DOJ’s Revolting Abuse of O’Keefe Confirms Biden’s Totalitarian Tendencies

Project Veritas CEO James O'Keefe and attorney Paul Calli, Esq. discuss the FBI’s raid on O’Keefe’s suburban New York apartment.

NEW YORK – President Joe Biden’s totalitarian whiff quickly is devolving into a stench. Biden’s thuggishness has propelled the Centers for Disease Control’s incongruous edicts on federal rent policy and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates on private-sector workers.

Attorney General Merrick Garland last month unleashed the FBI on parents who dared to address local school boards. He instructed G-men and federal prosecutors to use the post-September 11 Patriot Act against concerned mothers and fathers, five days after the National School Boards Association complained in a September 29 letter to the White House that these moms and dads represented “a form of domestic terrorism.” 

Despite withering GOP criticism about such incendiary language and a subsequent NSBA apology for that rhetoric, Garland has not withdrawn his instructions to his minions to target these parents.

The Biden regime’s march into Orwellian territory took another ominous step last week. The FBI slapped an early-morning search warrant on Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe, an intrepid and highly effective conservative leader and friend of mine. 

Speaking November 8 on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, O’Keefe said that 10 battering-ram wielding FBI agents banged on his door before dawn on November 6. They put him in handcuffs, threw him against a wall, and rifled through his Mamaroneck, New York, apartment for more than two hours. They sought evidence related to the missing or stolen diary of Ashley Biden, the daughter of the President of the United States.

O’Keefe explained that a previously unknown and anonymous source offered Project Veritas a copy of the First Daughter’s personal journal. O’Keefe’s attorney, Paul Calli, Esq., reportedly told a federal court that the source acquired the diary after Ashley left it behind at a home in Delray Beach, Florida.

According to O’Keefe, he, his journalistic team, and their attorneys scrutinized the diary. They could corroborate neither its authenticity nor its contents. So, they did not run a story or otherwise publicize this document, its existence, or anything inside of it. Instead, they reported the entire situation to local cops.

If O’Keefe’s account is accurate, and his earnest bafflement on-air suggests as much, then he and Project Veritas did nothing wrong and plenty right.

Indeed, the fact that O’Keefe had the potentially embarrassing diary of Joe Biden’s daughter, and he did not wave it over his head like a proverbial bloody shirt, speaks convincingly to O’Keefe’s high journalistic standards and formidable sense of restraint.

Rather than applaud and thank O’Keefe for not embarrassing the First Daughter, Biden’s well-armed muscle instead shackled him as he was partially undressed, poked through his possessions for hours, and then carted off O’Keefe’s two iPhones, his First Amendment-protected journalistic notes, and confidential records on sources, donors, and other privileged matters.

I am not an attorney, but I am mystified at how anything here approximates a crime. Even if O’Keefe had published Ashley Biden’s diary, it is not even slightly classified. Other news outlets have publicized everything from The Pentagon Papers in 1971 to President Donald J. Trump’s top-secret phone conversations with world leaders in 2017. Thus, running the First Daughter’s personal reflections should be no less legal than those stories, for which no journalist ever paid any price.

Disgusted by this police-state outrage, I proudly donated to Project Veritas moments after Sean Hannity finished interviewing O’Keefe. Attorney General Garland need not troll through O’Keefe’s smartphones to find my name among his contributors. Here I am.

As it happens, Obama-appointed Federal District Court Judge Analisa Torres on Friday ordered Justice to stop extracting and reviewing data from O’Keefe’s phones.

In any case, I urge others to stand up for James O’Keefe, Project Veritas, unbridled journalism, and the First Amendment. Gifts of all sizes can and should be donated here

These funds will help Project Veritas continue its vital work and stymie all the President’s henchmen who, incredibly enough, are abusing O’Keefe and his organization even though they did not spotlight the First Daughter’s most intimate thoughts. As O’Keefe said: “Project Veritas gave the diary to law enforcement to ensure it could be returned to its rightful owner. We never published it.”

What a criminal.

The next step is for James O’Keefe and Project Veritas to sue Comandante Biden and his bullies until they bleed.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

        1. So you believe that if the American people rise up against seditious socialist Democrat Party tyranny the military will side with Gen. Milley, who broke the law and may have committed treason, and resort to use of nuclear weapons on the populace?

          I’ve no doubt if you were the general you would. However, I doubt you’ve a clue as to Milley’s authority, or lack of it, or how our nuclear response system works.

          1. The American people will not rise up.
            The American people voted for Biden.
            If General Milley had committed a treasonus act the Commander in Chief would have arrested him.
            Milley kept Trump away from access to nuclear weapons.
            Milley has authority over all of the military.
            Trump had authority over Milley.
            Trump lost that authority on Nov. 3 2020.
            Trunp is a loser.

          2. The American people voted for Biden.” Yeah, he’s so popular and smart. Bet you like his farts too.

          3. Hess is a hard core Trump hating progressive with abysmal knowledge of the Constitution, US law, and history. He believes the MSM propaganda that there was no fraud in the 2020 election, the Russia Hoax was true, the Chilef of Staff of the Joint Chiefs has command authority over the entire military, a Joint Chief of Staff can keep a President away from the nuclear codes, and the corrupt socialist traitor Clinton won the 2016 election. He’s convinced Trump is a loser because Trump didn’t buy into the seditionist socialist agenda put forth by Mr. Obama, Biden’s handler, to fundamentally change America from the USA into the USSA.

          4. Your understanding of US law and the military is quite lacking. Please go to and read about what authority the Joint Chief of staff has and does not have.

            A president does not lose authority as C-I-C until his successor take over on Jan 20th following an election.Furthermore, until then the president has authority over the Joint Chief of Staff

            Milley was not arrsted because his treachery wasn’t revealed until after Trump left office and top Democrats were in on it.

            Gen. Milley didn’t keep the President away from the nuclear codes, He doesn’t have that authority. What he did was to say he’d notify the Chinese if we planned to attack them.

            It’s not surprising you didn’t have the courage to address my concern of what might happen if the people did rise up.

            As for your last statement, it’s just a progressive opinion.

          5. If their anything like me I voted for him and so sorry I did I don’t think many people knew they were voting for a communist that would leave Americans behind he’s a POS.

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  1. It just goes to show you how important the information is in the dairy.
    Bin Bidens daughter writes how she took showers with her daddy.
    Look, the big guy has pedophile tendencies, can you tell?
    The daughter does say she was molested, but is not clear in the dairy of who?
    Does it take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

      1. Did Max say who? And why do you excuse, or more likely approve of, Beijing Joes’s behavior around women and girls?

          1. Biden has inappropriately fondled, sometimes openly, women and girls WHILE in office. Trump did not while in office. Do you understand the significance?

            Sadly, I find it appalling that men, and a very few times women, in high positions of authority; be it political, military, educations, or business, not only abuse women and men; think they can get away with it; and often do. I hope you agree with this 2nd paragraph. I don’t believe we should elect them to any kind of office for such past behavior and is another issue, but I was not addressing that.

  2. Going after Veritas is becoming a popular pastime for radical socialists. And yet, the corrupt scoundrels are the only ones exposed. Hmmm… Perhaps this is evidence that corrupt entities collaborate with the FBI which in turn, has much to hide. Some transparency would be nice right now.

  3. Biden needs to rename the FBI to the KGB. His entire administration’s behavior is communism on display.

    As for Merrick Garland, both he and Joe Biden should be put in prison. They are liars. They are propagandists. And they are despicable cretins. I hope these criminals (Garland & Biden) get what they have earned. A long stretch in prison.

  4. Why are FBI breaking the law and acting like thugs trying to track down a diary for the president because his daughter wrote in her diary about her pedophile father? How is that FBI business and why are they so ugly in their actions. What exactly has the FBI morphed into? A Mafia style family approved by the current illegal president?

      1. He was opposed by seditious socialist Democrats. But I’ll wager you believe that the Obama/Biden administration didn’t weaponize agencies against citizens, including killing citizens without Due Process.

    1. If you were honest and had cojones, you admit that the real tyrannical wannabe was Mr. Obama. But your TDS and fascist bent are noted my racist friend.

        1. Tell us, if Trump was such a dictator, has he ever;

          Has Pres. Trump;
          1.   used government agencies to spy on political opponents,
          2.   used government agencies to deny political opponents their rights,
          3.   spied upon reporters and news agencies,
          4.   declared reporters criminal unindicted co-conspirators,
          5.   spied upon reporters’ families,
          6.   had media people arrested to cover up a crime,
          7.   started a war without consulting Congress,
          8.   had foreign leader killed,
          9.   tried to interfere in a foreign election,
          10. denied people their 1st Amendment rights,
          11. unconstitutionally changed immigration law,
          12. tried to overthrow the intention of the 2nd Amendment,
          13. claimed disdain for the Constitution,
          14. illegally smuggled weapons to overthrow another country,
          15. had citizens executed without due process,
          16. appointed officials without Senate approval,
          17. allowed staff to circumvent law on handling classified information,
          18. had US diplomatic personnel abandoned and murdered,
          19. relieved military officers for trying to rescue Americans,
          20. released terrorists in exchange for traitors,
          21. refused to obey laws passed by Congress,
          22. tried to enforce unratified treaties,
          23. passed unconstitutional laws,
          24. engaged in trying to rig an election,
          25. had a tax law originated in the Senate,
          26. unconstitutionally changed a tax law,
          27. threatened to nationalize segments of the economy,
          28. usurped the powers of the States on economic planning,
          29. appointed czars without Senate approval, 
          30. shook down oil companies to create a slush fund without any law, 
          legal controls, or binding rules,
          31. given unions control of auto companies in a bailout,
          32. tried to create a public-values test for broadcaster license renewals,
          33. tried to control the internet,
          34, tried to claim right to shut down the internet at president's discretion,
          35. tried to eliminate entire segment of energy industry,
          36. endangering States governments,
          37. Has Trump refused to show eligibility for offc.
  5. Since when have parents NOT had the right to address local school boards! As a former teacher, one of the most important issues that we faced was how important it was to interact with parents! We were always available to discuss the concerns of parents and to provide them with all the information that they needed!
    It was always important to discuss their children’s needs and concerns and as teachers, we were always available to discuss any issues that they brought forward! As well, as teachers we also had to keep parents informed about everything that their children had to know as to their work habits, their ability to understand the work they were doing and a host of other issues that were very necessary for the parents!
    It seems to me that Attorney General Merrick Garland is somewhat out of touch as to what schooling is all about!

    1. Parents have always had the right to address school. boards.
      They do not have the right to address school boards in a disruptive or profane manner.
      I have been a school board member for 12 years.
      We have had two profane parents removed.
      One of them was arrested, convicted of disorderly conduct.
      Four weekends in jail.
      In my time on the board no one has taken a seat with less than 70% of the vote.
      We must be doing something right.
      I am going to guess that you have never been to a school board meeting, never mind standing for election.
      Garland has been to school..
      His kids have been to school.
      School board meetings have become violent.
      Something must be done about that.
      Garland will.

  6. These Gestapo tactics demonstrate the further politicizing of our law enforcement agencies. Congress and Senate must put a stop to this tactics. The use of force being used does not meet the supposed activity they claim.

    1. Law enforcement – Police exist to enforce policy.
      The Senate is one branch of Congress.
      ( It is covered in school board meetings.)
      The Congress sets the policy.
      The Police enforce the policy.
      The Police are pure politics.
      Politicans are protected by the Police.
      And vice versa.

  7. This is why Obama wanted Garland on the Supreme Court. Everything Obama is about leads to communism, the system he grew up with, since his father, step father and mother drilled it into him from childhood. Garland carries the torch for it too, therefore would have been Obamas’ crowning achievement, to communize the supreme court.


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