South African Doctor Who Discovered Omicron Variant Slams Hysterical Response


The latest announcement of a new Covid-19 variant has sent the world into a fresh wave of panic. The discovery of Omicron sent markets into freefall and the doctor who discovered the variant has been “stunned” by the world’s response. In an op-ed, South African doctor Angelique Coetzee slammed countries’ harsh responses to the variant.

The Daily Wire reports:

Angelique Coetzee, the chair of the South African Medical Association who has been a general  practitioner for 33 years, started by writing, “I have seen a lot over my medical career. But nothing has prepared me for the extraordinary global reaction that met my announcement this week that I had seen a young man in my surgery who had a case of Covid that turned out to be the Omicron variant.”

Noting that the Omicron variant “had been circulating in southern Africa for some time, having been previously identified in Botswana,” she added, “But given my public-facing role, by announcing its presence in my own patient, I unwittingly brought it to global attention. Quite simply, I have been stunned at the response – and especially from Britain.And let me be clear: nothing I have seen about this new variant warrants the extreme action the UK government has taken in response to it.”

In South Africa, we’ve retained a sense of perspective. We’ve had no new regulations or talk of lockdowns because we’re waiting to see what the variant actually means. We’ve also become accustomed here to new Covid variants emerging. So when our scientists confirmed the discovery of yet another, nobody made a huge thing of it. Many people didn’t even notice.

She suggested, “If, as some evidence suggests, Omicron turns out to be a fast-spreading virus with mostly mild symptoms for the majority of the people who catch it, that would be a useful step on the road to herd immunity. … We’ll learn in the next two weeks if that’s the case. The worst situation – of course – would be a fast-spreading virus with severe infections. But that’s not where we are at the moment.”

Despite Dr. Coeztee’s rational response to the discovery of a new variant, world leaders have spared no time in overreacting. Recently, President Biden restricted travel to multiple South African countries, a move similar to his predecessor’s when Covid-19 first emerged in China.

    1. What is Fauci’s net worth?
      1% of Trump’s
      She has a similar function in the South African government as Fauci has in the US.
      She has no facts.
      The new variant is 8 days old.
      She knows few facts about it.
      But she does have an opinion.
      As does Fauci.
      Fauci is more Conservative.

  1. Hidenbiden, isn’t mentally fit, to be telling anyone what to do,and no one should be listening to him. He is a totally ,incoherant,incompetent,egotistic,narcisis that is out of touch with reality.Dr.jill should quit the elder abuse, and get senile,frail,old,joe to a physician, because he isn’t well and she knows it,he has been a disgraceful, embarrassment, to all of america,and our allies.He is the laughing stock of the world, and made fun of,daily by pathetically sad.Resign

    1. NICE!!! WELL SAID!! it is what we all believe!! He is a disgrace to this great nation!!
      the vaccine isn’t working, kids are being poisoned–it is all a hoax to control us–there
      are thousands of viruses–the swine flu killed millions all over the world–no one
      was concerned about masks and social distancing–same with polio—so you get the
      flu and you get over it–if you are scared then stay inside the rest of your life!! Let
      the majority of us get on with our lives–the radical leftists are dangerous–they don’t
      care about anyone but themselves.. We Need to RECIST this communist takeover!!

  2. A HUGE THANK YOU to a very sane level headed female doctor, DR. COETZEE, for showing the world that the Omicron variant, at this stage, is NOTHING to panic over!! She’s been a doctor for 33 years people! She knows what she is talking about!

    WHAT THE??? What are those World leaders doing with this news besides OVERREACTING and looking like idiots!
    You Leaders are NUTZ and Embarrassing to the HUMAN RACE!! STOP THIS INSANITY NOW!!

    Omicron is nothing more than a lite flu with sniffles and now “BiddyBoy Brainless” is talking about domestic passports to travel inside the U.S.???????? That guy may have been functioning at 25% before, but now there is absolutely no electrical activity in his head at all! Someone call a doctor to check his vitals!

    Where is a sane intelligent levelheaded person to take over our Presidency NOW?? PRESIDENT TRUMP, ARE YOU AVAILABLE — PLEEEEEASE?!?

    1. At this stage it’s just a variant. In the minds of Dr Fauci Jekyll and Mr Brandon Hyde it’s Frankenstein’s monster.

  3. The USA is over reacting because there’s an election coming up and the Agenda 21 team are trying to feign lockdowns because when people vote in person with real voter identification Democrats lose big time.

  4. If Dr Fauci were less of a Democrat and more of a scientist that he claims to be possibly people wouldn’t disregard his flipflops.


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