Maxine Waters Caught Without Mask on Flight After Attacking Americans for Same Behavior

Korean Resource Center, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Radical Rep. Maxine Waters is the latest Democrat to be caught in an act of Covid-19 hypocrisy. A source captured photos of Waters on a cross-country flight where she was maskless for over an hour. Currently, TSA has a federal mask mandate in place for flights, and passengers are only allowed to quickly lower masks to eat or drink, a rule Waters has strongly supported.

However, Water didn’t think the rules applied to her as the source told the Daily Wire she was given special treatment and basically given a pass to flout the rules.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Maxine had her mask off for at least an hour while she read her paper and took a nap,” the source told The Daily Wire. “Attendants brought her fresh coffee while she was napping and didn’t say a thing as three of them walked past and saw Maxine reading and then sleeping while she remained maskless.”

However, the source detailed how she was treated completely differently than the radical Congresswoman.

“My nose had bled pretty early into the flight, so I later on pulled my mask down below my nose to get some cooler air,” she explained. “Within a few minutes, a flight attendant informed me I had to put my mask back on over my nose, the right way, immediately.”

The source says she pointed in the direction of Waters, indicating that she wasn’t wearing a mask as a form of protest.

The flight attendant looked at Waters and said to the woman, “Okay, but you need to put your mask on the right way.”

“I put the mask on ‘the right way’ after the flight attendant told Maxine to put her mask on,” The Daily Wire’s source added. “Maxine had been napping. She did put the mask on after the attendant interrupted her sleep and told her to do so. I think she was startled by the rude awakening.”

Rep. Waters has repeatedly bashed Americans for criticizing the effectiveness of mask-wearing, especially on planes where oxygen is recycled.

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      1. You’re right. Maxine doesn’t know she’s super ugly. If she does she won’t hesitate using any mask covering her whole face. Hahahaha!

      2. Why do you “go low” and talk about her looks? I can’t stand Waters, but keep your comments confined to the issues and leave personal remarks out of it; it does not help your case one bit, and invite like response. This is why political discourse has gotten so nasty. Keep it civil!


  2. Saying anything about this old hag is nothing but a waste of time, there is nothing that ANYBODY can say that hasn’t been said a thousand times over with absolutely no results, PROOF THAT DEMOCRATS ACTUALLY ABOVE OUR LAWS, PERIOD !!! SHE AND HER KIND SHOULD BE ERADICATED FROM THE EARTH !!!

    1. Come on. This kind of crap really does not serve any useful purpose. Eradicated from the earth? What kind of a moron are you? Zip your lip and try being an adult and knock off the hate speech. Unless you’re a Russian or Chinese hacker, you need to act and talk responsibly about others, even those you don’t like or disagree intensely. I don’t like Maxine. She’s a loudmouthed hypocrite. But talking about ERADICATING HER AND HER KIND FROM THE EARTH is simply fascist bull crap and you need to knock it off. If not, that’s pretty clear evidence to me that you are indeed a foreign troll.

  3. Really what difference does it make when it comes to her?
    This, if not thee worst of them all, is the most vile, dirty and racist lair in Congress bar none…. She should be ignored, reviled and minimized.
    Anyone that’s cast a vote for her should also be damned!

  4. Of course the flight Attendants didn’t do or say thing to her that would be Racist, and is obvious that Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists are either totally immune to Covid or they don’t give a damn.

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    1. OMG she does have a big mouth, but she and the rest of her ilk will be served justice when the time comes, and I wouldn’t want to be any of them, as it will be very hot where they’re going to be spending eternity

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