CNN Boss Offers Rachel Maddow $20M to Join New Streaming Service

Terry Ballard from Merrick, New York, USA, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

CNN is desperate to save itself. As the network plans to launch a new streaming platform next year CNN president Jeff Zucker tried to poach MSNBC’s top host, Rachel Maddow. Zucker reportedly offered Maddow $20 million a year to anchor the new streaming service.

Fox News reports:

According to Puck News’ Matthew Belloni, Zaslav knows CNN is “tainted by politically polarized (and rapidly declining) audiences in the U.S.” but believes he could help the liberal network “successfully” transition into the world of streaming.

“To that end, I’m told Zucker recently offered MSNBC star Rachel Maddow around $20 million a year to anchor the soon-to-launch CNN+ service, which then caused NBC Universal to scramble to promise her more money and less work to stay put, which she did,” Belloni wrote on Thursday.

CNN confirmed to Belloni that Zucker did offer Maddow a gig at CNN+ but did not confirm the price. The network did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

In August, there were reported rumors that Maddow was considering leaving MSNBC when her contract ended early next year with the hopes of making more time with her family. Days later, it was reported she was staying with the Peacock network.

It’s unclear if CNN’s upcoming streaming service will have any success as the network has been experiencing a devastating year with its once-popular programs barely scraping by.

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7 months ago

Rachel Is A Smart Girl,
On The Other Side Of
The Political Tracks, But
Who Knows, What’s Coming
Down The Tracks And She
Will Run As Fast As She Can
To Save Her Behind. The MSM
Will Be Destroyed As You Know

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