Here are The Democrats Who are Retiring Ahead of 2022

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

Patrick Leahy

U.S. Institute of Peace via Wikimedia Commons

Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy(VT) has announced his retirement. 

  1. That is a start ! We need to remove all the RINOS from the GOP. We REALLY need to remove ALL incumbents from both (all) parties and start over .2022 House needs to have ALL new members preferably under 40 years old ,do away with the majority leadership ( allow the individual members to support and deliver(votes) that conforms with the will of the voters in their districts instead from their political parties , bosses & lobbyist / special interest groups .Check the Liberty Scores of every member of Congress and see who votes for what !! The new Congress should be able to undertake term limits and a balanced budget .>>

    1. Most people under 40 don’t have a clue these days. We would be better off if older people would serve for a couple of terms and put to use the knowledge and wisdom they’ve gained from running businesses for a couple of decades. I’m tired of career politicians that seek re-election through give away programs that reward laziness and burden productive hard working tax payers.

    2. Yes, this is a start! What we need is Convention of States to propose a constitutional amendment and have the states ratify a constitutional amendment to limit terms of office. We need to churn the whole congress. The culture is toxic.

    1. They want those nice retirement benefits because if they run for and lose a re-election bid then they lose access to those retirement benefits and have to pay for their own insurance and other stuff….just like us common people do

      1. If you did your research you would learn that our Congrresscritters get the same benefits that all federal employees get

      2. Unfortunately their Benifits are for life, after 5 years , Even then Person that gets removed by election gets their Pay ( Up to 80 % of their last check , depending on which Pension Plan they enroll in and their age at retirement , they are still eligible for the Affordable care Act policy they chose ( But the Government pays up to 72% of their premiums )

        1. I disagree, there are some people who have been in office along time and serve our country well. And there are some who need booted out. THAT IS WHAT ELECTION ARE FOR!! Retirement is a different issue. Standard retirement is 15- 20 years before you receive a pension. I think at a minimum it should be 10 years before you receive a pension.

  2. The Ghislaine Maxwell trial has started. many will be “retiring”, comitting suicide or are already arrested and in Gitmo

  3. Bottom line, they won’t be elected to anything EVER! I am so looking foreword to what is about to happen! The Demorat party will cease to exist!

  4. We do NOT want these politicians to retire. They retire then they get lifetime benefits that We the People end up paying for.

    Instead they need to run for and lose a re-election bid. That way they are not eligible for those nice, and expensive, retirement benefits.

    1. Only those that have served less than 5 years do not receive any benifits, after 5 they still get many of the perks ( Partial or Percentage ) they had while in office

  5. Retire? I’d far rather see them thrashed at the polls.The party will describe their would-be replacement as “new blood.” All that means is young candidates with no life experience planning to spend a lifetime at the public trough.

  6. They are not retiring.. They are running away from what they know is coming to the citizens of the US., and they are hoping they will not be remembered for their part in destroying the country! Glad they are leaving but let’s be clear! They are not retiring! Cowards always turn tail and run when they see a battle coming!

  7. I’m happy to hear this, but now that the big tech You Tube folks have decided to cover up most of the conservative oriented content with advertising you can no longer get to what you need to read or even the NEXT button. How cheap and small the leftists have become

  8. They get rich by breaking the law, for a partime job they become millionaires . Term limits along with overseeing what they do would solve a lot of problems , everyone of them in office should be behind bars for what they have done, Biden a real good example…

  9. Until they start teaching history, past and present in schools, the young will not care about anything but themselves. Should be a required class thru high school and the first 2 years in college.

    1. Depends on who’s version of history they are teaching. But yes our children need to be educated on our true history. Also, family values have deteriorated over time.

  10. Many republicans are no better than the Demo-rats – my stomach hurts every time you see a number of these losers – they are all self servers losers – the Lizard Chaney – and many like her — wouldn’t care what party if they put America first – the total dissolution of Congress is needed and a enema performed


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