Democrat City Declares State of Emergency, Enacts Mask Mandate But Ignores Crime Wave

Street Sense from Washington, DC, United States, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has reimplemented the city’s mask mandate and declared a state of emergency over the recent rise in reported Covid-19 cases.

The Daily Wire reports:

As part of the declaration, city employees will have to be fully vaccinated — including a booster shot — and can no longer choose to be tested to prove they do not have coronavirus, Fox 5 reported:

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has reinstated the city’s mask mandate and has expanded the District’s vaccine requirements as part of a State of Emergency she declared Monday as COVID-19 cases surge nationwide due to the highly contagious omicron variant.

Bowser said D.C. will reinstate the citywide indoor mask mandate at 6 a.m. Tuesday and will keep it in place through January 31. The Mayor has also expanded the District’s vaccine mandate for D.C. Government works to include the booster shot. Bowser also said workers will no longer have the ‘test out’ option available.

However, critics were quick to point out the real threat to the city is the recent rise in violent crime that Bowser’s office has done little to address or prevent.

“The seven-day average of covid deaths in DC is 1. Just last night, there were 4 homicides in DC. They have reached their highest number since 2003. But @MayorBowser decided to declare a state of emergency for covid,” Greg Price tweeted.

The city has also experienced a major spike in car jackings, recently the mayor’s office tweeted that drivers should consider driving in a middle lane of traffic to avoid being carjacked.

  1. No damn way will I comply to their lockdowns and fear mongering!! They’re doing the same damn thing to steal another election with their mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, cheating like hell to rob the american people’s will! No one should fall for this BS omicrom crap that isn’t dangerous at all! We need to tell them to kiss off!!! If we want to live free, than destroy their evil plans of fear mongering and cheating their lying demonic butts into our offices!!! STOP WEARING THOSE SHARIA LAW MASKS, NO LOCKDOWNS, NO SOCIAL DISTANCING, AND NO POISON VACCINES THAT HAVE KILLED THOUSANDS!!! WE NEED TO GET OUT AND VOTE IN PERSON AND NOT ALLOW THESE MONGRELS TO STEAL ANOTHER ELECTION OR LIVE LIKE SLAVES WHILE THEY ALLOW CRIMINAL ILLEGALS TO WALK FREE!!

    1. Goood man, that is the truth !!! There was NOT an election in 2020, it was a TSUNAMI waves of cheating !!!! LETS GO BRANDON !!!!!!

  2. Hey DC residents, you deserve all of this and a whole lot more. Keep election this vermin.
    I can’t even scratch my head in disbelief.

  3. The ignorance is boundless in that rarefied air of D.C. !! Also, very sorry to burst your bubble Mayor Bowser but-Here’s ANOTHER vaccine shocker…
    This was NEVER a vaccine, since to make a VACCINE, the virus needs to be isolated. It has NEVER been announced that the virus causing Covid-19 was isolated.
    It’s NOT a vaccine, it’s an innoculation!! It provides an mRNA messenger to fight the virus. It SHOULD be given intramuscular but because the “innoculators” are not all heavily trained they don’t aspirate the needles and so they COULD be shooting it intravenous which is ONE of the reasons that people are dieing!!
    Forced vaccinations threaten EVERYONE !!
    many Americans are doing their own research and thus not buying the propaganda they should without hesitation or investigation submit to being injected with a “vaccine” that:

    does not give you immunity from Covid;
    does not prevent you from spreading Covid to others;
    the CDC itself says has killed more Americans already than all other real vaccines combined for the past 31 years; and
    has not yet been tested for any medium- or long-term side effects
    And these idiots even went so far as to have Merriam-Webster change the definition of “Vaccine” to match their idea of what this is!!

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  7. U can’t fix stupid.And this world is full of dumbocrap,dummies. Try fixing the crime running rampant in your city, that’s your problem, mask mandates were proven not to work,but we will enforce them

    1. But allowing them to wear masks help to hide who the criminals are, it’s easier to arrest the innocent and let criminals walk free

  8. It appears that these Marxist dictators are heartfelt for criminals no matter what their crime, especially black on black, but care nothing about their victims. Every one of them should be sued for malfeasance and not applying her oath of office to protect the residents.

  9. That’s because she gets 5% of all looted items. Washington DC should become the next State…along with Alcatraz, Leavenworth, and Angola.

  10. I wonder why BLM doesn’t control the streets of D.C. You’d think after all that paint and big talk, they’d welcome such a challenge. Perhaps as a bonus, they’d also take on Chicago, St. Louis, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle. How ’bout it? Talk or walk?

  11. Ignorance coming from a Democrat run city. Just like Joe Biden shutting down WV coal mines and made the people in WV poor inflation will kill even more.

  12. These Democrats and their fear mongering, I’ve never heard of having shutdowns, lockdowns. Mandatory this or Manditory that, not even during the Aids epidemic. Or any Flu. It hilarious that some of them are actually more afraid of a cold than the Criminal Epidemic hurting the country. My only thought as to why is Control and setting up another Massive Voter Fraud for 2022 and 24 As Biden said ” We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voters Fraud network in the History of American Politics, we can not lose “

  13. Reading this stuff really makes me wonder what part of the world do these people live in ,unbelievable to me , but if I lived there , they could kiss my southern butt, OR DIE.

  14. The dems like trampling on our rights so much, they should lick up every suspected criminal not wearing a mask. Stop abusing the law abiding citizens.

  15. If you paint “black lives matter” on a street in DC (16th Street NW) then apparently that is enough. 225 homicides so far in DC this year, most of whom are black, but Mayor Bowser isn’t that concerned with black deaths unless a white person kills a black person, but again loses interest if a black person kills a white person (unless maybe it is a power broker on the left in DC). It is all a show to make you think the black mayor cares about black lives, when in fact her actions show she couldn’t care any less.

  16. So in the Democratic run Cities and States it begins again, first with the mask mandates, vaccine cards ( Some already require them ) and next will be lockdowns, Over what is being described by Scientist from Many countries, a very Bad Cold or flu. In the meantime it’s open season for the Criminals, no jail time , get out free cards, and some even get rewarded . WTG Democrats , you won’t be happy till the city is burned to the ground and the citizens dead

  17. Patriciao is absolutely correct. Just a ploy to control the people. And a set up to steal another election. 2022 is just around the corner, and they are putting the dominoes in order. BEWARE!!

  18. Who votes for morons like this woman? I am sure the choices are slim pickens but there has to be a better candidate to run in DC against her. And also the fraud machine of the dimwit nitwits has to be in full force in DC BUT this women should not even be a dog catcher. She is obviously pretty stupid to continue to ignore the real problems. But then we see this in VT, MASS, NH, CA, OR, etc. wherever a dimwit nitwit is in charge. What a shame for the people who can’t relocate from the weird enclaves the dimwit nitwits always create.

  19. Bowser: OMNICRON IS NOTHING MORE THAN A COLD WITH SNIFFLES AND MAYBE A SORE THROAT!!!!!!!!! All it involves is test, fluids, and maybe some aspirin for the headache. Maybe you might have to go to the doc to get antibiotics for the sore throat! THAT’S IT BOWSER!!

    STOP 🛑 the stupid mask mandates indoor???? OMG!! FYI: Masks give people false hope that they won’t catch Covid. FALSE HOPE because the miniscule virus is so very tiny it can slip into the pores of most masks and go straight to your mucus membranes in your throat and nose — except the highly classified medical masks which are not given out to the public. I’ve seen people using a red bandana as a mask and some one layer colorful fabric masks neither of which could stop any virus from entering your body! MASKS ARE A JOKE AND BOWSER HAS NO IDEA WHAT SHE IS DOING!

    Why doesn’t she “clean” up the Crime In her city and eliminate that NASTY FIXABLE THREAT?? Because her brain just isn’t that SMART TO DO TWO THINGS AT ONCE!!


    TAKE NOTE AMERICANS!! The two WORST MAYORS/GOVERNORS IN THE U.S. ARE BLACK WOMEN THAT HAVE DONE A HORRIBLY INADEQUATE JOB FOR THEIR CITIES — CHICAGO AND D.C.!! There are other Black women in Mayor’s positions that are running a close SECOND IN POOR DECISION MAKING AND CORRUPTION IN THEIR CITIES! What does that say about the Black race and culpability or understanding what is really going on in their respective cities?

    I realize the Black Race is trying to get recognized as leaders, actors, politicians, etc., but what we are seeing in the governor/Mayor positions are NOT GOOD LEADERS BUT WOMEN MAKING DECISIONS THAT ARE HURTFUL TO THEIR CIVILIANS AND CITIES! That is totally UNACCEPTABLE and hopefully, their citizenry will realize these women are NOT GOOD EXAMPLES OF INTELLIGENT AND KNOWLEDGEABLE LEADERS AND WILL BE VOTED OUT OF THEIR POSITIONS SOON!

    Just because a person is Black doesn’t make them an intelligent caring leader! Those two women are bad examples of how to lead a town and they need to be defeated by someone (any race) that is a much better cognizant leader! Be SMART VOTERS AND GET SOMEONE IN THOSE POSITIONS THAT CAN HELP YOUR AREA GROW AND PROSPER — not someone who is uninformed and easily manipulated by those with $$$!

  20. Democrats CREATE the problem, and then offer lame solutions just to keep their mouths from being silent. Virtually NO Democrat Mayor of ANY large city is worth listening to.

  21. Blitzing headlines that are designed to “cover your trail” may make you feel good Bowser but it’s only cheap political theater. Crime is the biggest problem in DC honey and without positive action it will only get worse.

  22. More insanity from the left. This is what happens when government inserts itself into something it has no business being involved in. The political pandemic strikes again.

  23. I have not complied with ANY government mandate and I NEVER will.

    Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is one of the last people on earth anyone should listen to. She is a bona fide moron.

    Her statement: “The city has also experienced a major spike in car jackings, recently the mayor’s office tweeted that drivers should consider driving in a middle lane of traffic to avoid being carjacked.” is all the proof you need to understand how stupid she is.

  24. For the first time in history , we can now say the liberal Democratic Party Zombies , are shutting things down, ordering Mandates , restricting travel and pushing worthless treatments on the Citizens of their cities and States over a Cold and Flu season, what’s next?

  25. Mayor Bowser adds new meaning to the word ignorant. Look the illegal government that enslaved us and passed treasonous laws to gain more power. Biden’s regime ignores the death of 100,000 youthful, Americans murdered by laced drugs brought in by some amongst the 2 million undocumented invited here by our Communist masters, now being rewarded with welfare, SSI, and free everything. Their sole purpose is to vote for the Global communist illegally working to destroy our republic. Now we witness the move by this evil majority in charge trying to rig more elections by another scare tactic to use mail in ballots and the same methods used to help the dead rise and vote for our illegal communist masters. . Their failing support has only one solution, to tighten the elections to do the same exact crimes as they did in 2020. We face a true threat to capitalism, which democracy depends upon. If the People’s Act Bill named by our illegal majority, and the executive branch, removes voter ID passes, by the death of the filibuster. The bill violates the constitutional rights of states to control elections within their borders. As we watch the newest bogus witch hunt by the most evilest in charge. The beaten to death capital riots twisted version, we hear cries of treason by the treasonous in charge. The Regime committed endless acts of treason that began the day they illegally took charge. We know many of the 600 to 800 arrested have been lock up with out bail, no real charges given for months. The dirty jail for rioters used black racist guards to torture the prisoners, break their fingers and offer no medical, help one prisoner lost an eye ball from brutal beating. Imagine of these crimes against humanity used by the Democratic Party chiefs had been committed by the Trump government against the communist armies of the BLM and Antifa? Using torture is another example of how the democrats are saving our democracy? Add this newest achievement we add to loss of freedom of speech, loss of fair elections, one party propaganda media, censorship of critics against their regime, adulterated evidence used in trials by editing films during impeachment’s. The capital riot films still refused to released, all filmed requested evidence. We peacefully, must pray God might protect us, from this deadly cancer to our freedom.

  26. Here’s the best part. No one and I mean NO ONE anywhere in the world thinks that Washington DC is a city. It is a penitentiary. Every single person is a felon.

  27. Wow! Could a mayor show her intelligence any better? She has people DYING ON THE STREETS OF CRIME AND MAYBE ONE PERSON DYING OF COVID, yet she implements the MASK mandate instead of increasing her police force to deal with the skyrocketing crime?? Is she really that dumb???? Obviously she is!!

    The latest mutation of Covid is Omnicron WHICH IS THE “WEAKEST” VARIANT OF COVID! It is nothing but a pesky cold with sniffles and maybe a sore throat! So why the masks Mayor — to stop a cold and sneezing??

    Boy you are looking more and more like a FOOL sending out mandates that won’t do anything to stop Omnicron — because sneezing in a mask is messy and most people will remove that gooey mask after a sneeze or two — proving again that MASKS ARE A WASTE OF TIME!!

    Now increasing your Police Force to wipe the streets clean of crime would be a more effective action to protect your people Mayor!! Put on your SMART HAT and actually show your D.C. people you DO care about them! And TRASH THAT STUPID MASK MANDATE! It didn’t stop COVID at the beginning and it won’t stop it now!


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