Former Clinton Adviser Reveals the Aspects that Will Make or Break Democrats Next Year

Hayden Schiff from Cincinnati, USA via Wikimedia Commons

As the country gets closer to next year’s midterm elections a former adviser to President Clinton says that a few major things will determine if the Democrat Party will manage to hold on to their majorities. Doug Sosnik, who worked with Clinton for six years, says that the economy is the most important issue that will determine how Americans will vote, followed by Biden’s ability to get more control over the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Hill reports:

He laid out three economic measures that he says are “key” to the outcome for Democrats in the midterm elections — inflation, employment and GDP growth — arguing that those three barometers “most accurately gauge the strength of the economy and impact how voters think about the future.”

“It is important to keep an eye on actions the Federal Reserve takes in response to these economic trends,” Sosnik added.

The former Clinton adviser said that views ahead of elections are “formed by how people feel about the current direction of the country and their daily lives,” noting that those feelings typically “harden” at the end of the summer and in the lead up to voting in the fall.

Sosnik also pointed to getting COVID-19 under control and the impending ruling on the Supreme Court case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which looks at abortion in Mississippi, but emphasized that the economy will likely be the most important issue.

Republicans are poised to take back the House as they only need to flip five seats and a number of polls have predicted they will likely turn even more districts red. Democrats also hold a razor-thin majority in the Senate which has already caused some panic amongst liberals.

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