Voters to Democrats: Drop Dead

New York Post Nov. 4, 2022 edition.

NEW YORKNo means no.

From the White House to school boards across America, voters on Tuesday screamed at Democrats: “No!” to reckless spending, meddlesome bureaucrats, bear hugs for criminals, racial fetishism in classrooms and beyond, soaring energy prices, a monthly-average of 179,779 illegal aliens invading the southern “border” on President Joe Biden’s watch, and much more.

More concisely, Voters to Democrats: Drop dead.

Tuesday’s biggest prize, of course, was Virginia, where first-time candidate Republican Glenn Youngkin soundly defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe, the commonwealth’s last governor, 50.9 percent to 48.4 percent.

“Racism still works in Virginia,” shrieked ex-Governor Howard Dean (D – Vermont) via Twitter. The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill declared, “This country simply loves white supremacy.” 

Evidently, the same white supremacists who elected Youngkin also picked Republican Winsome Sears as lieutenant governor. She is a black, Jamaican-born Marine Corps veteran. They also elected Republican Jason Miyares, a Hispanic, as their next attorney general. Bonus: Virginia’s House of Delegates flipped Democrat to Republican.

According to exit polls, Youngkin won 13 percent of blacks (versus Trump’s 10 percent in 2020) and 55 percent of Hispanics (versus Trump’s 36 percent in 2020). 

In New Jersey, Republican Jack Ciattarelli led Democrat Governor Phil Murphy by a breathtaking 61 votes early Wednesday morning. The race stands at Ciattarelli 50.8 percent to Murphy’s 48.5 percent, with the Republican not conceding amid ballots yet uncounted and reported anomalies in Bergen County. Whatever happens, a former GOP state assemblyman was not supposed to get thisclose to a Democrat governor of a state that Biden won by 16 points.

Democrat Steve Sweeney, the Garden State’s Senate President since 2010, fell to Ed Durr, a truck driver and Republican newcomer. Sweeney spent $490,726. Durr’s campaign war chest was just $153 for the GOP primary and between $2,300 and $10,000 for the general election. Final score: Sweeney 48.2 percent, Durr 51.8 percent.

In New York, Republicans will boost their City Council caucus from three, possibly to six. On nearby Long Island, Republicans will become Nassau County Executive and district attorneys of Nassau and Suffolk counties. 

Statewide, liberal proposals to include illegal aliens in redistricting, inflict same-day voter registration, and expand no-excuse absentee voting all went up in smoke.

In yet another act of GOP white nationalism, Hispanic Republican John Lujan won a Texas State House special election in a 78 percent Hispanic district near San Antonio that Biden carried by 14 points. Lujan’s platform: Border security.

In Minneapolis, birthplace of the defund-the-police movement, one of the Left’s ugliest babies was strangled in its crib. A ballot measure to “reimagine” the 70-percent Democrat city’s police force into a touchy-feely Department of Public Safety crashed and burned — 57 percent No, 43 percent Yes.

In Democrat-clogged Seattle, voters choose law-and-order GOP candidate Ann Davison as city attorney, a first in 32 years.

New York-based Ryan Girdusky, founder of the 1776 Project PAC, focused on school boards, where social-justice warriors have plotted the Left-wing indoctrination of America’s children. He raised $135,000 and channeled digital ads, mailers, and grassroots campaign materials into seven states. Among Girdusky’s 58 conservative candidates, 44 prevailed, yielding a powerful 76 percent win rate.

If Democrats were smart, they would remember that HillaryCare and other Leftist excesses cost them the House in 1994. President Bill Clinton “triangulated,” steered sharply toward the center, and helped Speaker Newt Gingrich (R- Georgia) reduce capital gains taxes and reform welfare.

Alas, too many Democrats are dumb. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D – California) appears hellbent on pushing Biden’s $1.75 trillion (per Penn Wharton: $3.98 trillion) Build Back Better tax-hike, welfare, and red-tape colossus. She and other socialists argue that Democrats got clocked Tuesday for not being Leftist enough. Will Pelosi and her party wise up or will they keep torturing the American people?

Stumping for McAuliffe in Norfolk, Vice President Kamala Harris said: “What happens in Virginia will, in large part, determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on.” It would behoove Democrats to reimagine last week’s battle cry as a cautionary tale.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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  2. I wonder if the American people are tired of being called “RACIST” whenever they refuse to vote for Democrats and their terrible policies that always puts the American people and the USA last in all their decisions, and foreigners and foreign countries first, even when the Republicans they vote for are black and Hispanic people? I also wonder if Democrats can ever tell the “TRUTH”, or if they even know what the truth really is? The Democrats always use the “DOG WHISTLE” of “RACISM” whenever they lose an election, knowing before hand that claim is a lie, just by the Republican people who beat them in the elections.

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  4. In the last few weeks it’s become clear that Democrats only talk about the economy, infrastructure/green jobs, raising wages, child care help. and Republicans about the culture, teaching slave history in schools, abortion, contraception, which bathroom issues.
    Meanwhile the debt is increasing thanks to Reagan’s, Bush’s and Trump’s trillions in tax cuts; used to be 70%.  You should be so rich by now.  For the first time in our history the amount of money corporations saved in tax loopholes exceeded the amount of money they PAY in federal taxes. Jeff Bezos salary is  $81,840.  He gets another $1.3 million in company compensation which mainly goes for bodyguards.  In the latest Covid year, Jeff Bezos made $180 million a DAY in stock appreciation.  
    So take your high school cancel culture and give me one of those green jobs.

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