WAX: Nicole Malliotakis; Portrait of a Traitor

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

While some old-guard Republican officials seem to have legitimately changed during the Trump years as they recognized the reality of the once-in-a-lifetime political sea change in the GOP, others remain snakes in the grass ready to undermine the nascent America First movement at crucial junctures. 

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, a New York Republican, is a particularly pernicious member of this Fifth Column deviously working to undermine the strength of the GOP from within.

Malliotakis has successfully navigated the tumultuous climate within the GOP since the rise of Trump. Before Trump entered the political scene, Malliotakis was an unproductive New York assemblywoman celebrated as part of the rising liberal vanguard within the Republican party. She refused to call herself “pro-life,” supported Roe v. Wade, called to end the laughably nonexistent gender pay gap, and pushed gun control through her support of the infamous SAFE Act. She played the ”woman card” repeatedly and envisioned it as her ticket to political stardom.

“I know how difficult it is to be in a male-dominated field,” Malliotakis said while playing victim politics during her failed campaign for New York City mayor, “and so I think it’s having a woman be mayor, I mean that’s the greatest thing we could do for women’s equality.” 

Malliotakis echoed a popular Hillary Clinton talking point by narcissistically claiming that her election “would do more for women’s equality than any other types of bills… or proclamations, or anything like that. And so, if I can deliver that for the women of New York City, that would be wonderful.”

During her unmemorable and uncompetitive run for Mayor, Malliotakis expressed her sorrow for voting for President Donald Trump while on the campaign trail against Mayor Bill De Blasio in 2017.

“In hindsight, what I really wish is that Marco Rubio was the Republican nominee. He wasn’t,” she said to the New York Daily News. “I voted for the person who I thought would shake things up.”

“I’d write in Marco Rubio…I’d write in Marco Rubio so that I could tell you I voted Marco Rubio,” she said about her regret for voting for President Trump. 

Many people had legitimate reservations about Trump due to his bombast, lack of government experience, and unfamiliarity with conservative ideology before he entered office. However, when he obtained power and delivered immediately in a way that no Republican President has in generations, Trump won over the conservative movement and became the most popular Republican since Ronald Reagan. 

While the conservative movement was becoming enamored with Trump and his refreshingly blistering brand of politics, Malliotakis wished she had thrown her vote away and cast it for Rubio. This is because Malliotakis never grew with her party or earnestly listened to her constituents’ concerns. She stubbornly dug in her heels through Trump’s rise, holding all of the same enmity as Democrat politicians and media figures did toward the President. She called him a sexist for his candid comments about women and a bigot for supporting a ban on unvetted Muslim immigrants, and she opposed him with a vow to be “#NEVERTRUMP” on social media. 

 After she lost in overwhelming fashion to De Blasio (a pathetic feat given his polling figures among Democrats, Republicans, and independents), Malliotakis lay in wait for her next opening. She chose to reinvent herself as a pro-Trump Republican, leveraging inaccurate attacks from the liberal media against her character to bolster her creds. Now, Malliotakis was a proud Trump supporter, using the vote she regretted as political capital to fuel her campaign to the U.S. House. She unseated incumbent Max Rose, the conservative-leaning Democrat representing Staten Island, during last year’s election in New York’s 11th Congressional district. 

“I voted for [Trump] in 2016. I am going to vote for him again. We are a ticket now. Am I going to agree with him all the time? Absolutely not. I am my own person,” Malliotakis said while campaigning last year, repeating this mantra as if she was trying to convince herself: “I am my own person.”

President Trump, always a kind and forgiving man, gave her a shot and offered her his “full-fledged” endorsement. In the name of party unity, Trump has often extended the olive branch to many of his former enemies within the GOP and invited them to remain in the party fold. It could very well be his biggest mistake as a leader; it has come back to bite him and the America First movement in countless instances, Malliotakis’ election being chief among them. 

“When I’m in Congress, President Trump will have a partner who will be a vocal advocate for improving security at our borders, making our neighborhoods safer, and continuing the strong economic growth our nation is seeing under his leadership,” Mallitokis lied before she was elected.

America First activists in New York were not necessarily happy that Trump endorsed such a toxic and traitorous figure but certainly wanted radical Democrats destroyed during the elections. We gave Malliotakis a shot like Trump did, hoping that she could mirror Rep. Elise Stefanik, the New York Republican lawmaker who has become a reliable pro-Trump ally in Congressional leadership, or Rep. Claudia Tenney, the New Yorker who won a tough Congressional race mired with irregularities and then promptly formed the Election Integrity Caucus after being seated in office. Malliotakis is not cut from the same cloth as Stefanik or Tenney, and her actions as a freshman lawmaker make that reality abundantly clear.

Malliotakis voted with Democrats to strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) of her committee assignments because of media-generated controversies. While attacking the firebrand Greene and depriving her of influence, she fashioned her own “anti-socialist” version of the Squad, a pitifully astroturfed attempt to make RINO moderates seem like they are on the cutting edge of populist GOP politics. These flunkies’ efforts have gained little traction as legitimate pro-Trump firebrands continue to dominate the headlines. 

With regards to the illegitimate Biden regime, Malliotakis said she believed “there are opportunities for us to work together where there is some common ground” and that she would “hear him out.” The common ground turned out to be the pillaging of America for a so-called infrastructure bill that will primarily funnel money toward strengthening left-wing causes, making a complete mockery of the notion that the Republicans are the fiscally responsible party that will stand firm against special interests in Washington, D.C.

Malliotakis joined Reps. Don Bacon of Nebraska, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Andrew Garbarino, John Katko, and Tom Reed of New York, Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, David McKinley of West Virginia, Chris Smith and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, Fred Upton of Michigan and Don Young of Alaska on Friday to sell their country out. Now, the Democrats have gained a signature achievement, and Malliotakis is attempting to spin this as a victory because a handful of far-left Reps opposed it — think bankrupting America to own the libs.

Narcissistically self-aggrandizing,, Malliotakis claimed, “I weakened their hand. They have no leverage now. I voted against AOC and the Squad tonight,” she added. Such patent untruths are easily noted by her constituents, who reasonably see that Malliotakis was played into helping the Squad, which will now go back to its base with both tangible success and documented opposition to legislation lacking their wildest ideas.

The Extreme Left gets 80 to 90 percent of what they want, the American people get scraps, and Malliotakis intends to celebrate this as a victory? This is wholly unacceptable. Malliotakis and the twelve others were nothing more than pawns in an intra-party Democrat game. 

The infrastructure bill will spend $1.2 trillion in taxpayer dollars. Only $110 billion will be spent on actual infrastructure, with the rest spent on green new deal provisions, mass transit boondoggles, bizarre social and racial justice measures, and empowering federal regulators. Some media figures have followed Malliotakis’s lead in claiming great success with funding for quasi-infrastructure in Staten Island like an HOV lane and ferries. In reality, these items will likely never come to pass and, if they do, they will be over-budget, behind-schedule, and unimpactful on her constituents’ lives. The bill is now sitting on Biden’s desk awaiting his signature, and the cowardice of Malliotakis and her RINO brethren is directly responsible for this colossal betrayal. 

Based on Malliotakis’ history as an anti-Trump liberal and despite her posturing to the contrary, her betrayal on the infrastructure bill is a bridge too far. This intolerable act cannot be forgiven or forgotten, whether in the name of party unity or any other platitude regularly tossed out to justify corruption. No excuse can be accepted for the crimes she has perpetrated against her countrymen. In the name of putting America First, the grassroots will recruit a primary challenger against Malliotakis in 2022, and she will become a one-term Congresswoman.

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Gavin Wax is the 75th President of the New York Young Republican Club, Chairman of the New York Republican Liberty Caucus, an Ambassador for Turning Point USA, and an Associate Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research. You can follow him on Twitter at @GavinWax.

  1. Traitors come in all colors and the republicans have more than their fair share – they simply are not a cohesive unit and easily stray -I wouldn’t count on them

  2. I’m so tired of these rhino, snakes in the GOP, they lie to get your vote and then turn on u, and screw u over lke the pathetic,evil,sick,dumbocraps been doing for years. They are wolves in sheeps clothing, and we need to weed them out,and replace with real conservatives and not these phonies that get in by lies.

    1. globalists and their puppet $oro$ realize if they run a globalist puppet rino against their globalist puppet demonrats, either way globalists win .

    2. TWO things really stick in my mind. The election cycle when senior FOX anchors condemned moat GOP candidates as being “too conservative to get elected”. FOX thus paved the way for McCrud to be the GOP candidate and gave us Obozo as prez.
      Then, 2012 election cycle, the rise of TeaParty conservatives began wholesale identifying RINOs. Once again, FOX “talkers” argued to VOTE FOR RINOs in order to have Republicans – even traitorous ones – in office “would be better” than those offices going to Demos.
      OH, yeah!!!!! We know how well THAT turned out.,

  3. What a great problem solver , we would be better off with a monkey as president, The big red wave is coming, hold the democrats accountable, tax and spend socialism is not the American way, flatulent putz biden, has our Country in recession, where is the report he is mentally fit to serve? The dalt does not produce enough personal gas to run our Country without inflation, shortages, although those standing down win of this public farter would argue that point. America is in serious in debt and it’s now getting worse, No border security, children in schools threaten with communism teachings, gasoline increases to $5.00 a gallon plus. Biden not only needs mental diaper changes, but physical diaper changes.Who is directly these mindless policies? Who is in charge of trying to run our Country into bankruptcy? Can’t wait till 2022 is here and investigations of abuse of power begin and these appointed non experienced heads are held responsible where they thing attacking Americans with self imposed mandates superceded established law to the point of being them being held treasonous. Remember how your household was affected, food shortages, transportation increases,don’t forget America look who is holding public office in your area, if they are democrats who voted for our Countries current problems,vote them out, let this be the new battle cry for voters, “notdefund the police” but “VOTE THEM OUT” look at each biden department heads radicals, no experience in their field of appointment, now that the problems are here they lack the ability to solve them, Biden must be investigated for his disregard of our laws. It’s not too late America, vote them out in 2022 take back the House,take back the Senate,get our Afghanistan stranded people back.

  4. A solution to all of these problems would be to allow the States that promote and vote for these type of people and their views to band together in a separate entity under another Constitution and enjoy the benefits of your desires and wishes .Just think : you can kill your babies ,send you children to government indoctrinated education ,open borders ,basic salary for all people ,free medical & health ,promote BLM and any other race based groups ,and so many other DIFFERENT IDEAS . The States opposed to these ideas and are willing to follow the Constitution & Rules of Law , One Nation under God can form their own Nation .>> We cannot continue to have so many different beliefs and ideas and remain a Sovereign Nation .Think about it and come up with a better solution .

  5. Its time to widen your vision line and begin to admit REPUBLICANS in our family can have views and opinions that may differ from the Party Line . Nicole speaks her mind and is a fierce watchdog of the Biden mismanagement circus. Deal with her individual views and enjoy her strong REPUBLICAN support.
    Don’t knock her or you may wind up with the weasel MAX ROSE. Remember the TENT.

    1. A Representative who voted in favor of the Marxist “Infrastructure “ Bill ain’t no Republican. Had the 13 traitorous RINOS voted no, then America wouldn’t be burdened with $1.2 trillion in Green garbage and getting ready to swallow the build back better BS.
      Hey New York, aren’t you glad Malliotakis voted for Nazi Piglosi’s $200 million park in San Fran???

    2. Tony you make me sick.
      You are not a Republican
      There is only one Party Line.
      It is what ever Trump says it is.
      No matter how often he changes it.

  6. She will be arrested, too along with the rest of the devious, hateful, anti-American idiots in Congress and Senate, if it hasn’t already happened.

      1. Bannon was arrested because he refused to answer to the Special Committee of Dumbocrats and RINOS who are trying to prove the “insurrection” (remember the day that was worse than 9/11–ha!) was led by Trump. The whole thing is another Russia Russia Russia. I’m sick of their lies, and Bannon is too.

  7. Notwithstanding his membership in “Gang of Eight” and numerous other “questionable” RINO activities, doesn’t her professed desire to vote for Marco Rubio tell us a lot about MR?

    Additionally, traitorous RINOs like her is a primary reason to NOT give a penny to NRC. I will donate to individual GOPers who are PROVEN Constitutional conservatives.

    1. What would your reaction be if Obama was arrested for even one of his traitorous crimes. They number in the thousands. Look Rudolph hess you are the most pathetic idiot ever I bet your whole family hates you if you have kids they probably sell their bodies on the street for drugs because that’s what liberal idiots raise for children. Just go to Cuba or Venezuela or China and you’ll be happy in your utopian dream world and we’ll be happy to be rid of another worthless libtard

  8. Always good to see our favorite Dumocrap troll (Rudolph Hess’s nephew Albert) spreading his garbage.
    Hey New York, aren’t you happy that your Representative Malliotakis voted to send your tax money to Nazi Piglosi’s $200 million park in San Fran? Keep voting for RINOS like her…..

  9. Well, I tried to comment twice and was deleted – have enjoyed the comments, but deleting this site. Remember you only have the right of freedom of speech if you tie the Marxist line.
    Let’s go Brandon

  10. Kick the bitch out. She is a major phony Republican. America First is the future, once the Republicans resume power in 2022 and 2024.

    1. New York gave us Trump he was the best damn president hell he’s the best politician I’ve ever seen in this country

  11. Not all Republicans are conservative, just as all Democrats are not leftists. There seems to be snakes in all groups…all kinds, sizes, colors, sex. You name it. Rotten apples in the bunch.

  12. These amateurs have no idea what to do when they get in office elect people that represent your ideals not fools who claim oh yeah I am a republican I support Trump Dig a little deeper we have to eliminate Rino’s


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