Kinzinger Considering Run for Senate, White House

Hudson Institute, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Could Adam Kinzinger already be planning his re-entry to politics?

The anti-Trump Republican Congressman says he isn’t ruling out making a run for Senate, Governor of Illinois, or even the White House.

Rep. Kinzinger recently announced he wouldn’t be running for re-election next year.

The Hill reports:

The retiring Illinois congressman told CNN that he is considering launching a campaign for either the Senate or the Illinois governor’s mansion. He said he will “probably” make a decision by January.

He also told the network that he “definitely” isn’t ruling out a bid for president in 2024.

If he ultimately mounts a bid for statewide office in Illinois, Kinzinger will face an uphill battle. For one, he would still likely face a tough primary campaign, putting his fate in the hands of Republican voters who are still largely aligned with Trump.

A 2024 presidential bid wouldn’t likely be any easier for Kinzinger. Trump himself has floated another run for the White House, while other would-be candidates, like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), have closely aligned themselves with the former president and are highly popular among Trump’s voter base.

Kinzinger who has been a longtime critic of former President Trump was also one of the House Republicans who voted to impeach him following the Capitol riot last January. Since then, Kinzinger was named to Speaker Pelosi’s committee to investigate the event of the riot.


  1. Pleeeeease, who in their right mind, Democrat or Republican would waste their time or even tie themselves to the likes of Adam Kinzinger?!!! He is delusional.

  2. He has a serious problem not knowing when to quit. I cannot imagine any conscious Republican voting for this jerk. It should be interesting to see poll numbers if he runs.

    1. When he over shot Leisa Dugan, I new he was TROUBLE ?? I pray to God, that we can make it though to “2024” with Biden in office!!! I am not sure how much lower Our Great Country can hold out?? If this IDIOT gets impeached, it will be (Cackling Harris)
      She has not done her job at the Southern Border, so how will SHE HANDLE BEING PRESIDENT?

  3. kinzinger won’t be voted for in ANY POLITICAL CAREER!!! He’s a loser, the worst kind of loser, a HYPOCRITICAL LIAR!!!

  4. Kinzinger might want to re-think his options to run for President in 2024. President Trump has pretty much said “YES” to a 2024 run, and the majority of Conservatives still support DJT and no one else! Florida’s DeSantis is a very close favorite to DJT, but President Trump is still NUMERO UNO to Patriots!
    As each state election occurs from now until 2024 and the RED WAVE flows over the democrats in those states, it will be a great celebration because of President Trump’s tireless journey to empower our Country and states with reasoning and intelligence! That is something we have NOT seen since before November 2020 when President Trump was leading our Country!

    So if Kinzinger (who voted for DJT’s Impeachment because of the Jan 6 D.C. event when there was no proof he had anything to do with that event) thinks he has a chance to defeat our President, he had better think again!! DJT didn’t work to get our Country back in sane hands to give it over to another naysayer! NOT HAPPENING!

    1. That whole (so called riot) on Jan 6, was planned way in advance of the PATRIOTS, for Trump! We new that the (PRESIDENCY WAS STOLEN BY FRAUD )
      I would bet that it was planned out by the DEMS, for one last try at disgracing President TRUMP?? He is the best man in that office, since REAGAN, that actually cared about the AMERICAN PEOPLE!! We were very lucky that he was in office at the time of this break out of the (PANDEMIC) I would to see what would have happened in (AMERICA IF A DEM WAS IN THAT OFFICE) I firmly believe that God had a hand in placing Trump in office at that very moment???

  5. I guess the CNN/MSNBC gig isn’t materializing?? They probably interviewed him for a job and realized what a dimwit he is, so now he will run for President or Governor or dog catcher, he isn’t sure which. Go ahead Adam, run for public office again, we need the comic relief. Remember, he has seen the elections the other night and he thinks he could win as if he understands what happened in the elections on Tuesday, he is clueless.


  7. 😂. These fake Republicans are to much, it’s all about him not what’s good for the country. Go ahead and run watch Trump eat you up and spit you out. There is no way I vote for a little weasle like him he’s weak and is a sellout, little boy trying to do a man’s job. Republicans like this are a joke are the ones who sold this country out. I be voting Trump all the way over this joker.

  8. Adam, are you delusional? You have done nothing for the residents of Illinois. We don’t like the path (Democrat) you have been following. You have done about the same for Illinois as Brandon. Give it up!

  9. I’m not sure why Kinzinger thinks he has that big of following – where are his fans? I know he won that first time but now he’s sitting out & he hasn’t done anything legislatively so why does he think he’ll win in the Senate, for Governor & he would never win the primary for President. What’s he smoking??

    1. He won because he wasn’t running against any other Republican, we had no choice. Some Republican please run against him!

  10. Unfortunately this is Illinois we are talking about. Democrats Rule. Hope a Republican runs against him so we at least get a choice!


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