Republican Gov. Says 2024 Trump Campaign Is ‘Bad for Nation’

Maryland GovPics / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said that he doesn’t think Trump should run for president in 2024. During an interview, the Republican Gov. said he doesn’t believe another Trump campaign and the possible presidency is good for the Republican Party or the country.

According to The Washington Examiner:

“I think it would be bad for the [Republican] Party, bad for President Trump, and bad for the country,” Hogan told Fox News’s Brett Baier on Sunday. “I don’t think he’s gonna run, and my advice would be that he didn’t.”

Baier asked Hogan if he was considering a presidential run. Hogan said he intended to finish out his term as Maryland governor first in 2023, then consider his options.

Hogan also told Baier that Maryland is “not considering any lockdowns” despite the growing spread of the omicron variant in the United States. Hogan gestured at the state’s high vaccine rate, as 90% of Maryland residents 18 or older have received at least one dose of the vaccine to date.

Hogan had regularly criticized the Trump administration and pro-Trump Republicans in Congress. In May, Hogan accused the GOP of “doubling down on failure” after the party decided to oust Rep. Liz Cheney from her position as the chairwoman of the House Republican Conference.

Gov. Hogan said the believed the party is working against itself by continuing to put so much focus on Trump’s political future.

Since making his comments slamming Trump, Gov. Hogan announced he’s also tested positive for Covid-19.

  1. These Turds cannot handle the Fact that Trump in the past 40 years has been thre ONLY GOP president other than Regun how actually did what he said he would do. He crushed the lying Democrap party and lying Hillary and stopped the Baboonzo’s 3rd term with lying Hillary. Now we have the same old BS coming from so called moderate and Rinos.

  2. Hogan seems like a democrat. He sounds like he doesn’t care what the majority of Republican voters want ,which is a Second term for President Trump.

  3. go ahead and run,, bet he doesnt get 0.1% of the vote. Just once i would like to hear anything from a anti trumper why they dislike him.. isnt maryland a mostly democrat state. isnt baltimore (one of the highest murder cities) in maryland.. great job governor

  4. Can we really consider blue state GOP politicians that managed to get themselves elected to actually be Republicans? In order to get a bunch of Democrats to vote for you, you really kinda have to be a Democrat in sheep’s clothing anyway.

    Why would we listen to him?

  5. This guy calls himself a Repub, that’s a joke.
    It’s not up to him to decide who can and will run.
    If he does, (the governor) waste of his time and money. He won’t make it far!

  6. I agree with Hogan that we need a new Republican Presidential candidate, but I’m not impressed with RINO Hogan either. If he runs, will it be as a Democrat?

    1. Why is that? Do you have eyes that SEE? Trump did MORE against the STRONGEST headwinds than any POTUS since Reagan, you;re a FOOL if you think there’s anyone BETTER!

  7. Hogan is a “classical” RINO, who is interested ONLY in aggrandizement of the “deep state” – no matter whether Democrats or Republicans rule the country like a dictatorship. These RINOS were and are just as much against a Trump presidency as any Democrat. And BOTH groups are hard-over socialists/pro Communist, who wish to control Americans like any other slave state in history.

  8. Hey jerk, just take care of your state and keep your mouth shut about the rest of the party. We don’t need any eastern state libs lecturing the rest of the republicans about who should or shouldn’t run for office. If you’re really a republican the answer is: “I’ll support whoever runs on the Republican ticket”. Enough said….

  9. Hogan is a backseat Democrat. A RINO that doesn’t want a political difference between the parties but is happy to be at the trough not rocking the boat. Democrats are always focused on promoting their cause, socialism, while GOP RINO want peace and consensus at any cost to society.

  10. I’m from Baltimore, Maryland, and the politics there are so corrupt that it is breathtaking.
    Let’s start with Nancy Pelosi’s father, Tommy Ludwig D’alesandro Jr. He spent more time stealing the taxpayer’s money than doing anything for the people of Baltimore. He was an out-and-out CROOK. And as bad as he was, his daughter Nancy Pelosi is even worse. The entire family is nothing but a bunch of thieves. And yes, they are backed up and protected by the mafia. This is not my opinion, this is a FACT.

  11. Larry Hogan is a Real Life Looser for sure. He is no true Republican for sure!! After all President Trump has done for the people of America and America itself how can anyone say that he is hurting the Republican party?? This Gov. Hogan is as dumb as the Communist FAKE President Biden and that is Really Honestly as dumb as one can get !!! Vote this looser out for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I was very supportive of Trump from the beginning. His time is over. He was there for America but folks have taken on a worship status. That is not good for America.The governor of Florida has and continues to work for his state. He is the BEST candidate for PRESIDENT in 2024 that we have in this country. I hope he runs and I will support him proudly I am a Christian Conservative Patriotic American old lady who believes in what a candidate does. Governor De Santis is my choice.

  13. Apparently Hogan does not realize that it’s the Republican VOTERS who will chose who the Republican candidate for president will be, not him.


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