Trump Confronts GOP Defector Over Infrastructure Vote, Roasts ‘Old Crow’ McConnell

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

Former President Donald Trump blasted the 13 House Republicans who voted in favor of President Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill at the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner on Monday.

New York Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, the only party turncoat present, was reportedly “visibly shaken” by Trump’s lengthy speech roasting the GOP group that pushed the bill through with a 228-206 vote, despite the revolt of six progressive democrats.

Malliotakis tweeted a video explaining that she refused to vote with the AOC-led Squad and had cast it against “advancing the socialist spending spree.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proved less easy to intimidate. Trump referred to him as an “Old Crow” over his support of the bill and McConnell spun the jeer into a positive. 

“Actually, it’s quite an honor,” he told CNN the same day. “Old Crow is Henry Clay’s favorite bourbon.” 

In a statement released Tuesday, Trump questioned, “Why is it that Old Crow Mitch McConnell voted for a terrible Democrat Socialist Infrastructure Plan, and induced others in his Party to do likewise, when he was incapable of getting a great Infrastructure Plan wanting to be put forward by me and the Republican Party?”

The 45th president noted that McConnell repeatedly said that he was unable to get the bill passed, and that he had to “go around him” to get construction started on the southern border wall. 

“All of the Infrastructure money, $2 Trillion, would have gone into real Infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, etc),” he criticized. “Also, why did Mitch give the Democrats a two-month hiatus, just long enough for them to figure it all out, when they were completely ready to fold?” 

McConnell has previously bashed Trump over his claims about the 2020 presidential election and blamed him for inciting the Capitol riot in January. The former president said the top senator was a “dumb son of a b***h” in April.    

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    1. What a waste of money.
      America has the best infrastructure in the world.
      It couldn’t be any better..
      And we certainly don’t need any more blue collar jobs.
      They vote for Trump.

      1. You are correct but our infrastructure has declined. our first Highway in Michigan built to move tanks for shipping was the Davison expressway. it lasted without repair for over thirty years. I know because I drove it to work. Why? it was the quality of the material and the construction method. when the concrete was poured it was flooded and allowed to cure underwater. it was thicker and has large draining systems. Today they add chemicals to quicken the dry time. this causes hairline cracks which allows water to pernitrate. machines are used to lay the concrete that is not set at the correct pitch to let water flow off quickly. no hand finishing to correct problems. then they allow traffic to use it too quickly. the trucks damage it from too much weight. it must be replaced again giving contractors a secured income. they give no guarantees on durability. We just had a road built to widen and handle more traffic not ten years ago they spent all summer repairing sections of it. so our taxes must go to the same contractors that built it with poor grade concrete. I am sure we could find generous donations to the politicians they got elected. where were the inspections? getting fat on free lunches. time we take control.——–Grampa

        1. You know so much about road construction
          Where did you sit for your Civil Engineering degree?
          How much more does it cost to put down flooded concrete?
          How many years in road construction?
          Did you ever rip off the tax payer.

  2. Do we have to wait until 2022 for impeachment, abuse of power and not complying with courts and the law? November 2021, here we go again ,Biden has no respect for his office, our Country, no Doctor is willing to certify him mentally fit his office, hidden stages, now bathroom blunders, how many more fxxx ups does our Country have to endure? Now knowned has the never ending farting president, he has become the international joke of the world and a total national disaster Part time president part time brain, needs daily mental diaper changes and it’s geeting worse. Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson (TX), a former White House doctor who served under former Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump, said this past week that President Biden, who turned 79 this month, has “age-related mental decline” and is not “mentally fit” to be president. Jackson, speaking during a podcast with Republican Congressman Jim Banks (IN), also said that he got a “scathing” email from Obama saying he had “betrayed” people for talking about Joe Biden’s mental state. “All I know is he has age-related cognitive decline. He is not cognitively fit,” Jackson said, as reported by the Washington Examiner. “He is 78 years old and it shows. You do not need to be a doctor to look at him and see his behavior, just the way he moves, stares off into space.” “I know what this job entails, both mentally and physically, and how demanding it is. And I can say to you right now, I am 100% certain that President Biden is now incapable of doing this job,” the doctor said. WHY IS THE NATIONAL SECURITY BEING PUT AT RISK BECAUSE OF THE DEMOCRATS LOVE OF POWER?

    1. They put Harris on the ticket so it would be very difficult to remove FBiden . Possible one of the few people that would be a step down from FBiden as President >>>

      1. They need to multitask this one. Impeach both of the losers with the same trial, two votes. Remove them the same way, one by one.

      2. At least we could hold Harris accountable, with this senile individual, that is not possible. What we need to learn is who is in charge of the disasters done to our country in these last ten months..Biden had only his name on it,IMO

    2. Amen Charles! Evidently, America has come under God’s judgment, or He surely would have stepped in, kicked little poopy pants Joe and his puppet masters to the curb, and reinstated Trump to his rightfully, elected office by now. I hate to say it, but I honestly believe that until America and Israel both stop aborting babies, and stop allowing the filthy same sex married couples to thumb their noses at God and His laws, there’s going to be trouble for both nations. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is in the Bible for an important reason.

      1. You’re totally right!!! You can’t mock God! And these morons are doing just that! No, you don’t have to be a Doctor to see that biden’s totally lacking of grey matter. OK, he needs to be gone! But THEN, what’s next, kamala? There is a major nightmare (from which we’ll wake up FAST)! But after that??? NANCY???? Now THERE is a nightmare!!

        1. Funny how they both like ice crème! perfect to deliver the stuff for that heart attack that anyone that gets in the way of power succumbs to.——Grampa

        1. F you, Albert….and I woud be mighty careful about mocking God….God never forgets. Keep up your work for Satan…. Hell is waiting for you, Albert.

          1. I guess no morals is a sense of morality no sense but sense nonetheless. there was a Hess that was prosecuted for war crimes. Related? Your philosophy is so similar is it a genetic trait?—-Grampa

          2. No, all eight of my great grandparents were born in the USA.
            Trump’s were not.
            Adolph would have personally executed Rudy for trying to make peace with England.
            You should study modern European history before you blather.
            Rudy was not executed, he lived to a ripe old age
            He went to his God at a time of choosing, not Adolph’s or the Allie’s.

          3. Please state you understanding of Rudolph’s philosophy.
            Other than a two front war for Germany was unwinnable.
            Like the US winning in the Middle East.

    3. how many times do I have to repeat this nonsense – get rid of the idiot in the white house and you get piglousy – the camel CANNOT become president, AGAIN, by the second 1/2 of the first sentence of the 14th Amendment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Sadly I will be78 next month. I am also showing signs of dementia. it is frightening. calling your grandkids by the wrong name or forgetting the names but finding yourself lost while driving to the store, or forgetting what you wanted is minor. finding you have missed the street you live on driving by it. Now what If I had to react when our nation was under attack and I couldn’t remember the code for the football? What if someone planned to use the presidents confusion making him believe we are under attack to fire off a response? we have a clear and present danger to America. Worse we have no one capable of leadership. The VP is all but AWOL. the speaker is a sot that sufferers as much dementia as the president. power hungry and willing to sign anything to secure it, would scrummed to a convenient stroke leaving argument of who is next in succession.(anyone remember Regan and who stepped up to try to be president?) confusion that would lead to a power takeover. We have a true crisis setting (or sleeping) in front of us. time to act—-Grampa

    5. What makes you think that the Trump Humpers will have 67 Senate seats in 2022?
      Five Republicans are retiring.
      No Democrats.
      Fat chance.
      Trump has proven impeachment is a waste of time and money.
      Jackson is a Republican.
      What did Obama have to say to about Biden’s mental state to Jackson,?
      Please provide original sources.

  3. Quit pointing out all the bad decisions and illegal acts and DO SOMETHING ! IF a Senator or Congress-person can’t figure out a way to STOP these actions then they are not UP to the job .Find someone that will take actions and not JUST TALK .Governors from Florida ,Texas and other States are taking actions but not much from Congress or past administration ..The ” sheep ” are waiting for some of you leaders to do something to save them>>>

      1. Of course the Democrats know they are making bad decisions…it is all about control of “we the people”. They are evil and they are doing Satans work. They do not understand Satan has no power against God. God wins and Satan loses! They might want to remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah!

  4. McConell is an old fool who likes to think of himself as an old southern gentleman. He has always been out of touch with Americans and should retire.

      1. Everyone Google “Rudolph Hess” and you can see where his nephew Albert comes from.
        We don’t need retirement ages, we need term limits – three terms for Representatives, two for Senators, and stay with two for President. Also, no lifelong pensions or health coverages for any politician. Should probably add mandatory cognitive test before being sworn into office and annually thereafter. Also add minimum IQ of 25 (sorry that may eliminate AOC).
        Buck Fiden
        Let’s go Brandon

        1. Google Drumph to see where Trump comes from.
          All eight of my great grandparents were born in the USA.
          Trump’s were not.
          Adolph wanted to personally execute Rudy after wounding all of his family in front of him.
          Adolph was singular leader, as is Trump.
          They both have a fearcely loyal base.
          Loyalty over Country.

        2. I am with you on term limits.
          But just one “consecutive” term (you can’t run for a seat that you occupy).
          It’s not a career, it’s a long term temp contract.
          That would end the power of incumbency and handing out favors at election time.
          Term lengths would need to be looked at.

  5. I’m done with McConnell. His old-school style of politics is no longer working. He needs to move it on down the road and let someone with some fire take over.

  6. Mitch McConnell is either corrupt as hell or stupid as hell – probably both. He needs to go. The good people of Kentucky need to send him packing.

    1. If he does not die he will be there until at least the end of Biden or Trump’s second term.
      The good people of Kentucky packed him off for DC with 58% of the vote.
      He won every county.

  7. RepMarjorie Greene filed Impeachment papers as well as another senator whose name I have forgotten – point is I heard they are waiting for midterms so the GOP will have a majority – that said I hope it is not to late for America

  8. Trump is correct again, but criticizing members of Congress on their capabilities is just the lowest hanging fruit on any tree!

  9. The DC Democrats have become the reincarnation of the German Nazi Party from the 1930s . They are doing the bidding of our enemies and the New World (DIS) Order crowd ! Joe Biden is just a feckless puppet of the Criminals that conspired to get him into the White House . These treasonous slime are pushing button and pulling the strings and levers as part of a plan to destroy our Nation . Don’t go by what I’m saying , just open your eyes and ears and realize what this corrupt administration has actually been doing for the past year . Flooding the nation with illegal immigrants from around the world who use our Southern border as a point of unopposed entry . Attempting to force Americans to get an injection of something they call a vaccine and in the process had to redefine the definition of “vaccine” on the FDA website ! Causing hundreds of thousands of workers to loose their jobs for refusing the needle ! Undermining the US Military and causing the needless death of 14 US Marines through their incompetence in the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Mismanagement of the economy that is causing massive inflation and major supply chain problems . Using the FBI and DOJ as a political weapon to prosecute their adversaries which include parents that are fighting the radical leftist indoctrination of our students in public schools . Destroying our energy independence, the list is ongoing and dangerous! We MUST unite as Americans and fight this assault on America . The DC swamp is assaulting our Nation while it defends itself against the people by weaponizing our own DOJ , FBI , CIA and other agencies! All of this criminal behavior is being enabled by the DC DEMOCRATS in the CONGRESS and SENATE who are part of this treasonous activity that seeks to bring our Nation to its knees . Take a stand now before it’s too late .

  10. Clearly the “old Crow” has dispatcher too many of the brain cells that he dedicated to reason and honest representation.——–Grampa


  12. mcconnell is worthless as tits on a boar hog. He is one of the worst traitors in congress. married to a communist Chinese who influences his DUMBASS in destroying this country so her country will take 1st place on the world stage. What percentage will be for infrastructure? Bet it won’t be more than 10%. Most will go to pay back the foreign companies helping the democRATS to win the senate, house and Presidency! What a bunch of douchebags!


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