Los Angeles District Attorney Blames Recall Push on Fox News and Trump

Georgia Gascon via YouTube

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon is blaming a recent effort to have him recalled on former President Trump and Fox News watchers.

Background: George Gascon is one of many liberal district attorneys in the country that was backed by liberal billionaire George Soros.

Since becoming district attorney Gascon has worked harder on rehabilitation than incarceration. Gascon has worked not to prosecute misdemeanor offenses and worked to downgrade charges for felony offenses.

As a result of Gascon’s flimsy policies crime has sparked and dangerous criminals were given minimal sentencing to then be released.

What happened: As a rebuttal to Gascon’s dangerous policies a large bipartisan grassroots team that includes the families of crime victims, prosecutors from the DA’s Office, Cooley, and Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, a Democrat began an effort to officially recall DA Gascon.

What Gascon Said: The Los Angeles DA put out a statement condemning the recall effort and simultaneously blaming former President Trump and Fox News for the effort.

“California DOES NOT NEED another political recall attempt sponsored by Donald Trump backers and frequent Fox News guests,” Gascon wrote. “This is not about keeping Angelenos safe, it’s about a political power grab by well-funded political operatives who have fought reforms — on juvenile detention, mental health treatment, police accountability in fatal police shootings, and the death penalty — for decades.”

“Do not fall for this right-wing attempt,” Gascon said. “Do not sign this petition. Los Angeles needs to move forward as a safer and less divided community where we focus on preventing crime to keep people safe — not react with political fearmongering or cable news ratings grabs.” (per The Washington Examiner)

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    2. I couldn’t have stated this better!!

      Gascon is nothing but an arrogant, mixed up democrat with not any idea of what the policies he promotes do to innocent people and society! He needs to be sent to a Maximum Security Prison, put in an orange jumpsuit and put on the recreation yard with the rest of the criminals! Let’s see how long he would last. My guess, not long!

    1. By YOU Americans allowing America last democrats, rhinos and medias to continue to get away with corruption and voter fraud like the last election, that put biden in and kicked President Trump in the asre out of office,why do You allow it,are you cwwards, and lazy!?

  1. Don’t sign the recall petition until the DA gets his retirement established. Job performance should not be used as a standard. The DA is a nice liberal so keep him employed. CALIFORNIA ONLY NEEDS NICE PEOPLE IN POWER POSITIONS.

  2. Americans beware and do NOT let the America last, anti-American democrats, rhinos and their tools the medias get away anymore with corruption and especially voter fraud because hillary clinton will be president through voter fraud and You Americans will deserve the decline of America! So sorry to say!

  3. Gascon’s mindless and dangerous policies placed him directly against what both democrats and conservatives seek in their communities. He’s about to face a landslide recall. The voters are about to get even.

  4. It’s Trump’s fault! First that would be a true feather in his cap if Trump was able to sway CA into doing what he wants them to do, my goodness the 2024 election will be a 50 state sweep if that’s the case! This DA, Gascon, literally is so unhinged he makes this argument, so Fox News also has sway over his county? So if that is true perhaps you should start moving in the direction the voters would like you to move then if that is the case, right? You got elected there with the help of George Soros’ money and now people see your crazy policies and they don’t like them, how is that anyone’s fault except your own? Typical liberal who thinks there is someone to blame instead of themselves. Shame on the voters for putting this guy in the office but he will gladly put you all in harm’s way and not think about it for a second, you put him in the position he is in and he may get you killed, great job.

  5. He’s incompetent, and out of touch with reality. He should be recalled and tared and feathered and run out of the country.

  6. I didn’t even read this article – this guy is a Commie and why would you even consider this guy worth quoting or even giving a minute too — if we just considered the sources and basically not give them the time a day, we would be better off – he’s turned-LA into a trash heap – I’m really tired of giving these tyrants any creditability & the times coming to end their reign – FJB

  7. Heaven forbid Gascon would challenge FACTS! Instead, it’s former President Trump’s fault or Fox News or whatever other conservative target he wants to blame! I understood the DA’s role to be one of prosecuting UNDER the law, not undermining the law to suit circumstances.

  8. The more “liberal” they get, the more they lie, lie lie! The Democrat Party is “no damn good” and should be outlawed in the United States.

  9. Anything backed by soreass is definitely to further bringing America and it’s ppl to its knees then kill them off…
    This man has funded riots etc we all know it. Yet he is still walking around how???????? I think I want to become president. These ppl would be in Gitmo

  10. Getting tired of waiting for approval then it never publishes I’m done on here bunch of lefts running this crap up in here


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