CBP Agents Arrest Multiple Murderers, Child Predators at Border

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas is greeted by U.S. Border Patrol RGV Chief Brian S. Hastings as they prepare to lead a delegation of Congressional representatives on a tour of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Donna Processing Facility in Donna, Texas, May 7, 2021.

Federal agents arrested multiple convicted felons attempting to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border this week. Border agents in the Rio Grande Valley arrested two convicted child predators attempting to enter the country along with convicted murderers.

The Daily Wire reports:

At the station, criminal records checks revealed a previously removed Guatemalan National Jose Yojcom-Rocche, as a registered sex offender. Yojcom-Rocche was arrested in 2019 by the Los Angeles Police Department for lewd or lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14. The 35-year-old man was convicted in 2021 and sentenced to 180 days’ confinement and five years’ probation. Yojcom-Rocche also has an active warrant out of Los Angeles, California.

Then, roughly an hour later, Texas Department of Public Safety troopers working in Brownsville, Texas, requested assistance after a subject ran from the vehicle during a traffic stop in an attempt to avoid arrest.

CBP reports:

At the station, it was discovered that [Humberto Tiburcio-Loyo], a 33-year-old man [from Mexico], was convicted in 2011 following an arrest for sexual assault of a 12-year-old child in Brownsville, Texas. Tiburcio-Loyo was sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment. The aggravated felon was removed from the United States earlier this year.

A separate report from CBP this week said that Border Patrol agents in McAllen, Texas, “arrested multiple migrant gang members and criminal migrants with serious criminal histories, to include foreign and domestic homicide charges.”

Despite shocking reports like this the Biden administration has refused to do anything to curb the dangerous flow of migrants into the country.

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  1. We should withold paying taxes to the government in protest of our “tax”money being used to pay illegal immigrants so called reparations for being separated from their families.When you illegally enter a country these are one of the risks you take and should expect. We the people should be crossed out and replace by we the suckers…because thats what we are..a nation of suckers to allow our own government to act so wrecklessly. Remember..the government works for us…not the other way around…and this thief in office..is’nt working at all.


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