Biden Administration to Fill ‘Gaps’ in Trump’s Border Wall

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Oh, the irony.

President Biden’s Homeland Security Department has announced it will begin construction on Trump’s border wall. However, Biden’s DHS says it is only working to fill the “gaps” left in the wall.

The Washington Times reports:

The department also said it will fix gates and build out the access roads Border Patrol agents use to respond to incursions, moving to stiffen the country’s physical defenses as the surge of illegal migrants continues at a record pace along the U.S.-Mexico boundary.

Homeland Security said Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas gave the OK for the construction, which will span the border from Del Rio, Texas, to San Diego, California.

He characterized the work as a matter of safety and environmental upgrades, but others said it will help reduce the incentive for illegal immigrants to attempt the trip north.

“Today’s announcement of increased border wall infrastructure and gates are a step in the right direction,” said Sen. Rob Portman, the top Republican on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

The announcement comes after President Biden repeatedly promised on the campaign trail that he will never allow for one more foot of the wall to be constructed under his watch.

However, love the past year the country has seen a record-setting spike in illegal immigration as a result of President Biden’s relaxed immigration policies.

Last week, texas announced it began construction on its own border wall after being heavily impacted by Biden’s border crisis.

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Ray Thompson
Ray Thompson
11 months ago

Oh, now he decides to start doing something about the border. Of course this is being done so he and the lying Dems can claim in 2022 that they took action on the border crisis. Too little too late Bidum! You’ve allowed 1.5 million illegals enter the country, many infected with Covid (but we wouldn’t know how many because they weren’t tested). Now they are like sleeper cells of future Democratic voters conveniently spread secretly across the country in the dead of night and supported and housed at taxpayer’s expense. Thanks for nothing but more disease and strain on the already burdened public assistance programs that are falling woefully short of caring for our own LEGAL citizens!

11 months ago
Reply to  Ray Thompson

I AGREE 100%.

11 months ago

Go, Lying Joe, go. Do what you should have done initially. Follow Trump’s lead and you’ll look great.

11 months ago

Miracles do happen, thank you to Texas and the US Border Patrol for motivating the department to fill the gaps.

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