Another Top Kamala Harris Adviser is Resigning

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris speaking with attendees at the 2019 National Forum on Wages and Working People hosted by the Center for the American Progress Action Fund and the SEIU at the Enclave in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gage Skidmore flickr.

Yet another top aide to Vice President Kamala Harris is jumping ship. As Harris struggles with low approval ratings and rumors of a stalemate with the President, now Symone Sanders, a senior adviser to Harris announced she will be leaving the White House at the end of the year.

Fox News reports:

“Symone has served honorably for 3 years,” a White House official told Fox News. “First as a valuable member of the President‘s 2020 presidential campaign, then as a member of his transition team and now deputy assistant to the President and senior advisor/chief spokesperson to the Vice President.”

The White House official also told Fox News that President Biden and Harris “are grateful for Symone’s service and advocacy” and said she “will be missed.”

Symone Sanders via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Sanders, who moved to Washington, D.C. in 2014, was hired by progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., as the national press secretary for his 2016 presidential campaign.

Formerly, Sanders served as the chair of the Coalition for Juvenile Justice Emerging Leaders Committee and as a member of the Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice as she advocated for social and racial justice and highlighted economic inequality.

Sanders’s resignation comes only two weeks after the Vice President’s Communications Director Ashley Etienne quit.


    1. If you had one foot in the White House would you resign? Even if she serves one day as the First Woman President she will be famous through history.. That she is obviously stupid and unworthy of the presidency was no secret and the Democrats fault for electing her.

      1. But they didn’t elect her. She dropped out before a single primary vote was cast. Even the loony Democrats didn’t want her. She was installed by whoever is pulling SloJoe’s strings.

      1. Living as a billionaire would before reassuming the Presidency in 2024!!!

        Hopefully, you will die of COVID before that happens.

  1. kammie’s little house of cards is in free-fall around her. The “my way or the highway” approach this Witch takes will lead to her waking up one morning — ALL ALONE. Then who does she call? Why Mr. Willie Brown, of course, her chief GROOMER as she worked (?) her way up the ladder in California years ago. But even if he agrees to support (hmmm?) her, that will only spur her for a few stolen moments here and there. At some point she will have to return to tend the her erstwhile “Show about Nothing ” — you know, the one that is to “lead her to The Oval Office” ?? The preceding passage was delivered in only SEMI Tongue & Cheek !

  2. Abandoning a sinking ship.People are starting to wake up to the disastrous presidency and worthless VP that are damaging our country. Bail out now before their reputations are tarnished and attached to the massive failure.

  3. Why does someone who does absolutely nothing need so many ‘aides’ to help do absolutely nothing? What an embarrassing mess.

  4. Kamala Harris is a Stupid crazy bitch, Americans should remove this crazy bitch out the office and lock this bitch up in the prison for life no parole!

  5. This is surely a sign of rats abandoning a sinking ship. We still need to ask ourselves how in the world we got into such a mess that a serial liar became president and a deceitful woman known to have used immoral means to get ahead in life becomes the vice-president. What this shows is that there is a major breakdown in American citizens being properly informed about politics. That brings us to the media, which we know we simply cannot trust to be non-biased. We need to question everything and not accept the word of anyone without supporting evidence.


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