CNN Admits Trump Had It Right About Steele Dossier

By Ken Lund (Flickr: CNN Center, Atlanta, Georgia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump is finally getting some justice after years of being the subject of the Democrat Party’s political witchhunt. Even the liberal media is coming around to the fact the anti-Trump Steele Dossier is not as legitimate as they initially claimed and Trump was right all along. CNN reporter, Marshall Cohen, published “The Steele Dossier: A reckoning” which directly addresses the legitimacy of the Steele Dossier and even admits Trump had it right all along.

CNN reports:

“A series of investigations and lawsuits have discredited many of its central allegations and exposed the unreliability of Steele’s sources. They also raise serious questions about the political underpinnings of some key explosive claims about Trump by shedding new light on the involvement of some well-connected Democrats in the dossier, and separate efforts to prod the FBI to investigate ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia,” Marshall wrote.

“These revelations have triggered a reckoning around the Steele dossier, particularly in the wake of two recent indictments secured by John Durham, the special counsel appointed during the Trump administration to investigate the FBI’s Russia probe,” Marshall continued.  “Durham alleges that Steele’s primary source, a US-based foreign policy analyst, repeatedly lied to the FBI about where he got his information.”

“Legitimate questions are now being raised about the dossier — how it was used by Democrats as a political weapon against Trump, how it was handled by the FBI and US intelligence agencies, and how it was portrayed in the mainstream media,” Marshall wrote, even confessing Trump was correct all along.

“’Trump swiftly rejected Steele’s claims and said a “group of opponents … put that crap together,’” he wrote. “Nearly five years later, it’s clearer than ever that he wasn’t too far off about the origins of the dossier.”

Who will be next to admit Trump was right? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

    1. No, not sue. They need to be prosecuted. In addition they should be made to pay back what it cost for all the investigations. Hundreds of millions involved while the guilty profited.

      1. Agreed! If a person has been wronged, and they can sue for damages, then certainly the government should be able to prosecute, AND recover lost or wasted funds, For significant enough offense, which this one is, there should be some governmental punishment, either incarceration, or deportation. There are a fairly large group of people whose disappearance would greatly improve this country.

        1. You are so correct. And I think the “quack” dr. Who said Biden is fit needs to be jailed for not being truthful. Is there a problem with rep. A n
          d Dems suing these people for false info. You know…it’s like lying to
          the Congress, because we the people have more sense than they do.

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  1. Yes The President, Donald Trump, should sue the hell out of these partisan jerks. They are no more journalists than me. But they could not resist trying to defeat Trump.

    1. Look how far he’s gotten in proving election fraud with scads of witnesses/evidence!! It seems that a lot of judges have TDS. He would be wasting his time.

  2. One tainted source does not negate the entire report. Too much of what Steele wrote has turned out to be the truth. Russia was clearly involved in pushing fake news and creating doubts among American voters about Trumps virtues and the shortcomings of Clinton.

    1. Right, and that’s why Donald J. Trump will be the next president while many of Hillary’s cronies are being indicted as I write this.

    2. Forgive Charles. He has been hitting the Sauce for his entire life and is not better for it. BTW, Epstein didn’t kill himself and Brandon didn’t win that election. Oh, and Curtis Dunn didn’t cause that woman to run the stop sign and suffer the resulting death of her and her daughter (who was mercifully spared taking showers with her dad). Who helped Brandon spread THAT set of lies?

    3. That doesn’t mean that Trump was involved. It just goes to show that there are many reasons none of the “bad guys” wanted Trump to win.

    4. You just cannot concede defeat. NONE of the Steele dossier is true, NONE.
      But because we live in America you have the right to believe whatever you want.
      But if democraps have their way you will, along with other GOD given rights, loose the right to free speech as well as other rights.

    5. Nadler I have told you time and time again NOT to pretend to be someone else and post BS on the internet! Now waddle off to your room and stay there until I tell you you can come out for dinner!

    6. Are you kidding me??? If you believe it’s one tainted source, you are either REALLY STUPID, or you need some medication!!!

    7. Yes; Russia was involved in a cover up, but it was the cover up of the dems participation in a fake event in the effort to turn Americans against D. Trump!

  3. CNN is a disgrace for pretending to be a “News” station. They are a liberal Democrat Political Party propaganda organization. Nothing more.

  4. CNN should include an apology to everyone who was misled by their outright lies. They were, in fact, one of the main purveyors of this hoax.

  5. Yes and they continued having that lying POS on their show saying he had evidence that proved it. Now he said he was lied to. Now he brings up Jan 6th accusing trump. All of you hate trump but tell the news and stop having people like Schiff that are going to tell nothing but lies

  6. But the damage is done and nothing is learned because they still lie about Trump and Trump supporters every single day. Now it is The “Insurrection” as the latest version of Trump lies, and should be simple to refute since NO ONE WAS EVER CHARGED WITH INSURRECTION OR SEDITION, yet it has gained steam with folks at CNN and MSNBC, now they call it an armed insurrection. They call violent riots where federal building are lit on fire and cops are attacked as peaceful protests, meanwhile a capitol policeman shot an unarmed woman and killed her in the fake insurrection. CNN admits 5 years later that they lied, meanwhile they continue to lie to this day and apparently will continue to lie.

  7. All these commie stations should be sued,for liable, for all of Trump’s presidency, it was one lie after another, to trash, and character assasination, they should be prosecuted also,for the destruction they caused to his presidency.

  8. When a non-socialist runs for president these days, it’s much more than facing another candidate. A non-socialist will face the full power of the established Executive Branch, particularly agencies with investigative authorities, e.g., FBI, ATF, CIA, IRS, DEA, EPA, HHA, HSI, US Marshals, Secret service, et al. Historically, many have complained it’s a major reason so few highly qualified individuals seek public office, particularly the presidency.

    1. All of those bureaucrat organizations were established outside of Constitutional authority.
      They were given ‘powers’ beyond the ‘touch’ of the general public because they were not elected by the people but put in place by lazy representatives.

  9. There’s going to be a whole lot of truths coming out that can’t be hidden any longer, I believe that people are finally seeing the CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE CAUSED by DICTATOR bid en and his ENTIRE COMMUNIST REGIME!!! Thing’s are finally looking 👀 up in AMERICA, I can hardly wait for 2022 & 2024!!!

  10. But CNN still doesn’t have the integrity necessary to place the blame squarely on Hillary Clinton and her cabal, the creators of this scandal. That needs to be addressed if this is going to be an accurate acknowledgement of the fake dossier and it’s sources.

  11. The “media” has sacrificed, squandered and forfeited its right to freedom of the press. The “media” has forced jimmycarter, osamaobama and demented joebiden on America. So much for the “media” having any place or voice in American society. The “media” needs to be held to the standards of libel, defamation and slander and destroyed when/if they publish lies and damaging fake news against their enemies, AKA Americans.

    1. actually; the media does have the right to lie to the American public, that is what the
      First Amendment is all about. The problem is; the social media have taken control over who can reply and what they can say to reveal the truth! Truth has no recourse!!!

  12. It’s not enough to admit Trump was right, they need to tackle the real facts and hold all the scoundrels accountable for the grief they caused #45 and for the lies they fabricated with malicious intent. Every gullible person who drank the CNN Kool-Aid needs to down a cup of vinegar!

      1. SOOOO right; but what many voters fail to realize is that we MUST GET INVOLVED AT THE LOCAL LEVEL ESPECIALLY!!!
        Get involved in and with your local party; become ‘district delegates’; vet those who run for your parties offices. LEARN THE CONSTITUTION AND THOSE DOCUMENTS UPON WHICH OUR GOVERNMENT WAS ESTABLISHED!!!

  13. Needless to say, Pres. Trump was right all along! The anti-Trump steel dossier is not as legitimate as they initially claimed! Given that, one can now rest assured that the unrealiability was correct and Steele’s claims were rejected! Trump was right all along and it’s now been made very clear!

  14. they’re sadly mistaken, and as usual wrong again, if they think admitting what we already knew will help their ratings….they’ve circled the toilet bowl long enough and now it needs to be flushed….

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  16. From what I can determine, the only error Trump ever made, according to Democrats, is that he’s a Republican and promotes Republican values so clearly that it makes the other side, not look worse, but rather shines a light on them and shows their real personas. And darkness cannot abide the light for the light reveals all that is true. Know the truth and truth will set you free.

  17. Sometimes the Truth takes a while to come out especially when they hide the evidence. But there’s going to be a lot more coming out soon. There’s a lot of corruption in the Government and I think it really started by Obama and Biden is keeping it going.

  18. Since we have learned that this whole “dossier” story was a bunch of lies designed to keep the candidate from becoming elected, I really want the US treasury to be reimbursed for all the money spent on this witch hunt. We the American people are the losers here. Most thinking people realized the lie, long before Mueller gave up.Give us back our cash!!!

  19. I ‘m still amazed why this is just now making news. Anybody that wasn’t blinded by hatred for Trump knew what the truth was years ago. There has been untold number of books written about everything that is just now coming out in the Main Street news. Furthermore there was not a shred of evidence presented to verify any of the charges were true. The sad thing about it is no one at the top will ever be charged or prosecuted. Just like Hillary and Bill will never be charged for making millions off their phony non profit foundation or Hunter raking in millions by selling access to his senile father. Anyone that still believes no one is above the law in this country is as stupid as they think you are.

  20. Of all the wrong things that was said about President Trump and all the dirt that was dug up with the Election, everyone know that President Trump should have stayed in the White House. Everyone knew that President Trump won the Election, but they are too ashamed to WELCOME him back to the White House. Right now, Biden, Kamala and all who are in the White House should LETS GO BRANDON be kicked out and President Trump should be IN, of course if he was my brother, I would tell him to stay away from the White House, because “LETS GO BRANDON” has it all “You know what the UP is, and I don’t think anyone can bring this Country back to where President Trump had it. President Trump loves this Country and he would do anything to save this Country. Biden doesn’t love this Country, all he talks about is vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine and all that crap. When he isn’t talking about Vaccine, he is talking about Hunter, this is all he cares about, that is why he is telling the world to come in and he will make more money to support the world. LETS GO BRANDON.


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