Barack Obama Accused GOP Rep. of ‘Betrayal’ by Criticizing Biden’s Mental Fitness

Center for American Progress Action Fund from Washington, DC, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Former President Barack Obama reportedly accused Texas Republican Ronny Jackson of betraying him after he openly criticized Biden’s mental fitness. In a podcast with Rep. Jim Banks, Rep. Jackson said that only 20 minutes after he tweeted remarks over his concern Biden is not mentally up to carrying out the duties of president he got a “scathing” email from Barack Obama.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“He just tore me up,” said Jackson, who was the White House doctor for former Presidents George W. Bush, Obama, and Donald Trump.

“An entire page about how disappointed he was in me and how it’s beneath me as a physician and beneath me as an officer in the military to be attacking Joe Biden like this. And it was a betrayal of the trust that he and his administration put in me and he was so disappointed in me and yada, yada,” said Jackson.

Rep. Jackson said the moment highlighted the double standard between the treatment of Republican and Democrat presidents. He noted that when he recommended former President Trump undergo a cognitive exam, which he passed, to quiet critics he was praised. However, when he made the same recommendation for President Biden, who has made repeated mistakes in public which have concerned lawmakers, he was berated.

Despite harsh criticism from the left, Rep. Jackson maintained President Biden should go forward with a cognitive exam and expressed serious doubts about his mental fitness.

“All I know is that he’s got age-related cognitive decline, right. He is not mentally fit right now. He’s 78 years old and you can see it. You don’t need to be a physician to look at him and to look at his behavior and some of the other stuff, just the way he shuffles away, stares off into space,” said Jackson.

“I know what that job entails, both physically and mentally, and how demanding it is. And I can tell you right now, I’m 100% sure that Joe Biden is incapable of doing that job,” he said.

      1. You have it right. Obama is running things for his 3rd term. Hillary planned to do it but a Great American patriot Trump got in his way for 4 years. Now the CCP owns the USA. US Military was suppose to help us but it looks like there not. CCP owns the media the White House the DOJ the FBI & the CIA. I pray 🙏 for this next generation, they really need prayer

      1. Trump, the first President in the history of America to lose the popular vote twice.
        Trump, the first President in the history of America to be impeached twice. 

        1. yeah because you all are scums and envious of his accomplishments. TEL ME ONE good thing jo the farting bden has done for our country! ONE! Noothing, hes done pllenty to dig this country into the ground with all of obamas commumist policies. open your eyes, read and get informed you moron.

        2. Trump, the first president in history to have his first, fourth, fifth and fourteenth amendment rights stomped all over by your demoRATS. The same ones who could give a RATs A$$ about this country and our Constitutional rights you insipid lemming troll.

        3. Trump, the first president in history to have his first, fourth, fifth and fourteenth amendment rights stomped all over by your demoRATS. The same ones who could give a RATs rectal cavity about this country and our Constitutional rights you demoRAT troll.

        4. Oh, Albert, you are such a predictable foe to democracy- your only mode of operation is, name call, divide, villainize, isolate – but then you would be lost if you could not stick to your script. Keep up the game plan, little al, and keep posting false narratives until the sheeple begin to believe you.

      2. No. The first president who served three terms and was elected to a fourth but died in office was Franklin D Roosevelt.

      1. OH, HEAVENS, NO! How dare you even make reference to any possible defect to H M Barack Obama, or any of his circle. Don’t you know they are the elite, running things every so much better than that Trump person? (he’s really a Russian in disguise, you know) Besides, Biden is necessary, His Majesty still runs this country, and needs Joe Biden to do his bidding.His Majesty is above reproach, and all we need to do is obey.

    1. I beg to slightly differ! It may seem BO is running things behind the scenes, and he may partially be! But if you pay attention at Pelosi, Obama, and others, they’re trying to distance themselves from him!
      So what’s really going on here?
      I keep saying it! I’ll continue to keep saying it! I’ll try again and put it in all caps, not because I’m yelling, but because I want even the visually impaired to be able to read it!!


      Could it be ANOTHER name or two wandering around behind Joe? Let’s take a look at what old uncle Joe has done, or tried to! First hint of “Agenda 21” comes blatantly in the form of shuttering the oil industry! The pipelines are our nation’s freedom of movement choice! Americans move best when gas is below $2.00 per gallon! An immediate way to curtail our Freedoms is to underhanded destroy the oil companies! No visiting grandma for Thanksgiving ’cause you can’t afford the gas. He’s pushing you to use buses or rail!
      At the same time Joe is trying to allocate money to build charging stations across the country to the tune of 500 thousand! This, to the engineer in the know, is not feasible and the costs will be through the roof! Realize that with fully electric transportation: The batteries are not able to function well in cold weather! In fact, if you go out to an EV on a cold winter morning? They won’t start! Cold drains batteries QUICK! Nobody has a solution for this so far! But Joe doesn’t care about you, he just cares about himself and his family! Therefore he cares only about what three, shall we say, organizations want? Those are the CCP China’s communist government (Deeply in the pockets of), His Russian friends (that WILL make him dissappear if he doesn’t toe the line), and George Soros! That’s right, Soros! You see, Soros is a BIG pusher of Agenda 21, which is mandating that the world stops using ‘polluting oil transportation’, by the year 2030! Joe’s underhanded move against oil, with no…ZERO regard for the millions of jobs tied to oil, (notice he’s begging OPEC for oil? But at the same time, shutting down our oil pipeline = Agenda 21!!!)

      So yeah, maybe BO is in on it, but the strings are being pulled, are those that are firmly attached to his wallet! CCP, Russian mafia, and Agenda 21 big wigs. (George Soros, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and several big names in the UN!)
      They came against Trump in part, because he wanted (and rightly so) to get us out of the UN, and the UN OUT of the USA 🇺🇸 !
      Please wake up and pay attention to the UN’s Agenda 21, and what Biden, the left, and YOUR OWN REPRESENTATIVES are doing behind your back! Vote the Constitutional Conservatives and replace the people we elected that are trying to implement Agenda 21!
      If not, move to Texas, as it will become an independent nation!

      1. I agree with you! Soros, Gates, Fauci and UN are even in with Obama to be UN
        Leader…..more should understand.

      2. Pure blather.
        You backed the loser.
        The world will continue it’s quest to reduce it’s consumption hydrocarbons.
        The world does not need the US.
        The US is not self sufficient.

        1. Seriously? Still All this hate for Trump? He’s out of office for crying out loud – you all must be frightened witless of him – the buffoon, the Orangeman who sent out mean tweets – but yet you ignore an FBI raid on an apartment that leaked confidential information to a defendant in a huge defamation court proceeding? You ignored the “peaceful” protests with the riots, burning, looting, assaults, murders?
          Does no one recognize the similarities to historical events and fascist/dictatorial behavior? Or, are you all desiring the fascist regime you claim orange man was?

          Yet you still see no danger in the flooding of the country with people who broke the law to gain entry into the country, and see no problem with an administration struggling with cognitive dysfunction that wants to give those same lawbreakers – dare I call them criminals – with up to $1,000,000.00 for a faux injustice perpetrated against them?

          You all see no problem with shutting down the economy, forcing people to lose their jobs, businesses to close? You see no problem with the contradictions of the CDC, with the 180 degree turns in the expert Faucci that has contradicted EVERY statement he has made about the virus? You see no problem with the “bribery” of the citizens to get the shot- from as little as a $25.00 McDonalds gift card to $1,000,000.00 lotteries and scholarships?

          You see no problem with the unconstitutional MANDATE to put an experimental drug into your body, that has not been proven harmless, while making you sign a release to avoid future lawsuits Should something go wrong, like inflammation of the heart?

          You see no problem with the overstepping of constitutional rights (yet) and the improper imprisonment of protesters that protested against your “idiot-oligy”

          You ALL are so gleeful to attack ANYONE associated with Trump? How will you feel when the pendulum swings back, and you find yourselves facing the same dark underground government that is manipulating your thoughts and actions?

          I am thinking that my tour of duty here is coming to an end, and I am relieved that I may miss the results of the blind stupidity and ignorance of historical events, which will allow us as a country to become what we are not and become what we may well wish we had not

  1. Well he is supposed to be leading the most powerful nation in the world and HE CANT FIND HIS OWN BACKSIDE WITH EITHER HAND ! ! !

      1. Speaking of smell have you heard what Trump has had to to say about Stormy Daniels stink star.
        The flavor morsels are to die for.

    1. UGH! That is a grotesque mental vision I hope to soon forget!
      When I think of that shriveled derriere being a pedophile and abuser of women, it makes me physically ill! 😳💥🤯

  2. I have heard that former President Obama is the controlling entity over the Biden/Harris administration. It is supposed to sort of be his legacy. Obama might want to wash his hands of this cluster mess. Maybe that was behind Obama’s rant against Jackson. If I were in his shoes, I’d get out of Dodge and let Biden/Harris sink like the Titanic.

    1. Biden’s cognitive problems are easily seen by all honest people. Notice Obama didn’t deny old joe’s cognative problems, just went off on his own, and several other presidents doctors, who was responsible for their health too. But Obama falsely thinks he know better than his own WH doctor. 😂😂.

      Knowing Obama is upset about old joes cognitive problems have been given a mention, tells me it’s upsetting Obama and his/Biden’s **feelings**. 😂

      1. BHO’s “witch doctor” says there is nothing wrong with Joe’s brain, he doesn’t even blink when the rattler made from a chicken’s foot is shaken in his face, he just farts and poops his diaper!

    2. Pelosi and BHO will fight that cognitive test as long as possible because Harris is despised even more than Joe and the 2022 midterm elections are coming up. Harris is far more radical and leftist also. She loathes the first and second amendments and wants “the mandatory buyback of guns” among other things!

  3. Heaven forbids that President Poopy Pants be subjected to a cognitive test – that would probably be racist…
    Buck Fiden
    Let’s go Brandon

  4. Obama thinks that the people in this country are stupid that we can’t see the decline of Bidens mental health. The world can see it.Obama is the betrayer. He betrayed this country and we will never forget that.

    1. Obama’s arrogance is jaw dropping . Apparently in his new $15 Million mansion in Martha’s Vineyard he still wants to be king in DC. Slug.

    1. obama stated in his first run that he planned on fundamentally change America, no one ever asked what he meant for those that don’t listen

  5. Obama is a huge liberal hypocrite so pay no attention to him. Remember TUL he is no longer president so who cares what he thinks ?. NOBODY!, By the way Obama knows the truth about Biden he is not all there.So all Obama has to do is go away and keep quiet.

  6. Are we to believe Obama and the entire democratic party are not aware of Biden’s deteriorating mental abilities? The man reads scrips given to him by someone; so, tell us, who’s really running the country? I’ve been around for 16 previous presidents and have never witnessed the preponderance of damage caused under this presidency, (In less than a year) then all past presidents combined. This country belongs to the people, wherein, it is the people who choose political representatives enact their will, and when rogue politicians’ rule against the will of the people, we vote them out of office. US Veteran and member of the American Legion    

      1. Biden can be removed under our US Const. amendment 24. Meanwhile we can get rid of many Dems in the House in a year from now. 👍

    1. Obama and the entire democratic party are aware of Biden’s deteriorating mental abilities.
      Obama and the entire democratic party are aware of Trump’s deteriorating mental abilities.
      I don’t want Joe Biden to be the President.
      I don’t want Trump to be the President.
      Even more.

  7. Obama Should Have Been In Prison Years Ago with Hillary Clinton , Obama Is A Terrorist Muslim Who Has Destroy The USA Of America With Out Firing One Weapon . He Has Taking Over The USA President And Obama Will not Be Happy Until There Is Know More USA OF AMERICA

  8. Has Any One Notice The Obama Have Been Doing So Much Now That Trump Is Was Cheated Out Of Being The USA President . Just Like The Democrats Had A Fake Birth Paper Made Up To Say Obama Is Born In The USA When The Whole World Knows He Was Born In Kenya .. Obama Has Been Out To Finish His Dirty Work On The USA . He Also Pick Kamala Harris For Biden Vice And Jen Psaki Was Working For Obama While He Was In Office , Now She Works For Biden . Obama Stated If He Found The Right Person To Be President He Would Be Back — NOW LOOK What Has Happen … The Gas Prices Are So High , So Many Illegals In The USA Prices Are So High . The Democrats Have Destroyed The USA Living While They Become So rich The Americans Are Becoming Poor . It Has To Be Stopped .. God Help The USA

  9. Obuthead u said slo,joe isn’t fit for the job, and leave it to him to =u=k things up,so true, what the matter,is your memory fadin u, or are u just spewing your lies, like u always do. Your a joke, just like dementia,joe, do u realize how bad people hate u, and what u did to our country,that hidenbiden is completing, to destroy the rest of. Your karma is about to come to u, in a very short time,in a red tsunami, worse than the one that hit u. The dumbocrap commie party is about to come irrelevant for years to come.

  10. Bar Hussein is the one who betrayed the country that is letting him serve his 3rd term. The Repubs should have never let this Biden clown act as pResident, being that DJT actually won the legitimate votes. This result should have been enough for Pence and the Supreme Court to make the right call early on instead of still dragging it out. Let’s at least take 2022 elections and make sure they are fair and legal.

  11. Only a real FOOL LIKE OBAMA THINKS BIDEN HAS ALL OF HIS OARS IN THE WATER…Bidens pilot light went out LONG AGO….Right after he raped his first women and little girl…

  12. Obama is the worst president in American history but only slightly worse than Carter. Looks like Biden is on track to fail more than the previous record holder and when our misery is finished, here’s how history will rank them. Biden: last, bottom, worst ever; Obama: second from the bottom; Carter: third from bottom, better than I ever thought achievable for him. I hope it ends soon.

  13. Biden is Obama’s puppet and Obamas third term with the help of McConnell and the other republican betrayers.. Biden is mentally incapacitated, like most dems promoted for doing nothing but destroy

  14. This jerk is out of his mind! I’ve come to believe obama is the 2nd worst pres, #1 biden!! Didn’t the DICTATOR tell a reporter, Thanksgiving going to cost a lot of money, much more than last year, DICTATOR’S response, SHUT UP AND GET USED TO IT!! Great way to unite ALL AMERICANS, IDIOT

  15. Why do I get the impression that people playing Star citizen trying to do a Russian Doll Challenge where they stick a ground vehicle into a ship then see if they can stick the ship with the ground vehicle into a bigger ship then see if they can stick that ship into a another ship then see if they can stick that ship into a Reclaimer which is a really big ship would be more beneficial to society then what Washington D.C. did this whole year with things like the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse who did nothing wrong and Antifa getting violent at a Mask and Vaccine mandate protest which shows whose back pocket Antifa is in the step and fetch’s that they really are.

  16. President Trump was mocked, ridiculed, called “crazy,” said he was “mentally deranged,” and they wanted to invoke the Amendment that would have him removed for being mentally unfit; all of which was false, untrue, slanderous, and traitorous. Nancy Pelosi was the biggest loudmouth saying these things! But Joe Biden IS all of these things, and MISTER Obama thinks is it’s a sin to say so? Wow! Proof of the double standard and hypocrisy that is the democrat party.

  17. Why in f__k are Americans still listening to Obama , Obama is the cause of America’s downfall and destruction and dishonesty of government

  18. Funny, how democrats can’t take honest criticism! The truth hurts Obama. Obama knows Biden can’t handle the job, and he has string-pullers telling him what positions to take on issues and when to answer questions and what questions and from what reporter.

  19. I regret Obama was ever president. He is behind much of all the wrong in this country, starting with BLM/ANTIFA and all of their wrong=doing that was never prosecuted. These groups are the babies of Obama/Soros.

  20. Everything Obama says is to cover up the mental health of the President’s mental ability. Lots of luck, it will not happen

  21. Finally someone stands up to obumma an tells it like it is. The man is senile. An we all know obumma is doing joes job. If Biden leaves obumma won’t be able to boss Harris around . She is no good a Vice President so this country is screwed for three more years

    1. Biden can be removed from power under our 24th amendment. Obama knows that, thus his anger against his own WH doctor.

  22. Solution…..Obama pack up and move back to your mother country from which you
    came..Kenya…never to return. After getting settled ( quick ) transfer Biden & company to
    your new residence!! There will be cheers for America but…..tears for democrats!!!
    Taa Daa !!!

  23. We all know how we feel about obama, TREASONOUS, TRAITOR!!! He got really good at lying, he’s just another RACIST COMMUNIST!!! All people need to do is do their own research into any of the COMMUNIST TRAITORS in our GOV’T NOW!!

  24. Joe Biden is the most most illiterate and incompetent bottom feeder ever to invade the
    United States Senate or the Presidency. How such a corrupt incompetent individual
    was even a close zero in votes indicate the corruption of the Democrat socialist party
    and how our Nation is on the verge of being overthrown by idiots. He will spark a
    Civil War the like of which will make the last one look like a frat party.

  25. Biden can not spell cat if you spotted him the c and the a – and the left wants it that way – otherwise, he would get in the way of their plans to ruin the United States of America, making us energy dependent, collapsing the economy, causing food shortages and dividing the country through the cry of racism at every opportunity

  26. BRAIN ROT BIDEN is not mentally capable of pouring P out of a boot with instructions written on the heel Physically he can not even climb the stairs into AIR FORCE 1 without falling down at least three times. He can not remain awake during an important meeting in another country humiliating the United States.!

  27. Govt. now run by a bunch of communist bastards Obama is the biggest asshole. All the country’s problems over race was instigated by this POS Obama . And his POS Vice Biden. Let’s all keep chanting. Let’s Go Brandon

  28. Come on obama, biden farted in front of a prince and a dutchess, give me a frigging break!!!!. Look at how he’s destroying America, LIKE YOU TRIED TO DO! The cheater-in-chief is UNFIT to hold the office, as you were. At least he is a real American citizen though! Man should be in a care facility! Just saying!!!!!!!

  29. Don’t we as American voters, have the right to know who the HELL un-elected person is who is running our American government today for it sure as HELL is not CHEATER Joe Biden?????????????????????????????????????/

  30. The doctors comments were taken personally by Barry…I mean Barack. Biden is saying the words but Barry is directing him as to what he should say. No wonder he didn’t like the doctors comments.

  31. Oba falsify his peper of his origin and sexual his ¨Wife¨and origin of his Daughter, One more destroyer america politician.relacionshipo with Iran But so person fascinated for him. Now his hand still controlling America.


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