McCarthy Pledges to Restore Reps. Greene and Gosar to Committees When GOP Wins House

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is promising justice for House Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar after the two were removed from their committees. After House Democrats, and Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger voted on Wednesday to censure Rep. Gosar and remove him from committee assignments GOP Leader McCarthy made it clear that after 2022 a number of controversial Democrats could meet the same fate for their own remarks.

On Wednesday, the House voted to censure Arizona Rep. Gosar after he shared a cartoon on Twitter that showed him attacking progressive “Squad” member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Biden.

The Hill reports:

“They’ll have committees,” McCarthy said at a press conference in the Capitol. “They may have other committee assignments. They may have better committee assignments.”

McCarthy also reiterated his threat that a future Republican House majority may remove Democrats from committees as retaliation for the votes this year taking punitive action against Gosar and Greene.

Democrats maintained in both cases that they were only establishing a precedent of taking action against House members who endorse political violence.

“Is the inference that I draw from your question that we should have not censured Mr. Gosar for his shameful behavior, for fear of something the Republicans might do in the unlikely case that they might win the Congress?” Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday when a reporter asked about the prospect of Republicans removing Democrats from committees if they win the House majority.

“We would not walk away from our responsibilities for fear of something they may do in the future,” Pelosi said.

  1. President Putz our lame dick president, international joke,National disaster, knows not what he says only what he is told. We have a president who does not accept responsibility for his actions, his words, his self created crisis against the American people,we are looking at the total demise of the democrat party, 2022, will doubt there will be many democrats being elected and or reelected, they are laughing now, let’s not forget the old chiche he laughs last, will laugh best. Biden and his energy secretary granholm have declared war  on the fossil fuel industry and laugh at the public when asked about increasing oil production to help Americans, who will suffer higher costs, this winter with much higher heating cost and the horrific increase in gasoline and natural gas prices. Things like this happen, when you appoint someone to to be energy secretary with”no experience in the fossil fuel industry or nuclear industry for that matter” a straight our democrat politation who has indicated that the energy crisis will not be solved until “2050”. Let’s just call this article, the land where Brando comes from “2050” the never ending line of democrat horsesxxxx Biden energy secretary Jennifer graham laughed when asked about increasing fossil production for our countrys fossil needs, biden appointee whose only claim to fame coming from Canada, was to work her way up in politics to become the governor of Michigan, her policies along with the current governor have driven the automotive industry out of Michigan to Tennessee. Ha ha ha ha guess they can’t stop laughing. Thousands of jobs lost to the State of Michigan, under the pretense of clean energy.  Biden and Kerry were just over seas promising millions of jobs around the planet, yet Americans keep losing jobs in our energy fields, and of course our prices are soaring, shortages are increasing, Gas and gasoline have increased put inflation and recession as the top concern for American households. Ha ha ha ha. Here is more of the “2050 bull shit that are selling, “I am humbled by the faith President Biden has placed in me to lead this incredible team at the Department of Energy,” HA HA HA “2050” Biden wants to shut down more pipe lines,whose is this guy working for???

    1. At least the Dems have wised up and made these outrageous deadlines far enough in the future no one will be around to remember them. Al Gore’s Nostradamus prediction about melted polar ice caps are way back in the rear view mirror. AOC gave us a twelve year window on the climate apocalypse.
      Apparently facts are something the Dems can’t handle.

      1. There is no “FACTS” definition in the Democrat’s play book, only lies, manipulations, and demonic worshipping of THEMSELVES — especially Pelosi!

        No humans can be that stupid without having someone lead them — there is where the evil and intelligence is! But, he will not show his face because people will go after him. He remains hidden…for now.

        I believe when DJT is back in the White House, that nasty dem leader will be exposed and dealt with, swiftly and sure! But for now, the Dems think they have the upper hand until something divinely inspired, destroys all they have done — to bring PEACE back to our land.

        That will require less and less Dems to muck things up! Sit back and watch the show! It’s already begun, but the Dems have no clue that their demise is on the horizon.

      2. They are not worried about facts, just their truth. That truth will be parroted by their propaganda machine very effectively. As long as those that oppose the Socialist movement have no bully pulpit to speak from, this Nation looses, as does the rest of the world

        1. I am loser in eyes of the minority.
          The majority never wanted Biden or for that matter Hillary, to be President.
          The majority did not vote for Biden or Hillary.
          They voted for not Trump.
          I love our republic.
          We have the freest and fairest elections in the world.
          Voter fraud is a failure of leadership.
          Trump was our leader for four years.
          And now claims voter fraud.
          Trump is a weak puke.

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      1. Oh no! We understood the first comment and spell checkers remind me too much of the woke bunch. Who cares if it is bread or bred Frank? We go Joe’s intention clearly!

  2. Nancy Pelosi’s comment is so interesting. I don’t remember her speaking out when Kathy Gifford held up a severed head of a doll that looked like President Trump. I also don’t remember her (and all the dems) speaking out when Republicans were chased, and harassed, kicked out of restaurants everywhere they went by Antifa and other liberal backed thugs, or when Senator Rand Paul was beaten up by a neighbor, or so many other instances when conservative members of Congress (and their families) were either physically, or verbally attacked by Soros backed hoodlums. Did we hear anything our of any democrat’s mouth – nope, only crickets. And now, “wittow” AOC has her “wittow feewings” hurt by a cartoon, and it’s worse than World War 2. Suck it up, cupcakes!

  3. Ha! PIGnosi should talk!!!!! She s the one behind the curtain that ORCHESTRATED THE JAN 6 BREAK IN AND SHE IS ACTING LIKE A SAINT?? That’s no Saint! But she definitely is the Devil in disguise and she would have loved to replace AOC’s head with DJT’s as well as put her face where Gosar’s was! I bet she has wet dreams about doing something like that!

    Don’t let any of those demonic democrats ever fool you! They are so far from the “good and respectable” spectrum that they are absorbed by the darkness and shadows. They also live by a Double Standard:


    In other words, the Dems can be disrespectful or threaten Conservative’s lives any time they want,(like Rittenhouse) but no one can be disrespectful or threaten their pathetic, narcissistic lives? That’s plain Bull Pucky!


    FYI: Since most Dem’s attention range is only about two feet from their noses, none of those arrogantly stupid Dems will ever see the WAVE crash upon their heads until they are escorted from Chambers screaming, kicking, and biting! Remember to muzzle them, they may have “rabies”! IT’S COMING!

  4. Fearless Pelosi is so grandiose in her response, but she won’t be there to suffer the pain she’s caused so many others!

  5. When the change of power takes place and the GOP majority take over from the Democrats the SAME actions will take place and there will be “NO ONE Held Responsible “Go to “Liberty Scores ” and just look at the voting records of every member of Congress and go back as far as you like , Lots of talk and NO real change If you want change and to save our Nation then remove ( vote out ) ALL incumbents and send a New Congress back to Washington . Qualifications : under 40 years of age and never been elected to a public office ..Sounds bad ? How could it be worse that the long time members that have acquired “Money .Fame & Power ” at the expense of our Country and our “way of life ‘ >>>

      1. Fake ballots voting machines fixed and I doubt even newsome won his election. You can bet the farm they will cheat again it’s the only thing they know. This time their will be repercussions you bet that too


  7. Oh, so they are addressing those that endorse political violence? I guess that places almost 100% of the Democrats in position for retribution. They seem to enjoy seeing Jan 6 demonstrators being held in solitary confinement, awaiting trial on misdemeanor charges and a misapplied felony charge. McCarthy has to target every Democrat Congressional representative. I expect to see Swalwell, Schiff and Waters removed from all committee assignments the first week, assuming McCarthy is the Speaker.

  8. Americans just have to face the fact that Demorats are moral SCUM! They seem to follow the lead of any and every crooked thing that comes to their demented minds. It should be open season on all Democrats, so that the American people can rid themselves of this pestilence.

  9. Talk is cheap. I hope McCathy has the gonads to do what he has said. He will have the house but is he too much of a rino go along get along good old boy to return the favor to the surviving dimwit nitwits who followed Old Nanc over the cliff?

    1. Talk is cheap.
      Trump said he won reelection.
      Trump said that he was going to Build a Big Beautiful Wall.
      Trump said he was going to end Bush’s Forever War.
      Trump is the only Republican.
      All the rest are RINOs.


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