David Perdue to Primary GA Gov. Brian Kemp

Office of U.S. Senator David Perdue / Public domain

Former Georgia Senator David Perdue has indicated he plans to primary Governor Brian Kemp. Perdue shocked Georgians with the news Sunday night.

Newsmax reports:

The cousin of former Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue (who also served as Donald Trump’s Secretary of Agriculture), David Perdue,71, is a multimillionaire businessman who narrowly lost re-election to liberal Democrat Jon Ossoff in 2020.

Having explored a bid for Georgia’s other Senate seat in 2022, Perdue actively sought Trump’s endorsement and then stood aside when the former president made it clear he wanted University of Georgia football legend Herschel Walker to carry the GOP banner.

But Trump is now considered a cinch to endorse Perdue over Kemp.

Kemp has drawn the 45th president’s fierce animosity for failing to support his claims of voter fraud in Georgia that made possible Joe Biden’s narrow win in the state last year.

The move comes after Democrat Stacey Abrams announced last week she is running for governor once again. Vernon Jones, a Democrat turned Republican, is also running for governor and is popular with Trump supporters across the state. So far, its not clear who will ultimately get Trump’s endorsement.

However, Trump released a statement through his Save America PAC slamming Brian Kemp on Monday after Perdue officially launched his campaign.

“Wow, it looks like highly respected Senator David Perdue will be running against RINO Brian Kemp for Governor of Georgia. David was a great Senator, and he truly loves his State and his Country. This will be very interesting, and I can’t imagine that Brian Kemp, who has hurt election integrity in Georgia so badly, can do well at the ballot box (unless the election is rigged, of course). He cost us two Senate seats and a Presidential victory in the Great State of Georgia,” Trump wrote.

  1. Good, Kemp is a weak rino and his competition is going to be heffer Stacy Abrahams whom he will be woefully incompetent to beat. I was hoping the GOP would bring in a big gun and this one is what is needed. Trump nor his supporters are dumb and Georgia needs better choices on the GOP side.

    Time to put the heffer on the farm permanently and out of politics. Since Purdue knows the 2020 fraud machine and his competition “Abrahams” he should do well. This time around the roulette voting machines, the fraud DNC voting machine will be known and beaten!

  2. Oh, man, Georgia has so many good candidates running with the exception of Abrams. Good luck, Georgia, pick right. But be sure to get rid of Ossoff and Warnock.

  3. I suspect any competent republican can beat Abrams for the governor’s job in Georgia and Perdue sounds like the person!!

  4. Given the problems with the 2020 election in Atlanta, I doubt if Ossof actually won. That election is going to be a name-calling fest if anyone but Vernon Jones runs on the Republican ticket. Mr. Perdue should run for Senate again.

  5. Congratulations Senator Perdue!! I wish you success and hope that the people of Georgia will rise up and prevent the voter fraud that cost you election in 2019.

  6. Anyone has the right to run for office the only difference will be in an honest election is that republicans run and win democrats on the other hand will be running alright just that their running will be to run for cover and hide.

  7. GA elected two radical leftists to the senate and that fat pig is likely to win the governorship. GA is lost to the communists. Wall it off and burn it down.


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