Andrew Cuomo Ordered to Return $5.1M in Pandemic Book Profits

Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was hit with more bad news on Tuesday after the state ethics committee ordered him to return the millions he made from his book on his leadership through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The New York Post reports:

The extraordinary resolution was approved by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics on Tuesday in a 12 to 1 vote — coming a month after the ethics agency voted to revoke its prior approval allowing Cuomo to earn outside income from his book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” while he was still governor and New York was still battling the deadly viral bug.

JCOPE rescinded its approval after concluding that Cuomo violated pledges not to use state resources or government staffers to prepare the book.

The resolution, drafted by commissioner David McNamara, a Senate Republican appointee, said Cuomo now “lacked the legal authority to engage in outside activity and receive compensation in regard to the book” since JCOPE rescinded its approval.

“Gov. Cuomo is not legally entitled to retain compensation…for any form of outside activity related to the book,” McNamara said.

Andrew Cuomo has 30 days to return the funds to New York Attorney General Letitia James who will then decide how the funds should be re-allocated.

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    1. Don’t hold your breath! These elite made themselves above and exempt from our laws, and they will never be held accountable, or pay for all, or any, of their treasons, fraud, corruption against us or our country. They are in the process of writing laws that will make their treasons, their fraud, their corruption, their dictatorship over us lawful Laws that will keep them in power throughout eternity. God help us, there is not other land mass, continent, or planet available for us to find another Plymouth Rock for us to escape to.

    2. They need to nail Killary Clinton for her profiteering on the information of the whereabouts of Seal Team6 to Iran that is obviously collusion to murder!

  1. Hmmm, wasn’t the reason that Ms. James said she was dropping out of the gov. race was because she wouldn’t be able to raise 5 million by January 2022?!?

    And now, very conveniently I might add, the former governor is told that he ‘has 30 days to return the funds to New York Attorney General Letitia James who will then decide how the funds should be re-allocated.’ 🤔

    Coincidence?!? I think not


  3. DEMOCRATS,The spin administration, how to worm out of all those really bad decisions,Joe still trying to worm out of his Afghanistan decision,this man is an embarrassment to his office,the American people. The withdrawal of the war in Afghanistan represents the worst failure Biden has created in the history of our Country and by any President in office. Where he repeatedly failed to meet his allied commitments or promises to them, or his oath of office. His flawed coward decisions have lost favor with the American public and will never be able to have it restored. The democrats know this and are still hiding behind the drapes hoping biden only will suffer, this fallout but the Country knows better and the test ot time will be the deciding factor. The guy who claims the buck stops with him, is now trying to worm out of that mess, justify his actions and reverse the loss of life, equipment, it’s outcome on others, circumstances beyond his control, leaving Americans on the battlefield will not be forgotten now or in the future.“I give you my word said joe, with all of my heart, I believe that was the right decision, the wise decision, and the best decision for America,” he said . Not everyone in the administration shared the commander in chief’s confidence. “I am absolutely appalled and literally horrified we left Americans there,” one administration official told POLITICO. “It was a hostage rescue of thousands of Americans in the guise of a NEO [noncombatant evacuation operations], and we have failed that no-fail mission.” Another White House official said that the mission isn’t accomplished if they left Americans behind.

  4. Sure…a ‘Joint Commission on Ethics’ in a corrupt demo(c)®rat-rat-run, ‘$#!+-hole’ like NYC, what other fairy-tales, ya got…Cuomo didn’t pay-off this ‘commission’ is a more likely story‼️

  5. Why would they even think about it! No brainers, you cant profit off of outside business while representing a political office! You know good and well he used staffers to get things done! He should half to return it all and book should be banned! Just like all books about Trump that are out there should be banned since there all demorat lies! Cuomos were always corrupt and arrogant! He should
    be charged for what he done during the pandemic! Glad to see them both gone! There big mouths were as annoying as Killery and Kumula.

  6. I seem to be cursed with a rare affliction. I actually have a memory which is longer than a goldfish’s, something virtually unique, it seems, among modern humans. You see, among other things, I remember when Andrew Cuomo got this book deal – back when he was the Left’s nominee for “Hero of the Pandemic” (not like they could exalt Joe Biden for his leadership, given that he was locked away in a basement somewhere he couldn’t embarrass himself and the Party…). Cuomo could do no wrong (well, at least if you ignored those tens of thousands of dead grandmas and grandpas). Why, he even got New York into the hand sanitizer business, promising the best darn hand sanitizer to ever hit the shelves (okay, sure, all that happened was that the state bought up a bunch of commercial hand sanitizer and repackaged it, thereby exacerbating the shortage and increasing the costs, but, wow, New York had its own hand sanitizer brand thanks to Andy Cuomo). .It truly was embarrassing with every news piece on him an exercise in hagiography and his publisher was only too, too anxious to promise its potential customers a whole book of Andy’s wisdom (backed by an extraordinarily generous advance which, in no way, could be considered an attempted bribe…). And then, suddenly, the very people who couldn’t laud Grand Andy enough couldn’t wait to deny and distance – and, btw, they want their money back. Well, I, for one, believe that Cuomo EARNED this advance. His publishers got what they wanted from him. Let him keep the dough for the publicity he got them and maybe we won’t have to put up with this kind of stuff in the future…

  7. All the asswipes that bought his book , should go straight to hell !!! Allowing Idiot Cuomo to profit off of KILLING people was ridiculous . That money should go to the families of the elderly that he KILLED !!!


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