NY Counties Refuse to Follow Gov. Hochul’s Mask Mandate

Child masked via Pixabay

At least 13 counties in New York are outright refusing to enforce Governor Kathy Hochul’s new mask mandate. Gov. Hochul recently announced a mask mandate for all private businesses but provided no resources to enact the ridiculous rule, instead requiring private businesses to do her dirty work for her.

According to The Daily Wire:

According to the New York Post, Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus ripped Hochul, telling the governor he opposes “using Gestapo tactics and going business to business and asking them if they are enforcing masking.”

“My health department has critical things to do that are more important than enforcing this and I think small businesses have been through enough already,” Neuhaus ripped, adding, “God forbid the governor directs the state police to go out and enforce it.”

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, a Republican, said masks are encouraged but “it wasn’t a dictate” for the county.

“We don’t have the resources or even the desire to engage in a mandate that we don’t believe is going to produce a measurable outcome,” he explained. “It’s difficult enough in an emergency to tell people something they should do, but even more so now when [Hochul’s] predecessor frankly squandered public trust.”

Governors across the country have been cracking down on Covid measure out of concern for the new omicron variant. 

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is what tyranny looks like. Dictators who feel they have the power to tell you what you can do and can’t do. You need to start looking at who you are voting for. Even with local elections. Judges, School Boards, city councils, mayors. All politics is local, that is a true statement. We need to take control of our states at every level and rid ourselves of this left wing Socialist/Democrat ideology.

    1. I think we all know that this is dictatorship behavior. They can go straight to hell if we stick together. I’ve had enough of their BS!!!!!

  2. We all need to join together and live our lives. These restrictions are just to keep control and to allow cheating by mail in votes!!! It’s ironic how this administration wants to control our lives but when they go out, there are pictures of them NOT WEARING A MASK!!! I’m done with this administration and their communist ways!!! It’s time to stand against communism

    1. didn’t you know that democrats carry a wallet size business cards that states “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” when anyone complains?

  3. Those of you who happen to be worries about the new decepticon virus….relax. This thing is waaay less severe then the original covid. Be careful when you hear the phrase “more contagious”. Just because it’s more contagious doesn’t mean more dangerous. Ask yourself this: Cold and cancer; which is more contagious yet which is more dangerous? From dec 1-8 on the CDC website there’s been 43 documented cases of omicron. 34 of them are fully vaxxed and out of those numbers 14 already got a booster. If you still think this is about health I got a bridge in Asgard to sell you

  4. Hochul was not elected when Cujo was fired and elections are right around the corner…. citizens every where need to start taking their city, county, state back….if citizens do not stand up they get to live with their consequences….most important thing to remember is voting democrats is literally voting for your life, you way of living, your standards of living, the freedoms you enjoy, your ability to live free….


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