Buttigieg Says Americans Won’t Have To ‘Worry’ About Gas Prices If They Buy Electric Cars

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill will make sure Americans “never have to worry about gas prices again,” by incentivizing electric car purchases. 

In a recent interview with MSNBC, Buttigieg who has been under fire for taking paternity leave during the supply chain crisis, was asked if he was excited about any provisions in the “Build Back Better” legislation, which passed through the House on Nov. 19 with a 220-213 vote.  

It turns out that electric vehicles (EV’s) really rev Buttigieg’s engine, as do the financial incentives for those who purchase a new vehicle. He said that the bill would “in effect” give individuals and families “up to a $12,500 discount” of their shiny new non-gas guzzler, and was quick to point out that “once they own that vehicle, [they] will never have to worry about gas prices again.”

He noted that minimum-wagers and non-city-dwelling Americans will gain the most out of getting rid of their gas combustion engines. “The people who stand to benefit most from owning an EV, are often rural residents who have the longest distances to drive, they burn the most gas, and underserved urban residents in areas where there are higher gas prices and lower-income.” 

“They would gain the most by having that vehicle,” he continued. “These are the very residents who have not always been connected to electric vehicles that are viewed as kind of a luxury item.”

“If we can make the electric vehicle less expensive for everybody, more people can take advantage, and we’ll be building and selling more American-made EVs, which means in time they’ll become less expensive to make and to buy for everybody,” Buttigieg concluded.

But under the current version of the bill, getting the maximum $12,500 tax credit is nearly impossible, and astonishingly few vehicles qualify for the full deduction.

The base incentive amount for purchasing an EV is $4,000, with an extra $3,500 added on if the battery pack has a minimum of 40 kilowatt-hours of capacity and a gas tank that doesn’t hold more than 2.5 gallons, which knocks all hybrid vehicles out of contention. 

Another $5,000 comes into play if the battery is US-made and the automaker uses a union workforce, which doesn’t allow Tesla buyers to take the extra credit, as the company is not unionized. In fact, the only vehicles that come even close to getting the full tax benefit are Chevrolet’s Bolt EV and Bolt EUV. 

The Senate is expected to vote on the Build Back Better act by Christmas. 

  1. how many Americans can actually afford an electric car or the electric bill for charging them up? and the democrats say buttiboy has a 38% favorable for POTUS???

      1. Can’t you tell where this is coming from, his lips were not working, his Brain is dead, everything he says comes out if his butt, why else would you think it sticks

    1. Yeah I wonder how those on fixed incomes and don’t pay taxes ( so they don’t receive tax incentives ) are supposed to afford $100,000 cars or even if they get the car afford to replace the $10,000 battery every 8 years ?

  2. Peter is a total nitwit, is his bicycle electric? Where do all these batteries come from, don’t they need minerals the socialist demorats hate? The entire bunch of idiots are as hypocritical as they come.

  3. Apparently this moron doesn’t realize that the average range of these wonderful electric cars are far less than desirable .
    I don’t know how he expects people that need to commute to get there without having to stop and charge their car on the way to work.

    1. Just remember what his fearless leader said about electric cars ” I can drive across the country , in my electric car , on one tank of Gas ” The whole Administration speaks out of their Buttholes

  4. Buttigieg (Butthead) is an IDIOT as well as Biden and his entire clueless administration! Rather than address the real issues Americans are dealing with they always try to deflect to some unrealistic solutions to divert attention away from their stupidity and destruction of our country! These fools must be stopped before it’s too late!!!

  5. Another idiot in the Biden regime. I pose this question for this liberal moron. Where does the electrical power come from to charge the batteries. I will help you with this. Power plants! The more electric cars the more power consumption, this is added to the already over burdened electrical grid. Shut down coal and fossil fuel power plants, where for the power come from? Don’t guess or make up an answer. Please provide a well thought out plan and not the liberal “ more green sustainable options” crap.

  6. Well, it stands to reason that since these stupid lefties think money grows on trees, they would also think that electricity comes free, out of walls.

  7. Most people can’t afford an electric or the rising electric bills that they now pay and he wants to add the car. What an idiot!! But I guess with one idiot inthe white house they would consider another idiot for 2024.

  8. Electric cars are filthy, expensive energy hogs that are an ecological nightmare. Don’t they realize how big the carbon footprint for an EV is, and the inefficiency of generating the electric power, conversion to the batteries, conversion back to alternating current for the motor.?!!!all of them idiots. Sure, gas is dirty, but add up all it’s efficiency compared to electric, and it’s clear which is the smartest choice. Imagine sitting in in LA traffic, running down your battery by running your air conditioner!!

  9. O’Connor’s stamp of approval is anything but reassuring for those skeptical of the president’s ability to lead. SINCE WHEN CAN THE COMMANDER AND CHIEF REFUSE MENTAL HEALTH EXAM? WHEN HE CAN’T PASS IT. BIDEN UNFIT TO MENTALLY SERVE AS PRESIDENT IT’S NOT A FXXXIN GAME JOE. THIS CAN’T BE HIDDEN FROM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. NO DOCTOR WILL SIGN OFF ON HIS MENTAL STATE TO SERVE AS PRESIDENT.The examination revealed that the president of the United States suffers from a “number of health issues”, but even more concerning, perhaps, was the fact that “Biden refused cognitive testing” – “despite showing obvious signs of diminished cognitive function”. Biden’s physical was completed by Kevin C. O’Connor, D.O., included consultation with several of the Presidential Specialty Consultants from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, including specialists in optometry, otolaryngology (ENT), dentistry, orthopedics (foot and ankle), orthopedics (spine), physical therapy, neurology, cardiology, radiology, dermatology, anesthesiology, and gastroenterology. CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta was asked on air if Biden underwent any tests “that measured mental acuity” like former President Donald Trump did. “It doesn’t seem like it. I read pretty carefully through the doctor’s report, and there was, they mentioned “neurological exam, but that was more in terms of testing motor strength and sensation and things like that”,”Gupta responded. “President Trump had something known as the Montreal cognitive assessment. It’s sort of a screening test for dementia. And, you know, that there was no mention of that sort of thing here. It is a constant point of discussion. I can tell you within the geriatrics community, I wrote this book last year about brain health, and one of the things that kept coming up was, should sort of these types of screening tests, cognitive screening tests, be more commonly done? And there’s many in that community who believe starting at age 65, there should be some sort of screening that’s done. Dr. Ronald Peterson, who runs the Alzheimer’s clinic at Mayo has been somebody who talked about that.” “But as far as we know, for President Biden, we didn’t see any kind of tests like that performed.” O’Connor concluded by claiming that Biden“remains fit for duty, and fully executes all of his responsibilities without any exemptions or accommodations,”though without testing for what appears to be the most obvious threat to “Biden’s ability to perform his job, his mental fitness”, 

  10. Is that electric vehicle coal or nuclear cuz nothing else can supply reliable charging for that less than green vehicle.

  11. I want to know how he thinks someone on min. wage is going to be able to buy one of these things? most of them can’t afford a gas card now thanks to the Moron in Chief.

  12. So it’s just another way to extremely hurt our vulnerable citizens like the disabled or seniors living on a low fixed income because they will never be able to afford an electric car in their lifetime. Especially because most our vulnerable need a car to get to doctors and specialists that are often 80 miles apart and there either is not public transportation or in most cases their physical issues keep them from being able to use any type of public transportation. PLUS most live in places where having a car charging port is impossible. It’s obvious these lack of critical thinking idiots are graduates of our govt schools and do not think through how easy it will be for China to take control of us if we don’t have sufficient quantities of oil and gas because electricity goes out and solar generators won’t work at all in some places and will never work for hospitals. Just a few placed EMPS will destroy our nation and only oil and gas will bring us back up.
    I guess killing off the sick and disabled works for these Marxists who think they qill be the elite ruling class in a Marxist/Socialist regime.l

  13. Issues & Questions with the Electric Car Plan:

    1) Neighborhoods lose power all the time, sometimes for 2 or 3 days. What will EV owners do then?

    2) 99% of the electrical grids in any neighborhood with 25-30 houses can’t support more than 3-4 EVs.So, who gets to charge their vehicles and who doesn’t?

    3) Solar and wind are not reliable sources of energy. Where will reliable energy come from?

    4) Solar panels last 10-15 years. What happens to the multitude of very toxic chemicals in every solar panel when they have to be replaced?

    5) California already schedules “brown outs” in the summer season due to lack of electricity. What do you think will happen when EVs put a higher demand on their electrical grid?

    6) Electric vehicles don’t pay fuel taxes use our roads. How will govt address that loss of revenue?

  14. Energy is a shell game. Proponents of all electric have everyone focus on one thing while the real action, and cost, is going on elsewhere. An EMP attack on the U.S. could render everything electrical useless, including electric vehicles, whereas we could always find a gallon of gas somewhere. Do we really want to be even more dependent on government?

  15. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The thought of Buttkick for president is insane. However after four years of Biden and Harris nothing would surprise me..


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