20th House Democrat Announces He Won’t Run for Re-election

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

House Democrats can’t seem to convince lawmakers to run for another term as yet another has announced his retirement. California’s Alan Lowenthal is retiring after five terms in the House of Representatives.

United States Congress, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Fox News reports:

Lowenthal, who will step down after serving for 10 years in the House of Representatives after two decades in municipal and state government, becomes the 20th Democratic lawmaker to retire or run for different office in 2022 midterm elections, as the party tries to defend its razor-thin majority in the chamber. Twelve House Republicans are retiring or seeking another office next year.

“It is time to pass the baton. It is time to rest and surround myself with the benefits of a life well lived and earned honorably in the service of my fellow citizens,” the 80-year-old Lowenthal explained in a statement announcing his retirement.

The Democrat from Long Beach, California was first elected to the city council in 1992, serving six years. He then spent six years representing Long Beach in the California State Assembly and another six in the state Senate before winning election to Congress in 2012.

“Almost 30 years ago to the day, I made the decision to run for the Long Beach City Council because I felt that my councilmember didn’t listen to me or my neighbors,” Lowenthal noted. “Every day since, over three decades of public service, I have recommitted myself to listening to you, to serving your interests, and doing my best for you.”

Who will throw in the towel next?

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  2. Good hope more Democrats retire or jump the fence!!!! That should be telling PELOSI SCHUMER SCHIFF NADLER AND the BIG ELITES that your ALL F-UP!!!!!!

        1. Hess is smart enough to know who now signs legislation into law

          Hess is smart enough to know that you backed a weak puke loser.
          The little crybaby.
          They stole my election
          Weak pukes get stolen from.
          Four years in and Trump let them steal an election….

        1. Three fossils in the Villages did that.
          They are going to go to jail.
          Sleepy Old Joe don’t mess around when it comes to vote fraudesters.
          Trump, the weak puke, never put any jail

      1. If AMERICANS were interested in globalists and their media and their libby snow flake sheep opinions and feelings like hess, we would also watch globalist media, cliton opinion and feelings network instead of coming here to hear and tell the facts .

      2. I don’t think we are in a mess

        Employment levels and the stock market have never been higher.
        I do realize that for Trump to get back into office we must in a mess.
        If we say we are in a mess often enough it will come true.
        I want Trump back in the White House to urge his ardent followers to march on the White House and fight like Hell.
        That will Make America Great Again Gain.
        This time skip the fecal matter smears
        It makes America look foolish and disgusting in eyes of the world.

        The Globalists, the Jewballs.


        1. That would be my guess. And I’m sure some crazy lib is already on the sidelines.
          I know there’s some people with common sense in CA, but most not. Eventually they will all slide into the ocean. Good riddance.

      1. No, Adolph, it’s Biden and his boypal “Falsie” that are enriching Big Pharma. That’s why they discourage use of ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine which are GENERIC!

        1. Where did the money come from to develop the Trump Vaccine?
          No one else could have developed the Trump Vaccine in under a year but Trump.
          Trump even said so.
          He was so proud of how quickly he got all that money to Big Pharma so fast.
          Until he lost the election.

      2. Now try to remember, you are still the one gender that you are born, no matter what globalists and their puppets order you to “imagine”.

  4. The rats are jumping off the garbage scow “Pelosi”. Cowards. They should all stay and receive a good azz whipping.

    1. Yep, there are more and more RINOs everyday.
      Who will be the next to turn on Trump?
      Mark Meadows is still trying to claw his back.
      At least he will have great book sales.
      When will the next Trump tell all drop?

  5. Nancy Pelosi just keeps flashing those loose dentures and pretending she is going to remain speaker and like everything else she says its untrue and she knows it.

  6. joe biden the orignal Christmas scrooge, NOT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, only prsident of the red states, his title must be changed this prat public farter should be impeched in 2022. Biden the baby killer needs to be thrown out of office. The only thing real joe biden will win in 2022 is formal impeachment, for his abuse of power, corruption, violation of his oath of office, lack of national security on our borders, federal and State law violations, lack of proper protection for our natural energy resources, failure to protect the public, with run away national crime, self created national shortages, mismanagement ofr economy causing inflation. Mismanagement of tax payor money, Afghanistan losses of our military equipment along with the unnecessary waist of loss of life. Accepting gifts from adversarial countries with pay to play violations. Turning your back on the Cuban people, promoting electric vehicles use by attacking our current sources when what your seeking won’t be available till 2050 so says your own energy secretary. biden is not the only one looking towards 2022.

  7. Every democrat seat must be filled by a Republican in order to take control of the House. Plus, every Republican seat must be filled with a Republican to finally rid our federal government of the cancerous deranged Democrat party. And this must happen to regain control of our Nation and secure our borders and people.

    If you haven’t figured out by now, the democrats trying to lead our country are FAILING MISERABLY! They do not love our Nation but want to give it away to foreigners, illegals, and anyone who will kiss their butts. They are pathetic leaders and in that position fraudulently.

    1. They are not the party of “JFK” of the 1960’s, it’s the SS Marxist ship to the hell sewer, Democrat Socialist Party!

    2. We fix this by stopping globalists and their voter fraud appointing/reappoint globalist puppets; demonrats and rinos .

  8. These 20 who have wisely decided not to run for reelection are the most intelligent members of their party’s House members! Who of sane mind would want to serve with Pelosi as their leader in the House and Biden/Harris the leaders in the Whitehouse? Their ship is sinking! I saw her telling the MSM wing of the Dem party that America was a lawless country and she has no idea why and why San Francisco has all the snatch and grab robberies that are happening! If she “really” has no clue that the Dems own the lawless problem due to their lack of enforcement of the laws in the American judicial system aka her party’s copability in crime, how can she possibly lead her party in the most simplistic of tasks at hand in the country today?
    If I were a rat on that sinking vessel, I would be deserting it as fast as possible …….also!

    1. globalists will use their voter fraud to make sure the sinking vessel of globalist puppets; demonrats and rinos does not sink to quick .

  9. Even the coldest hearted Democrat has to be questioning the Communist manifesto the party has embarked on and the destruction of the American Republic. Democrats have gone off the deep end and some are just deciding not to drown.

  10. Rats bailing before the Republicans come in January 2023 and start their own investigations into the Democrat Crime Organization’s unlawful acts.

    1. globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and barry soetoro and chester biden appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

  11. This is no loss. Another California nitwit bales out. California gives the country more morons in political office than all 49 of the other states put together.

  12. Not only are they going to lose both the Senate and the House in the 2022 elect/ion but it is possible that they both will be “veto/proof Houses of American government controlled by the Republican Party”!!!!!!! NOW THAT IS A BIG LANDSLIDE!!!!!!!

    1. Trump’s people could not win when Trump was the incumbent.
      Trump has fewer and fewer supporters everyday.
      His closer people are cashing on book deals.
      When will one of his kids have one ghost written.

  13. Glad to see the rats jumping ship. Unfortunately there are more rats waiting on the wharf to climb into the ship and do their best to foul it up even more than the rats who fled did.

  14. Makes sense…if you lose at elections, then you can expect to lose some ‘retirement’ benefits, as well, better to quit, now while in-office, and, you’re still ahead & keep those benefits. Almost, everyone know’s the Party is underwater❗️

  15. Americans need to avoid globalist puppets, demonrats and rinos like globalist puppet rino oz planning to run in PA .

    1. Such a collection of buzz words.
      You must be very proud.
      There are no Communist countries.
      It is just concept.
      Just like all men are created equal.
      That is a real knee slapper.

  16. The Democrats won the Trifecta.
    From a sitting President.
    Must have been voter fraud.
    When will Rudy drop the voter fraud inditments on the Supremes?
    And demand that Sleepy Old Joe be dragged out of the White House in chains?
    I heard that Donny took a call from Rudy lately, can anyone confirm?


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