Kinzinger Says Jan. 6 Panel Investigating if Trump Committed Any Crime

Hudson Institute, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

They will not stop until they can pin something on former President Trump. Republican Select Committee member Adam Kinzinger said the panel is currently investigating if Trump committed any crimes related to the riot at the Capitol after a pro-Trump rally on the National Mall.

Kinzinger was careful to keep his answers vague and not point to any specific crime that Trump may or may not have committed that is currently being investigated by the panel.

The Hill reports:

“And I think we will, by the end of our investigation and by the time our report is out, have a pretty good idea,” Kinzinger said.

“Nobody, Jake, is above the law. Nobody, not the president. He’s not a king. Not former presidents. They aren’t former kings. Nobody is above the law. And if the president knowingly allowed what happened on January 6 to happen, and, in fact, was giddy about it, and that violates a criminal statute, he needs to be held accountable for that,” he said.

In his question, Tapper referenced a clip of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), the vice chair of the panel and the second Republican member of the group, who appeared to reference the language of a criminal statute.

“Whoever corruptly obstructs, influences or impedes any official proceeding or attempts to do so shall be fined or imprisoned, not more than 20 years, or both,” Cheney said in the clip.

Kinzinger voted to impeach Trump following the Capitol riot and has announced he won’t run for another term in Congress, he has floated the idea of launching a gubernatorial campaign.

  1. Kinzinger is as big an a$$ as Biden himself—why doesn’t he join the DemonRAT party since he believes in all their lies

  2. Assinger and cheney are pure evil, just like the dumbocraps, this witch hunt will do nothing but get both of them removed as traitors, and spineless,worthless,rhinos.

    1. I hope Lizzie is completely ousted!
      The people in WY should be paying attention and organizing to support her opponent.


  3. It is telling that rather than being in search of the culprit of a crime, they are spending their time in search of the crime. Sure hope they are all squeaky clean… paybacks are hell. I do not support the actions of those that “invaded” the Capitol on the 6th, but sure wish Congress had been this concerned when BLM/Antifa were burning our cities in Summer 2020, including firebombing federal buildings, permanently destroying buildings, businesses and lives.

    1. I agree with you. The off the ledge lefties now look for crimes to pin on people instead of the other way around. Remember the days of innocent until proven guilty? Gone.

        1. Hate to say it. However, most days I think we’re there. I’m baffled and saddened that still so many don’t see ALL that’s happening around us????

  4. How come they keep saying “nobody is above the law ” however, it only seems to apply to the people on our side???
    This arse showed up last Sunday on the program This Week, what’s he doing in our party?
    He’s a total lefty!

  5. Nobody is above the law!?…. BULL……. except JoeBama and his entire traitorous family, except the Clinton traitors, except the obama traitors, except Pelosi and her traitorous family, except Adam Schiff, Schumer, Maxine Waters and her traitorous family, AOC, Tliab, Omar, Jeffries, Sanders, and ALL of the entire communist demonRAT party mafia and their mobs. Pity how they can demonize others and get by with it. Pity how they can weaponize their high offices and use them to weaponize the FBI, DOJ, CIA, IRS, EPA, NIA, NSA, the capitol police, BLM, Antifa, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS, Twitter, Facebook, Hollywood, NFL (who are the elite above the law) who gang up and bully against those they hate and target, against our citizens, against President Trump, and against those who love our citizens and our country.

    Communism 101

    1. We shouldn’t forget some of Mr. Obama’s crimes. He had US citizens killed abroad without Due Process. He even claimed that right in the US until forced to recant.

      Then there was the gun running scheme to overthrow a foreign leader by supplying weapons to our enemies, a group that became ISIS. It’s known as the Benghazi Affair in which Americans were left to die when aid could’ve been sent but was ordered to stand down. I believe it amounted to TREASON and involved Sec. Clinton and Sec. Panetta as well.

    2. I think it is about time millions of Concerned Citizens but mostly that would be most of the trump voters to rally in Washington DC to tell most of the Democratic party we don’t want their leadership anymore. This can be done peacefully and some distance from the Capital building so as not to make this appear to be another false insurrection like the Accusation made against our Duly Elected President Donald J. Trump. I hope President Trumps runs in 2024 but we can’t afford to wait any longer to have our voices heard loud and Clearly, directed at the mostly corrupt Democratic Party. We can’t wait for the 2022 Primary Election to take place as far as I am concerned the Democrats stole the 2020 Presidential Election so why won’t it be easier to steal the 2022 Primary Elections. No one is ABOVE THE LAW except most of the Corrupt Democratic Party. The January 6th 2021 riot at the Capital was mostly from Pelosi’s refusal to allow the National Guard to be present after hearing a warning from the FBI of Possible trouble there on January 6th.2021. This warning came 2 days before the Capital Riot and Pelosi did nothing to secure the Capital so she could accuse President Donald J. trump of Insurrection which she thoughtfully planned out, causing a Young Lady being KILLED by a Capital Police Officer. Why did Pelosi refuse Jim Bibbs and Jim Jordan from being on the supposedly Bi-Partisan Panel to investigate what really occurred and for what reason it all happened. Then She appoints two Republicans who hate President Donald J. Trump and voted to impeach Him. If that isn’t a Kangaroo Court then nothing is. When the average hard working Citizen, and including those who voted for Biden, realize how the Democrats so badly wanted President Donald J. Trump to never be able to run for POTUS again, because they want to stay in POWER to get WEALTHIER than they are today. Trump wanted to institute 2 terms for Federal political positions to stop anyone from draining the CASH COW that Washington DC has made available for years for all Federal Politicians. I can say most of the long term Politicians have become Multi-Millionaires and they don’t believe in helping out the Poor Impoverished and Middle Income Citizens as it would take away from their own wealth they steal every year while in Office. Getting back to The Capital Pelosi Insurrection the Capital and Metropolitan police that testified in front of the Investigating Panel read their statements from scripts that I am sure were written for them by someone in the Democratic party. These Officers said they were beaten badly and they were so scared for their lives. Yet they didn’t show any signs of bruising or evidence that they were beaten badly. This is a SHAM that could only have been orchestrated from the Democratic party. We as American Citizens had it pretty DAM GOOD for the time President Donald J. Trump was our President even through the Many Lies and False Accusations he had gone through. I personally wouldn’t blame Him if He didn’t want to run in the 2024 Presidential Election. All American Citizens, Patriots owe him a great apology for not standing up for Him when he really needed us to be there for him. Its not too late though if we form a Coalition to start a petition for getting true transition on all the things that are going on in our Country before we won’t have a Country to call our own.

  6. Kinzinger needs to join the crazy Democrats. He will fit in better there. Trump did nothing criminal. Bottom line. They just can’t let the man have any kind of peace. Horrible people.

  7. This rino is a corrupt swamp fool, that needs to be expelled from the RNC, Where are you Rhona, and Kevin? are you both rinos? I bet yes. Rhona how much loyalty do you have toward your uncle Mitt Romney?

    1. Lets try to remember Reagan’s 13th commandment, except where Kinzinger is concerned,
      stick with the republicans

    1. Wonder how that cop got away with murdering a woman veteran? No investigation, just the ones in solitary confinement, and they never hurt anyone.. In jail, without the possibility of bail, hardened killers, get better treatment.

  8. Did old Adam just say that “no one is above the law”? Wish I could tell him of about ten that I know of, off hand, that seemingly are above the law. Since I have never heard of any prosecution of their crimes, that former President Trump, would never have done, but had he, the prosecution would be immediate, like lie to congress, and insider trading, just to name a two.

  9. Bunch of crooked politicians lifer,s going after the one honest American greatest president ever Donald J Trump because he exsposed all there crooked corruption for what they are let all them people go assholes arrest the black men that killed an unarmed white woman and be glad a new revaluationery war hasn’t started yet to cull you crooked politicians understand dumocrates and crooked republican,s the American people will soon come together and get rid of all y’all and start over only thing that will stop it is y’all being replaced with people like Trump do away with all these over reach taxes and start building in the USA and selling USA not China run all you gangsters like poloski out of Washington DC and out of America USA

  10. Yeah, I can really see a sniveling, VERMIN crybaby EVER winning a political race except maybe for DOG CATCHER! Nah, I take that back, he’s not fit for ANY position!

  11. RINOs are Democrats in Republican clothing, and it is called INFILTRATION for the DEEP STATE AGENDA. This gives them control over the American politics

  12. Adam Kinzinger is a has been, he is worthless, he stabbed our nation in the back. Many of us thought he would be great, a military man who would understand, he has proved us wrong, and we cannot trust someone just because they were in the military.

    1. I’ve always trusted our military.
      Now, I’m not so sure. All branches have been infiltrated in such a way that really concerns me.
      At the end of the day, I’m not sure they would be there to defend the country from enemies from within. I say this with a heavy heart.

  13. How about you and that diptwit cheney who is also being blackballed by constituents just resign from congress, you are to doing the job that you were hired to do. Let the police do their job in investigation crime, that’s not your job.
    Barry Age 76.
    Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

  14. So if Trump knew about the “insurrection”, which of course was not an insurrection because no one has actually been charged with that crime, ‘OR HE WAS GIDDY ABOUT IT’ that is against the law according to Adam Kinzinger’s words??? What exactly is the statute he is citing, the anti-giddiness law? I guess me thinking about Adam Kinzinger get run over by a bus means I am violating the giddiness law if he does in fact get run over by a bus? Go ahead and charge me if it happens because I can guarantee I will be giddy, and if Liz Cheney is with him at the time I will be double-giddy, so that will be 2 counts of giddiness, hold the pickles please!


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