House Democrats Drop Plan to Vote on Spending Plan

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House Democrats abandoned plans to bring the social spending bill to a vote on Friday. In a letter from Nancy Pelosi, she notes the “challenges” of passing the “historic” legislation.

Fox News reports:

It is with enormous respect for the greatness and patience of our House Democratic Members that I write to describe a path forward For The People. 

In order to make progress on the President’s vision it is important that we advance the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and the Build Back Better Act today. 

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework rule and debate have already happened.  Now, we will bring to the Floor the BIF and a rule for consideration of the Build Back Better Act.  

The agenda that we are advancing is transformative and historic, hence challenging.  

The delay comes as progressive Democrats continue to refuse to budge on their opposition to the infrastructure bill unless another larger social spending bill is also passed.

    1. Daisy –

      Well! Let’s hope it’s the beginning of the end for the effort by the American Democrat Party to convert the United States into a dictatorship of the Deep State elitists, that have controlled so much of what has happened in the United States since the end of the Korean War. I never thought they would get away with killing Jack Kennedy, but they managed to get the day of accountability delayed until a large part of the murder crew had died of old age. And, of course, Joe Biden just put the individual liability off for another “X” days or years. So much for the completely crooked Democrats.

      1. Just a quick observation — Washington (and the nation) is really run by a bureaucratic bunch of “old timers” who have been in office forever. They are affectionately known as the “deep state”. Their ONLY masters are the MONEY interests which depend on them for “profitable” survival. These are the same interests who SUPPORT ‘your’ senator and/or representative. Their approach is simple — “to hell with the citizen; WE know how to run this Country”. Unfortunately, the “deep state” INCLUDES both democrats AND republicans. Their power was demonstrated when they “took down” the last “People’s President” and is currently being exercised in an attempt to PREVENT him running for Office again. We don’t have to look for a revolution — it has ALREADY occurred!!!

      2. No Experience Needed, No Boss Over il Your FD Shoulder… Say Goodbye To Your Old Job! Limited Number Of Spots

  1. Democrats want to pass this so when the next election comes and GOP candidate wants to cut the spending that has passed it will look bad for GOP candidate and favor democrats

    1. When was the last time the Republicans cut spending?
      US government spending almost doubled under Trump.
      The same with the National Debt.

      1. These bills are not about spending. These bills are socialist programs that will destroy our voting regulations and waste money on the green new deal that gives money to Democrats.

      2. You conveniently forgot, that Trump spent billions bringing our military budget back to a reasonable amount to counter China’s enormous defense (offense?) buildup. Now Brandon asks Hunter if we should counter China’s buildup. The answer? Ask China to buy a few of Hunter’s paintings at 1 million each and we’ll spend the extra money on paying illegal allies $450K each for their inconvenience for breaking our laws!!!

  2. Anything and everything this new Far Left Radicalized Socialist Demoncrat Party along with the Deep Dark State is Anti-American and UN-Constitutional and Unlawful !!! They are determined to Bring Down and Destroy Our True America Any And All Ways They Can !!! They are being Allowed To Do So !!! Where the Hell Is Our Judiciary and The Legislators who are sworn to Protect Our Constitution and Rule Of Laws !!!! NO GUTS, NO AMERICA !!!!!,
    Wake Up America We Are In Very, Very Serious, Grave and Dire Danger “From Within !!!!

  3. Imagine the vision from a dementia ridden “feckless piece of crap” to borrow a phrase.
    All the world is a spinning whirl of confusion.
    And predators like Piglousy and chuck u Schumer taking full advantage.
    Democrats are evil

  4. Give a Liberal Enough Rope… And They Will Hang Themselves ! “Another Truckload of Rope Please” .. This Might be the Last One We Need ” !


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