Parents Fume as Schools Continue to Cancel Classes

Daniel C. Hodges via ( Wikipedia Commons

Parents across the country are distressed over schools’ decisions to cancel classes over complaints of “burnout” from staff and employee shortages. In school districts across the country, parents have reported last-minute changes to school hours.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The announced closings have often come with minimal notice. School districts in Washington state notified parents two to three days before they canceled classes the Friday after Veterans Day because of staff shortages.

Ann Arbor public schools in Michigan gave parents five days’ notice that Thanksgiving break would begin on Monday instead of Wednesday, giving students and staff a whole week off for the holiday, also citing staff shortages.

The majority of staffing shortages are due to teachers taking extra days off, often because of concerns of “burnout,” leaving many parents indignant.

The NPR report cited a Maryland mother who works in healthcare who called the closures “a slap in the face to all of those essential workers” after a Montgomery County school district gave her two weeks’ notice that the half school day before Thanksgiving had been canceled.

  1. All sectors of our society and economy are experiencing staff shortages due to the vaccine mandates. This is the result of Biden’s stupid ridiculous policies. Voters are reaping what they sowed.

  2. if the teachers and their bosses (National School Board Association) can’t indoctrinate your child, naturally they will cancel the classes….it’s their way of demonstrating

  3. Parents should move their kids to different schools…oh wait…they don’t have choices. What happened to the “max exodus” to alternative sources of education?

  4. PAST Time to make the schools understand WHO they are employed by….”We the People”….NOT the Unions…..1st dismantle the unions, then start demanding the firing of the teachers causing the problems….if the Principals won’t fire the teachers, then fire the Principals….Remember, Sh!t rolls down hill……MAKE it roll!!!

  5. Students will see this. Later in their work lives, they will feel empowered to take a few days off just like their teachers did. We seem to be moving toward the idea that working or just not showing-up is not important.

  6. I’ll wager that most of this is going on in BLUE states, where the brain-dead voter-bots elect jackass Progressive Democrats.


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