Fauci Says Families Should ‘Maybe Require’ Covid Vaccine for Indoor Holiday Gatherings

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

Doctor Anthony Fauci thinks that vaccine mandates should follow Americans into their homes for the holidays. During an interview for The Washington Post, Dr. Fauci said that Americans inviting Guests over for Christmas should “require” some proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

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Fox News reports:

This is how families can “enjoy” their holiday traditions in an indoor setting, he said.

“When you get vaccinated, and you have a vaccinated group, and you are in an indoor setting, you can enjoy, as we have traditionally over the years, dinners and gatherings within the home with people who are vaccinated,” Fauci explained.

“And that’s the reason why people should, if they invite people over their home, essentially ask and maybe require that people show evidence that they are vaccinated, or give their honest and good faith word that they have been vaccinated,” he continued.

“So, vaccinated puts you in a much different position than the extreme vulnerability of people who are not vaccinated, because all you have to do is look at the data and look at those areas of the country, those states, those communities that are under-vaccinated,” Fauci said.

    1. Fauci can go to hell. Why do people want to take the prison that is in the shots. You want tell what is in the shots

      1. That’s what I’ve been asking all along. What is in these shots?? Maybe Bill Gates can tell all of us, since he’s funding this

    2. It does spin off a LOT of “VARIANTS” THOUGH, it makes one wonder if we would have been MUCH better off without it, No “VACCINE”, No “VARIANTS” !!! That’s a FACT !! F**K FAUCI !!

    1. You know, it was every ones goal to work through life, get to 65 and retire. What happened to that? Fauci 80+ …… retire!

      1. When HE reached his retirement age, he was still bilking the government out of millions by pretending to be making a “vaccine” for AIDS, which he STILL hasn’t accomplished after 30 dam years, FAUCI IS A FRAUD AND NOW EVERYBODY KNOWS IT !!! HE DESERVES THE SAME TREATMENT THAT HE GAVE THOSE POOR LITTLE PUPPIES !!!

  1. My family didn’t mandate vaccinations for holiday get together but all but the 2 youngest children weren’t vaccinated and guess what ? All 4 of the visiting family members got Covid and gave it to me. My wife and 3 children are Covid free but I’m positive. All is well at least. Kind of regret getting vaccinated and don’t want my little guy getting it. With all my health issues I thought it was the right decision asthma severe trauma to the lungs smoker for almost 25 years. So far so good. Felt like crap for 3-4 days but I’m still ticking. Should be a personal decision. Period

  2. Dr Fuki can simply kiss my behind!!!
    At this point, that’s all there is to say!
    Who the hell does this fraud think he is?
    Nobody to me and my family and friends.

  3. Maybe we should make fauci spend a day in a Covid infested lab in wuhan without any protective equipment in thanks for all the love he and his Chinese communist colleagues spread to us and the world over the last couple years thanks dr fauci for everything

  4. This is a crazy old man no better than the friends he hangs out with. Best to shut them all down before we reach a point of no return

  5. I wonder if Fauci has ever heard of Hippa? It’s illegal for me to ask to see someone else’s medical documentation. Oh, well, I guess we’ll just all gather together like we’ve been doing all year and not worry about him and his opinion.

  6. ….. except VACCINATED PEOPLE ARE GETTING COVID (and are found to be JUST as CONTAGIOUS) at the SAME RATE AS THOSE WHO ARE NOT VACCINATED. AND – they vaccines don’t last as little fauci tells us we have to have boosters ongoing indefinitely!! THIS IS ABSOLUTE MADNESS!!!!

    1. find some articles on how this vaccine affects the white blood cells and how it destroys them in time. That’s why there are “booster” shoots at the 8 week level. It affects the immune system and in time will destroy it.

    2. I got Covid after getting the first vaccine. Got sick again after second one, just not as bad. I am not taking any more shots…period!

    3. I don’t know what it REALLY is, but I do know that it dam sure ain’t a “VACCINE”, a “VACCINE” keeps you from getting a virus, NO MATTER WHAT THESE DAM FOOLS SAY !!!! I would simply call their “shot” a useless TREATMENT !!!

  7. Has krauchi had all the jabs he is demanding for all the world? Has his families also had the jabs and are they all being tested regularly. I know he does not follow his own demands on wearing the mask.
    There should be someone assigned to follow and film him everywhere he goes.

  8. Drastic times call for drastic measures. There may be some tension if one asks guests if they have been vaccinated. I would favor this. I had a gal friend who recently died of covid 19 because she refused to get vaccinated. Sadly, her entire family took a similar position and there are four children involved.

    1. She did Not die because she “refused” to get the jab……..some people are too stupid to be on this earth!

  9. I have never, in my long life, seen anybody as stupid as Fauci maintain his credibility for as long as this fool has. I realize that liberals are really dumb but even a dumb person can see that Fauci contradicts himself ALL THE TIME.

  10. Wow and they pay this expert – how much !!! – people need to do more than talk – they need to demand this guy gets canned – only a group of Assholes would employ a moron like him and -unfortunately that’s us

  11. If the vacations supposedly protect one fro the virus what are you so scared of those who have decided to to get the vaccine?

  12. Fakey can jump in the lake. I am so tired of this quack trying to tell us how we should live our lives. He has ruined so many of us. Time for him to go by by.

  13. A very recent Covid19 outbreak on a cruise ship of 3200 passengers plus crew with 100% vaccination rates happened. 40% of a NHL hockey team with 100% vaccination rates is in the news. Recent medical studies have show that after 2 months the vaccine efficacy tumbles in comparison to natural immunity which also declines very slowly but at nowhere near the rate of artificial/vaccine induced immunity. Gibraltar with 118% vaccination rates (cross border workers included) where everyone eligible by law gets the jab has extremely high Covid19 cases, all of which are breakthrough cases. In Israel of over 700 patients in the hospital as of 11/21/21, 625 were 2 jab fully vaccinated individuals. Now Israel is talking about the people going to need a 5th jab!

    NO WONDER that people of all political persuasions are falling out of line with these mandates and refusing to get a jab and the longer that the government and a certain political party uses fear porn to control people the more that people over time are going to fall away because they see the insanity of useless and multiple jabs that provide minute amount of protection. The system can only maintain a lie for so long. 99% survivability rate and a regime of proven treatments has reduced the death rate. People also need to get out from under the American junk food/comfort food lifestyle blanket consisting of extra high carbs and double and triple the required caloric content which serve as comorbidities that bring about death in older patients as well as some young.

  14. Rosenbaum an Epstein are two Jewish pedophiles who showed up within twelve months apart both with signs of getting child gloves treatment which is why things like Arkancide and Rittenhouse needed to show up for judgement. This seems inordinately high for %2-3 percent of the population with a random pop up nationally. Any responsible Jews should look to see if there is a problem in their community and quickly because even a Christian country as watered down as the U.S. is not going to put up with pedophiles any more than Muslim countries put up with homosexuals .

  15. The alleged Dr. Faucci is cordially invited to have intercourse with himself. He’s ****** the American people long enough. Does the President not have the authority to fire him? Is he civil service, in for life? Not that an incompetent like Biden would fire him anyway, but I’m wondering why Trump didn’t.

  16. I have two words for this idiot. You know which two words I mean. Only the brain dead listen to his fear mongering and hysteria.

  17. Fauci and his ilk are lying, malevolent psychopaths. If you believe Fauci is following the science, you are delusional and deserve to live in irrational fear and be controlled.


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