Two Republicans Expected to Vote to Censure Rep. Gosar over Mean Tweet

Photo of the US Capitol / Photo by the US Capitol via Flickr

So far, only two Republicans are expected to vote to censure Rep. Paul Gosar during Wednesday’s vote. Democrats have managed to gain support from Rep. Cheney and Kinzinger to help strip Rep. Gosar of his committee assignments after he posted an animated tweet depicting him attacking cartoons of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Biden.

The Hill reports:

So far, only Cheney and Kinzinger — who’ve frequently criticized their party for its continued embrace of former President Trump and accepted an invitation from Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to serve on the panel investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol — have signaled they’ll join Democrats in rebuking Gosar.

“We have to hold Members accountable who incite or glorify violence, who spread and perpetuate dangerous conspiracies. The failure to do so will take us one step closer to this fantasized violence becoming real,” Kinzinger tweeted on Tuesday. “To be clear, I’ll be voting yes on the Gosar censure resolution.”

Cheney also told The Associated Press last week that she supports censuring Gosar “for his continued indefensible activities.”

Gosar is the first House member to face censure since 2010, when former Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) was rebuked for a variety of ethics transgressions including misusing congressional letterhead for fundraising and failing to pay taxes on a vacation home.

Will Rep. Gosar be stripped of committee assignments over his mean tweets? Tell us what you think will happen during Wednesday’s hearing in the comments below.

  1. expected nothing less of either RINOs Cheney and Kinzinger….Kinzinger is already not running and its a matter of voters in WY before Cheney becomes unemployed….

  2. Liz and Adam need to crawl under a rock, I’m sure FMR. President Trump would gladly step on that rock, as I would as well!

  3. Give me a break!!! These 2 need to get over it…better yet ..they need to resign!!
    Hopefully they will be voted out. Look at all the Demos get away with!!!! Another
    double standard!!! Can’t wait till midterms!!!! Poor AOC & Worthless Biden : (

    1. I feel absolutely no pity for these people… they are destroying our country on purpose, intentionally, and with a hate that only communists and muslims work at. And they don’t deserve any pity whatsoever, the only thing they deserve is to be charged for the treasons that they and the entire demonRAT party are forcing on us.

  4. Once again we see that justice in America is not the only thing that has a double standard. The whole communist/marxist party (formerly demokkkrat party) spread and perpetuated dangerous conspiracies, glorified violence and were never held accountable.

    1. Maxine needs to be removed office and charged for her own violence and crimes, and Clinton needs to already be in prison. The communist demonRAT party maifa uses their DOJ and their FBI to protect both of them.

  5. If you want to censure lawmakers because of mean tweets then I suggest we start with the hate filled diapercrats ie: Filthy Waters, Upchuck Schumer, Schitt boy, Nadless Nadler, Peelousy and their feckless pedo leader FJB! Their hate filled comments have incited riots, destruction of private property, murders and wholesale destruction of cities around our country. It is high time that we as patriots lay the blame for the destruction enveloping our country where it belongs, firmly on the socialist leftists who create and enable the real threat to our Republic!

    1. While there are certain GOP reps who do need to be censured; doing so over a so called “mean tweet” is stupid.
      In the Hillsdale Co. Mi. Republican Party we censured one of our reps. for making a deal with the dems which took away our right to carry firearms on the State Capital. Of course; this put us at odds with many other county parties because they too are filled with RINO’s and neo-cons. At the same time; other county parties are now working with us to see what and how we can rid ourselves of those reps who no longer represent the public, but their own special interests. AND BE FORWARNED MICHIGAN “R” REPRESENTATIVES; THE SAFARI IS ON!!!

  6. Glorifying violence? You mean like the left glorifies Antifa and BLM? This is nothing more than revenge politics. It’s like these idiots are still in the 2nd second grade!

  7. These two should have opened their obviously tainted mouths when seemingly a number of members of the House FROM CALIFORNIA were blasting President Trump with every breath they drew. Maxine Watters was actually responsible for calling for demonstrations and riots in the streets. She wasn’t even touched by these self righteous fools. WHY NOT?

  8. So, if this happens, I guess all sorts of Democrats will come under the same ruling over “mean” tweets made about Trump? Our DDS (Democrat Double Standard) kicks once again.

  9. Democrats were not censured for their “Anti-Semitism” actions and words, but for cartoons the Democrats will gladly censure a Republican, and the RINOs will help them. The “Lame Duck” RINOs, who are not running for reelection because their constituents now know what they really are, and they know they haven’t a chance in Hell to get reelected.

  10. Goodbye RINOs! If you vote like a Democrat, talk like a Democrat, have the values of a Democrat then get out of the Republican Party. That means you too, Lisa Murkowski

    1. That won’t happen, because that would make their demonRAT party mad at them. After all, RINOCRATs are demonrats who infiltrated the Republican party to destroy it and to obstruct the repub party from getting anything done for America. That would defeat the reason of infiltrating the GOP.

  11. Lizard Cheney and Adumb Kinzinger are not conservatives / Republicans. They are liars and wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are RINOs and need to be booted out of office as soon as possible. Their dishonesty is a matter of record. They will say and do anything to get elected. Kinzinger has ZERO chance of being re-elected and the good people of Wyoming need to vote Cheney out of office as soon as possible.

  12. Neither Cheney nor Kinzinger will be in congress so they don’t care. Cheney is not a republican according to WY. Kinzinger finally did something right and not run.

  13. Where were Chaney and Kinzinger when the real violence was breaking out all over the country and antifa and BLM were killing people and destroying lives and businesses. Were they standing by silently as they and their leftist cohorts didn’t utter a word against the tyranny of mob rule that prevailed? I think we all know the answer to that question. But the man that they are acting against now actually did stand against that insurrection and voiced his opinions loud and clear. Could it be that he annoyed them and now they want their pound of flesh? Congressman Gosar is a warrior for Liberty and all of us who love our country stand with him.

  14. But its alright to envision Trump being removed from our earth with disgusting speech, photos, videos etc or the radical Omar’s hate America speeches. Sick of the Judas traders in the Republican party and can’t wait until this trash is set out to the curb for disposal.

  15. Cheney who is kicked out of GOP for her actions – and Kinzinger who is really a liberal and stupid also -both are losers

  16. Cheney and Kinzinger are both RINOCRATs, which are demonRATs who ran as republicans to infiltrate the republican party in order to destroy it, and to obstruct them from saving our country from the communist demonRAT party maifa and their mobs.

  17. funny, in a sad sorta way, and oh so predictable that the Democrats chose to openly ignore Kathy Giffords holding a knife and President Trump’s severed head as well as the multitude of other horrible images created by their disciples. As Val Kilmer once said ” yer hypocrisy knows no bounds”


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