Jan. 6 Committee Subpoena’s More Former Trump Officials

Kayleigh McEnany, Gage Skidmore, Flickr.

The House panel has issued more subpoenas to Trump officials, this time targeting former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and White House adviser Stephen Miller. The panel’s subpoenas focus on false statements on voter fraud made by two of Donald Trump’s closest confidantes.

The Hill reports:

“As a White House Press Secretary you made multiple public statements from the White House and elsewhere about purported fraud in the November 2020 election, which individuals who attacked the U.S. Capitol echoed on Jan. 6,” the committee wrote in its subpoena to McEnany.

The committee appeared to peg Miller as being at the center of an effort to craft voter fraud conspiracies and Trump’s messaging ahead of the Jan. 6 rally where the then-president encouraged his supporters to “fight like hell.”

“You and your team prepared former President Trump’s remarks for the rally on the Ellipse on Jan. 6, you were at the White House that day, and you were with Trump when he spoke at the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally,” the committee wrote.

Other aides subpoenaed show an effort by the panel to gain information about the activities of former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who has also been sought for testimony by the committee.

McEnany and Miller’s subpoenas mark the latest in a long line of Trump administration officials targeted by the House panel.

In a statement through his Save America PAC, Trump blasted the “unselect committee” for its latest round of targets.

“The Unselect Committee of politically ambitious hacks continues to subpoena people wanting to know about those protesting, on January 6th, the insurrection which took place during the Presidential Election of November 3rd. There is so much proof, but the Fake News Media refuses to print it or show it in any way, shape, or form,” Trump said. “Just read the findings of the Arizona report, or look at what’s happening in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and numerous other States. That’s right, the Committee is studying the PROTEST when it should be studying the Fraudulent Election that led to the protest. As the LameStream Media knows, the facts are there for all to see!”

  1. the left just can’t stand any kind of truth, I wouldn’t answer any kind of subpoenas for these wack jobs they don’t follow any court orders put on them they just do what the heck they want so we all need to do the same just set back and laugh at the idiots all is going to come back and bite them in the butt sooner rather than later.

    1. I agree, give them a taste of their own medicine. Like I listen to anything that a child molester posing as a”president” has to say🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. trump is not the president anymore. I agree that child molester should be held accountable for his 4 corrupt years in the oval office. Worst president ever!

  2. Are you people nuts? Everyone knows there was massive voter fraud For you people to even have the guts to send out subpoenas for what everyone knows is true simply shows your desperation. Go back into the basement with sleepy Joe and start looking for your next employment opportunity.

    1. Agree and I wonder why these nuts are not questioning these ppl like the killer of ashli and those police rt behind ashli , see who was in the bus that was escorted in way before trump supporters got there ? And why have thy never question the bus driver and his log who and where these ppl were from and who hired him..nothg except trump this trump that all ppl that are supporters..why is nancy, biden,Schumer not mentioning how horrible supporters are being tortured ? (In prison). Nanz is evil ole sea hag could be involved in this plot on Jan 6 along with her hand picked f.b.i. cap hill chief ? And thy need to look her call logs 2 weeks prior to rally..Rt now to me thy are prolonging this lie just like Russia hoax ..

  3. I was at the Jan.6 “Stop the Steal” rally and was about 12 chair rows back from where President Trump was speaking. He was behind a plexiglass enclosure. I also went to the Capitol after his speech was over and stood on the open air plaza level near 2 scaffoldings. It was really elbow to elbow but everyone was very nice and there were no problems there. I was also holding a large yellow paper sign that read “Trump Won”.
    A few in the crowd nearby said to me: “I agree with your sign.” I went to the Capitol to show that as an American citizen I could assemble peacefully in a crowd. I was also expressing my right to free speech. The Dems do not want to lose control, so they will suggest the whackiest ideas to placate folks and therefore, stay in power. Trump scared a lot of the Swamp and so they had to defame him, ridicule him, and get rid of him by any means necessary. Lastly, do not think for 1 second that Trump was trying to keep his “brand” alive by crying “voter fraud”. A few people I know have said that, and there is no correlation between Trump’s brands not selling because he didn’t stay in office and voter fraud! Nov. 9, 2021.

    1. Agree and if Republicans can’t bust the main string pullers of hatred on 45 this will continue and the 1st ppl I would look into …oblutma,Sea hag, the head over dnc as well

  4. They sure know how to keep the courts occupied and off their backs. Courts need to start at the bottom of the deck , not at the top.

    1. When will the public be able to buy a copy of Ashley Bidens diary? I hope the child molester in chief gets a copy🤮

  5. Oh those deviant democrats! How many decades, and still going, have they issued purported AND alleged statements, ruining lives.

  6. UUUmmmm… since when is either expressing opinion (voter fraud) or making a statement that’s later quite well proven, called “lying”

  7. When Republicans take over they are going after all the Democrats who said there was NO voter fraud during the election. Biden will be a lame duck during his last two years… You think he has bad poll numbers now, wait another year. TDS, living in Democrat heads still !!!!!

    1. Agree and thy should see if his connection in placement to any one in w.h. who he has been friends with over years and years it always goes in a circle if thy dig deep ..but dems are the only ones that are allowed to investigate so thy can distract so thy hid, cheat , or fake accusations

  8. talk about lies look at the press secretary we have now knows nothing and lies about everything ( I WILL GET BACK TO YOU ON THAT)

  9. Time to bring the DCAP (demoncrap/communist/atheist party) to its knees! Using whatever method necessary to achieve the mission!

    1. Remember that fake one obama had congress do thy had to live on very little money but (cough cough) thy did it ..and these ppl thgt we would believe it ..

  10. A nothing burger, the biggest farce, and America will keep you in formed at the polls. The democrats are such idiots with their hand maiden the main suck media they won’t even know what happened to them in 2022.

  11. The truth will come out and booma-rang on the Dumbo-crates – and they will look as dumb as Cortez and her posse of idiots, Presley and Omar – these losers need to be called to testify on voter fraud these nit-wits got elected using it

  12. Outrageous that the Dems are so concentrated on everything Trump when the people that they should be investigating are Obama and Hillary. Those two are the most corrupt people that have ever invaded our political system.


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