Biden Administration Won’t Rule Out Returning to Lockdowns

Could the country be headed towards another lockdown? The Biden administration won’t rule it out. The extreme measure implemented at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic decimated businesses and Americans’ mental health across the country with little to show for the effort. Republicans have harshly opposed implementing another round of lockdown as a way to help “slow the spread” but President Biden may not be listening.

According to The Daily Wire:

“In light of that, are you guys still categorically ruling out the possibility that we might see lockdowns this winter, especially considering how boosters have not kind of had the uptick that we would need to see here?” a reporter asked White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. “Are there going to be any operational changes here at the White House?”

“Look, as it relates to shutdowns — which is what I was trying to convey to Jeff as he asked me this question — look, you know, we’ve been very clear, Dr. Fauci has been very clear, our public health experts have been very clear: We know what works, and we’re going to continue to do what works, which is making sure that, you know, we do everything we can to get folks vaccinated,” she responded.

She later added, “We listen to the science.  As I said, that is the North Star for us. We listen to health officials. And so, we’re going to continue doing what we know works and continue to talk to the American public about that.”

The renewed interest in shutting down the country comes after the newly discovered omicron variant has sent Democrats into a panic.

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  2. Yes, President Biden, Dr. Fauci and the rest of the current administration know what to do. then they do the exact opposite to sow confusion and fear. Vote the corrupt Democrats out of office.

    1. Well if this second pretend bug does not win the day the dimwit nitwits are already registering illegal aliens as legal voters. Both this second wave of lockdowns to secure 2022 is another steal like 2020 with those infamous mail out votes fails to take hold they can always fall back on the shadow voters in every city, county, state in the union and make sure of the illegal aliens voting with or without permisso. Before 2022 the penalty for voter fraud in any form needs to be moved into the felony and jail time for certain level! We have work to do patriots. Lobby in every state for felony charges and mandatory jail time and see this illegal alien voting registration hits the courts. Be proactive not reactive! And illegal aliens voting is AGAINST THE LAW. THEY HAVE NO STANDING AS NON CITIZENS! Sic em and illegals will go to jail and be deported it they believe what dimwit nitwits tell them. Common sense should make most thing twice about it!

  3. Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is just as imbecilic as Pssaki. Until told, neither one knows what to say. As for the decision, it does not come from any of the buffoons including Biden. The puppetmaster, behind the curtain, is and has been calling the shots for as long as dopey Joe has been there before and after his election.

  4. F**K Biden Impeach the Demented Fool NOW before he screws the Country up irrevocably- 25th Amendment – he can’t remember how to tie his shoes

    1. Only problem with that is then we get Kuntala, the non-demented moron, whose only achievement is being able to put her ankles behind her ears. Plus, to say she’s dumber than a pile of rocks would be insulting the rocks.


  5. Old Joe’s teleprompter loaders think government can manage a virus using rules and regulations that they already know doesn’t work. They are more compliance indicators.

  6. The globalists will jump on every opportunity to order us around. The S African doctor who discovered the omicron variant, Dr Angelique Coetzee, said: “.. that relatively milder symptoms were observed in cases of Omicron… Only a scratchy throat and generally not feeling well for 1-2 days. They get well in a few days, even if you are vaccinated, it is still mild,” 

  7. Feels like another colossal overreaction by the president’s marionettists. I wonder if they planned these disasters to spur the transformation to socialism and conversion of private wealth to operate the means of production. It is a pattern followed all over the world.

  8. Let’s take our America back in the 2022 election by “dumping the whole CHEATER Criminal Democrat Party Mob officials all across our America in the 2022 election!!! This will create a “veto-proof Republican Congress to undo the mess they created for us all”!!! This is perfectly. legal and they cannot run to a federal Judge to stop us!!!!!! American people’s common sense at work in the2020 election!!!!!!!

  9. These people are drunk with power. Red states will not do it, and blue states will be sorry if they do. People have had it.

  10. Again, if democrats were not so blatantly STUPID, they would realize there is no need for any lockdowns for the Omicron virus! But, excuuuuuuuuse me, the present Dems in the White House and Congress are the MOST IGNORANT AND EXTREMELY STUPID of any past democrats in D.C.!
    Is the water in D.C. where the Dems drink full of “dumbing down” bacteria, because I’ve seen quite a few Presidents and Congresses the past decades and the present one beats them ALL when it comes to SMARTS! Stupid is as Stupid does!

    FYI: First of all, as a virus breaks down into variants, each new variant is “NOT” AS STRONG AS THE PRECEDING VIRUSES! Omnicron is the third (or fourth) generation from Covid — AND IT IS LOSING ITS IMPACT AND BECOMING WEAKER AND WEAKER, NOT MORE DEADLY, but more like a weak flu with sniffles!

    So why in God’s name would that CLOWN 🤡 IN THE WHITE HOUSE START LOCKDOWNS WHEN THIS VIRUS IS THE “WEAKEST” so far of all the variants? My guess is that 🤡 Biden doesn’t want to give up the power of “Control” (and the old FOOL listens to the rantings of another OLD Fool Fraudci), so he thinks he can still make Americans jump through hoops! Well Biden, your dog act is over and so is your control! SO BACK THE FRIG OFF!

    👉FYI: MANDATES ARE NOT CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS AND THEREFORE DO NOT HAVE TO BE OBEYED!!👈 Read this again and again!! Tell your employers should they try to lock down their company, etc. Tell the local restaurants, stores, drug stores, etc that Biden is overstepping his power about a variant that is the WEAKEST VARIANT YET — no need to lock down anything!

    HOWEVER, there is an area that should be locked down forever — Biden inside his basement along with Fraudci, Harris and Jill!!


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