Kevin McCarthy Pledges to Launch 7 Investigations Into Biden Admin When GOP Wins the House

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy pledged to launch multiple investigations into the Biden administration if the Republican Party wins back a majority in the House of Representatives.

Background: President Biden has been harshly criticized for this management of multiple disasters since taking office.

Republican lawmakers have repeatedly called for accountability for the Biden administration’s chaotic handling of domestic and foreign crises.

Investigations: House GOP leader McCarthy vowed to launch seven investigations into the Biden administration if Republicans win back the House which they are currently poised to do in next year’s midterms.

According to a report by Axios, Rep. Mcarthy plans to investigate the following:

-IRS: Leak of a “vast cache of IRS information” about billionaires to ProPublica. (per The Daily Wire)

-National Security Agency: This investigation relates back to claims from Fox News host Tucker Carlson which alleged the agency targeted his program’s communications. The NSA has denied Carlson’s claims.

-Parents: The National School Boards Association issued a memo accusing parents of making violent threats against school board employees over the subject of Critical Race Theory. In the memo, the NSBA characterized parents as “domestic terrorists” and asked the Justice Department to intervene. Rep. McCarthy plans to investigate Attorney General Merrick Garland’s cooperation with the memo and if any parents were targeted.

-Border Crisis: Since President Biden entered the White House, the country has seen record illegal immigration flood across the U.S.-Mexico border. The administration has done little to hinder the massive influx of illegal migrants.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection [Public Domain]

-Covid-19: Rep. McCarthy plans to investigate the origins of the Coronavirus as well as the Center for Disease Control’s mandates and school closures.

-Afghanistan: In late August, the Biden administration withdrew all remaining U.S. military from Afghanistan, which resulted in the Taliban quickly taking over the region. The chaotic withdrawal saw some Americans left behind and a definite number was never released.

Afghans climb a luggage slide in a desperate bid to escape Kabul International Airport. Photo: Nicola Careem via Twitter.

-JEDI: A disputed cloud-computing contract. (per The Daily Wire)

  1. There is no need for a plot to take Biden down. He’s doing that very well without any help. He’s the worst President since BEFORE Jimmy Carter.

    1. Biden was horrible under Obama and I wondered how he even got the nomination to be VP. Biden was caught “groping” several interns during his V.P. term and the media tried to cover it up but the news got to the web too fast. He’s a dirty old horny man whose son is as dirty and twisted as his father!
      I don’t know how Jill can stay in a household of nasty demented men? But, maybe “she” caused them to be the way they are?? The Biden’s are an immoral twisted family and have no business being in our White House!

    2. Both globalist puppet carter and globalist puppet chester biden are globalist puppets, like; bush and clition and lil bush and barry soetoro .

  2. What McCarthy should do is launch a suite against the DOJ for failure to charge Biden and Harris for treason in the many crimes they perpetrated during the abandonment of Afghanistan. And separately for the crimes he has committed concerning our borders. You don’t need much of an investigation into their treason as they are in the news most every day.

  3. Hidenbiden,is doing a pretty good job at taking himself down.He is such a disgraceful,embarrassment, that the dumbocraps, are even fed up with the incompetent,clueless, failure of screwing over the american people. When all is said and done, we should be able to arrest him,and others for treason, of america, he and his administration are the enemy of the American people. All need to be held accountable for the destruction of our country.

  4. Plot? This is no plot, it is the duty of every member of congress to root out corruption regardless of party affiliation. Unfortunately the left doesn’t see it that way. Instead of what’s good for the country, they continually vote for what’s good for themselves, but the problem is the people who are electing those who keep voting for themselves instead of the nation.

  5. Go get that fraud in the Oval Office!! He doesn’t belong there and was installed NOT VOTED IN!! So go after him and expose the fraud who doesn’t care about our Nation nor it’s people!
    AFTER you expose the fraud, drop Biden, Hunter and Jill in China where their real loyalties are!! Americans don’t want those fakes in our Country any more!


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