These States Left the National School Board Association After Memo Called Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’

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The National School Board Association has been under fire as of late as a result of its move to equate parents protesting woke curriculum with domestic terrorism in a letter to the Biden Administration.

As a result of this letter, numerous state school board associations condemned the origination and some even left the organization. Here are the States that left the National School Board Association after the letter:

  1. There sure sure are a lot of profane people showing up at School Board meetings.
    They are such an inspiration to the kids.
    Kids love to hear filth and see combative behaviour.

  2. Eish when President Trump promised to drain the swamp, who would have know the swamp ran so deep. From murdering babies, trafficking little children for Pedophile/Luciferins, Government, Communism, Central Bankers, Big Pharma, Big tech, Media, you name it, all contaminated not to mention Governors, Legislators, Mayors, Teachers All happened when God was taken out of early Education . Proverbs states, “Train a child in the way he should go and he will be a joy in your old age”)

        1. This guy is an IDIOT, he’s not very intelligent, a lot like DICTATOR bid en!!! I quit the back and forth with this IGNORANT dude!!!

  3. This advertisement from the communist democrat pedophile racist cult party on giving everyone FREE education is the same as national indoctrination camps the communists and the nazi’s used.
    Say NO to the communist democrat pedophile racist cult party and remove them from ALL offices period.

  4. The schools and universities have been hijacked by the rabid left and woke. This usurping of the insitutions shaping the children of ages 6-24 is the reason for the transformation of USA into a socialist state happening uner our noses.
    Unless the back is broken on the socialist rule in schools and universities USA is the next communist state to join the parade of failed socialist societies.
    I’m afraid it is too late, the point of no return has been passed.

  5. The teacher’s union in Public Schools has done more damage to education than drugs or social engineering. It is the root cause of not being able to terminate INCOMPETENT teachers.


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