate. They were the ones who leaked the story to the press in 2008. She has a lot of involvement in sleazy, twisted, corrupt politics. She invented it on so many levels. She and the Clinton Foundation are going down and were probably indicted by the grand jury. Durham has her twisting in the wind and waiting for the next shoe to drop.

    1. Obama was NEVER qualified to serve as President. He was born in Kenya and smuggled into Hawaii 4 days later. Then the democrats in Hawaii concocted his fake birth certificate. That was proven by experts to be a PhotoShop fake. The problem was and is that the courts refuse to take any of these political cases–like how the democrats stole the election from President Trump.

    1. Pretty sure he is making sure to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s and he isn’t leaking like a sieve like Mueller did.

  7. Th box killiary has to wear gale out of is getting smaller; soon, the box she contriv d herself not will be the size of a prison cell

  8. but no FBI agents arrested? Lying on documents 4 times? For fake search warrants, against innocent people? One willing to entrap (wear a wire) the POTUS? No red flags there? Agents sleeping with each other? What did these agents take an oath to? the communist manifesto?

  9. This is getting close to hilly the witch. He better be kept under protection otherwise he will be clintoned. When can we expect the witch to be arrested?

  10. This site must be filed with uneducated idiots. If any of you believe the inflation and rising prices we have now is due to Biden, you would have gotten an ‘F’ in economics. Got news for all you smart-mouths. The inflation we have now is 90% due to the virus. You know that same virus many of you jerks want to keep around, which is why you won’t get vaxxed. Yes, THAT virus. Since it is doubtful that any of you read the papers or watch the news, you need to know that all of our rising price problems are due to the lack of workers, stores being shut down, shops closing up because of little or no business, a lack of 80,000 truck drivers who are absent for a multitude of reasons and they are the guys that are supposed to bring the stuff to stores, the millions of people laid off during the pandemic. Dozens and dozens of reasons why we are in an inflationary cycle now that everybody is out buying stuff again. Idiots, it’s called Supply & Demand. And our Supply got massacred while Demand is going through the roof. A high school economics student could tell you why we’re in an economic, inflationary spiral. As for gasoline, think about it, dummies: Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, not enough Gasoline truck drivers, spare parts shortages for all vehicles including gasoline delivery trucks, OPEC refusing to increase production, small oil companies trying to get back into high gear after laying off tons of employees throughout the pandemic, hundreds of people in all sorts of businesses that touch upon gasoline who got sick, died or permanently injured by Covid. OF COURSE, THERE IS INFLATION TOUCHING UPON EVERYTHING WE ALL TOOK FOR GRANTED. Come out of your little, self-absorbing shell, people. BTW, FYI, the pandemic would not have been nearly so bad had Trump not downplayed the virus when he learned how serious it really was at the beginning of 2020 and then continued to downplay it for all of 2020. Through all of this, there was no way there was not going to be big-time inflation. Plus we had an idiot and not-too-smart businessman handling the economy who set out to help the rich and cared less about the little guys.

    1. And the fact that Biden eliminated the Keystone and drilling on Federal Land has nothing to do with it. Biden has eliminated 14% of our oil production. Oil is also used to manufacure Plastic and Rubber among other things. Ever heard Inflation is caused by demand and supply? O f course. less production and increased demand has nothing to do with Inflation. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  11. How is it that the real culprit in this…Hillary Clinton…is not arrested? I guess these politicians are above the law…perhaps people should start taking the law into their own hands against these criminals who are a danger to our country.

    This news was kept secret from the FBI and Police.
    Arrived from Canada Site.


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