Psaki Struggles to Answer if Biden Would Endorse Kamala for President

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

President Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki was caught off guard and struggled to give an answer when reporters asked about Biden’s relationship with his vice president after a report claimed the two had reached a stalemate.

The Daily Wire reports:

When asked if Harris would get President Joe Biden’s “automatic endorsement if she decides to run herself in either 2024 or 2028,” Psaki responded, “I don’t have any predictions of whether she will run, when she will run; I will leave that to her.”

“But I can tell you that there’s been a lot of reports out there, and they don’t reflect his view or our experience with the Vice President,” Psaki claimed.

When asked if they’ve heard that Harris or her team are “unhappy,” Psaki deflected, saying, “Here’s what I know, Peter: I know that the President relies on the Vice President for her advice, for her counsel.”

“She’s somebody who is not only taking on issues that are challenging. She’s not looking for a cushy role here — no Vice President is, no President is — and that she’s somebody that is a valuable member of the team,” Psaki continued. “And he expects to also — you can all expect to be out there, out in the country — on the infrastructure bill, and he’s looking forward to having her out there too.”

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  2. i’m sure that the Press corps was relieved that they were wearing their masks. at least no one could see them laughing…Jen must have been caught off guard. No wonder she is leaving..

  3. Out there on infrastructure … like she was as Border Czar? and like he has been with economic problems and myriad of other problems we’re facing??? Can’t wait to see how they further mess this all up!

  4. Psaki is a lying clown,just like the president/vp, what total embarrassments all these dummycraps are,this is pathetic.

  5. Biden relies on her advice and her counsel?!?!?!
    Hilarious, I love it!!!
    Keep it up joe, you moron!!!!

  6. Is CHEATER Joe Biden and his WHITEHOUSE handlers fighting the CHEATER Criminal Democrat Party Mob Leadership’s replacing him with, VP Harris after the 2021 election disaster??? They do not want to give up the power to run the whole American country???? This is the “opening shot on this coming war”?????????All HELL ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE????????????????

      1. Please show me in the constitution, where it states, that a NATURAL BORN US CITIZEN’S PARENTS must be citizens of the United States. I have yet to find it.

    1. FRAUD voids all contracts, including contracts for employment as POTUS and VP, by way of elections. 2020Election is rife with fraud resulting in Biden/Harris usurping government job employment for which they are not eligible. Contracts are void for 2020Election FRAUD. President Trump is still POTUS, but his 2nd term is usurped so far by criminals in Office. ARREST Biden/Harris/Obama/ Omar,, immediately; restore Trump Presidency.

      KAMALA: What is important to know and fight against is this fact: Kamala is usurping OFFICE by election2020 fraud, and she is not eligible for VP or POTUS because she is not a Natural Born Citizen of USA as her parents were alien student visa travelers NOT US Citizens. Like the 2-Term Usurper Muslim Infiltrator Barack Obama who has finally admitted he was born in Kenya not USA, Kamala Harris must be arrested immediately for her federal level felony treasonous crimes, then after prison, both she and Obama should be deported and banished from USA forever!
      Biden/Harris are usurping Offices by way of massive collusion with China’s CCP to corrupt our 2020 Elections, and therefore they must resign immediately , or be arrested for TREASON.

      A plague shall fall upon the world. After a feeble man shall rule the Western World with a jezebel. The people will be damaged and subjugated by a fool ruler. The great eagle shall suffer and fall. NOSTRADAMUS

      1. “she is not eligible for VP or POTUS because she is not a Natural Born Citizen of USA as her parents were alien student visa travelers NOT US Citizens.” Even though I am NOT a fan of Commie-la, please show me where in the Constitution, it states that a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES, their PARENTS must be US citizens. Both became naturalized citizens five years after her birth., and divorced two years after that. Where does it say parents must be US citizens? I’m curious.

  7. Harris running for President????? Is she really that crazy?? With her Approval down in the 20’s, does she actually think anyone would vote for her?? Come on people!

    Every American citizen — except Psaki — knows Harris is a loon and incapable of doing her job as V.P. If that is actually true what Psaki says, that Biden takes counsel from Harris, THEN WE KNOW FOR SURE TO NEVER LET THAT CUCKOO HARRIS INTO OUR WHITE HOUSE…EVER! Biden’s actions are horrendous and if Harris had any influence over those actions, we know who is actually destroying our Nation — Harris, not Biden!

    But, I do not believe Psaki because she is trying to “mend” Harris’ poor Approval Rating as V.P. And it isn’t working! YOU CAN’T CHANGE A TIGER’S STRIPES — they are who they are — and so is worthless, irresponsible Harris! I expect Kam’s Approval Ratings to fall into the teens soon!

    1. Actually, Micala, after the nov. 3rd, 2020 election, why would she worry about “poll” numbers. She probably knows the inside secret of how to get elected..just sayin!!

  8. Why isn’t msm held accountable for their DAILY LIES?? Seriously, EVERY DAY they lie and put their negative message out for all to see!! And nothing happens!! I’m serious, how do we hold them accountable?? There’s got to be laws to prevent these IDIOTS from lying, isn’t there?? I know psaki has lost ALL credibility with the AMERICAN PEOPLE, and yes, even left leaning dems are starting to agree!!! She is just as bad as biden and his cronies!! They lie like it’s no big deal, and AMERICANS have had it!! But I really want to know how I can start the process of making these liars are seen as what they really are!!! Got to be a way to rid ourselves of these HATEFUL LIARS. Some of the worst, wallace, lemon, maddow, cuomo, reid, carlson, hayes, smith, williams, odonnell, behr, ruhle, king, kotb, melvin, ayman, all of “the view” many more, THEY HAVE TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!! I HOPE WITH ALL MY HEART THAT RITTENHOUSE SUES MSM, EVEN biden SAYS HE IS A WHITE SUPREMACIST, OTHERS SAID HE’S A ” proud boy”, NONE OF WHICH ARE TRUE, NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! LET’S GO BRANDON, LETS GO BRANDON, LETS GO BRANDON!!!

  9. Heels-Up Harris gave enough sexual favors to get the vp nomination, but can she give enough oral sex to get the presidential nomination? Time will tell…

  10. Not only losers, but fakes as well half of them are body doubles, clones or actors with latex masks. Hollywood has merged with Washington in their make belief world of lies and deception and theft and pedophilia. As well as their treasonous relationship with CCP


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