Republican Rep. Refuses to Testify for Jan. 6 Panel

NAR REALTOR Party from Washington, DC, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Republican Rep. Scott Perry turned down the House Select Committee’s invitation for him to “voluntarily” appear before the panel. Background: The House Select Committee investigating the events surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol riot has issued multiple subpoenas to allies of former President Trump and those involved in the Jan. 6 rally. The panel has requested multiple advisers to Trump testify and hand over records pertaining to Jan. 6th. Multiple confidantes including Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon rejected the committee’s requests and were charged with criminal contempt of Congress. What Happened: On Monday, the panel requested Rep. Scott Parry voluntarily testify before the committee regarding the pressure campaign at the Department of Justice (DOJ) involving Jeffrey Clark. In a statement Rep. Scott declined the panel’s request: “I stand with immense respect for our Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the Americans I represent who know that this entity is illegitimate, and not duly constituted under the rules of the US House of Representatives,” Perry tweeted Tuesday, referring to the panel. “I decline this entity’s request and will continue to fight the failures of the radical Left who desperately seek distraction from their abject failures of crushing inflation, a humiliating surrender in Afghanistan, and the horrendous crisis they created and refuse to address at our southern border,” he added. Context: Rep. Perry, the incoming chair of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, is among a long list of conservatives who have questioned the validity of the Jan. 6 probe. Trump himself earlier Tuesday referred to the panel as “the Unselect Committee of highly partisan political hacks.”

  1. I’m sure others are as sick of all these useless investigations, subpoenas, lawsuits and other smear tactics as I am. We wonder if the Pelosi-Schumer campaign of destruction will end when they’ve been tossed from office. They will be tossed you know, when the people see through their socialist tactics.

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    2. When 2022 is finally done with the house rescued from old Queenie Nanc’s grasp, she should be trialed by the house herself. She has committed actual crimes. Afterall, who but old Nanc was in charge of the security around congress on 1-6-21? She did nothing but watch the prearranged protestors get setup for this charade sham of a hearing she is conducting.
      Charges of a real assault on the house by conservatives? That just sounds laughable. But then the troublemakers of Soros’ brownshits as in the Antifa and BoweLMovement bunch he funds and buses were there and proof does exist.
      The mysterious leaders and instigators of all things uncivil in most protest turned riots were there and got away via not enough security. Hum? Seems like she should be the recipient of some real investigations! And the Brownshits were there, detained and released! Does this sound like circumstances in other riots? I have a good memory and know this is BAU for those domestic terrorist and the money cord is definitely on the supply chain of Soros.
      Soros needs to be investigated too. He funds domestic terrorist and he is involved in the arrival of the hoards from South America at our southern border. So? Why is he not being drug in for those congressional investigations? Does anyone have an idea how bought our congress is on both sides of the aisle?
      Another infamous ruling by the SC in Clinton’s presidential years I believe made it so the rich donors via their political donations could buy our politicians out right. It seems now their businesses allow them to act like a pact to donate in copious amounts of money. Thus the people are now overruled by the rich in calling the shots like Soros and owning the politicians. Want to bet Soros backed that ruling in the SC? For Clinton? Or the Bush Clan? Or another political person or dynasty he owns?
      And today, Soros is buying the AG’s of the States who are running all over the country. CA, NY, Georgia to name a few. How clearly does this one donor show his animous of this country in his desire to destroy our laws and constitution?
      He thinks with his money he is a god. He has actually said that to a reporter. So, why is he still able to wreck and destroy this country? Who is not taking money from this warped person? His hero is Hitler. Does that tell you what he seeks?

    3. That entire D.C. Break In was ORCHESTRATED BY PELOSI SO SHE COULD “IMPEACH” DJT one more time! Pelosi HATES DJT WITH EVERY FIBER OF HER BODY — ALMOST LIKE A “SCORNED LOVER”! Believe me, if that old hag approached DJT unprofessionally with her senile desires and got tossed in the ditch, she would come out like a rabid raccoon in heat!
      What we are seeing now is Pelosi’s attempts to “COVER UP” her own orchestration of the Antifa/BLM members destroying our Capitol! Her hatred for DJT is so overwhelming she couldn’t control herself and GOT TOO INVOLVED IN THE BREAk IN! So she is putting pressure on INNOCENT MEN ASSOCIATED WITH DJT TO 👉SHIFT THE REAL BLAME FROM HER TO THEM👈 To hide her part in the break in! Pelosi is desperate to make everyone think it was DJT’s idea, BUT IT WAS PELOSI’s idea and no one else!

      1. I read somebody saying recently about the two political parties: ”the right is exceedingly naive and stupid, but the left is ferociously mean and manipulative”, I tend to agree.

        1. Agree with half of what you said — the part about the left. And while some on the right may be naive, I don’t think stupidity is a common characteristic for most of them. I do think, though, that we need to replace a lot of the RINOs with new blood who will be willing to take action, and not just talk about it!

      2. As if it isn’t bad enough that Pelosi hates Trump but , she absolutely loathe’s the American People . She is so wrapped up in her own self importance and imagined righteousness that she can not see past her bottle of Gin or her ice cream supply . I wonder if Ben and Jerry’s has developed a special flavor for her yet ? “Nan’s Own’ 90proof!

  2. When will Law’s be Up Held against Corruption and Treason on the Obo admiration and Killary and Adam shit? Law’s are for We but Not for the.

      1. I’ve never seen anyone who we know is guilty, Killery Klinton as an example, ever go to a real trial and be prosecuted and imprisoned for their crimes. All that’s happened for the last 50 years I’ve been watching is a slap on the hand. They are all criminals.

  3. 🥰CHRISTrumpOwensPerry and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2036 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen🥰

  4. The House Select Committee continues to be the Committee that isn’t a committee as it has no standing! There are specific rules to what constitutes the Select Committee and those rules have not been met. Pelosi’s Committee is actually a group meeting and has no power as it has not met the rules as of yet. Thus the Committee that isn’t a Committee has no power of supoena and will be out of order should it attempt to make a “Committee” report or recommendation as the Committee that isn’t a Committee has no standing. Will the Minority leader please point this out Pelosi and the Parliamentarian?

  5. How about having people like pelosi testify under Otha and the capitol hill police chief and the fbi also testify under oath. Wasn’t it printed that pelosi and the capitol hill police chief get information for the fbi that this was going to happen day before it did. Also didn’t President Trump suggest pelosi call in the nation guard and she laugh and turned it down. For me that makes pelosi and the capitol police chief guilty of allowing it to happen. Oh by the way didn’t also read that pelosi offer to bring refreshment minutes after the young vet was shot.

    1. In case you haven’t noticed, oaths mean nothing to these people. They lie through their teeth, accusing others of what they themselves are doing. If you listen real close, they are telling us what they are doing every step of the way.

  6. Good for Representative Perry to decline OLD HAGGARD WITCHEE POO PELOSI’s attempt to try to blame DJT for the Capitol break in — WHEN IT WAS HERSELF (PELOSI) responsible for the Antifa/BLM members dressed like FAKE Trump Supporters who did ALL THE DESTRUCTION AND BREAKING IN — like Auntie Pelosi bribed them!


    FYI: that D.C. break in was PELOSI’S (no one else’s but Pelosi’s) last attempt at blaming DJT so she could “IMPEACH” him AGAIN! SHE HAS SO MUCH FLAMING
    🔥HATRED🔥 for DJT, that it is ALL CONSUMING FOR PELOSI! Hopefully those flames will consume her too!

    Once she is removed from the Speaker’s position, you will see her wither, dry up and hopefully blow away into the Potomac! She has created so much distrust and disharmony in our Federal Govt and deserves nothing more than a miserable, frustrating remainder of her
    Life — faaaaar away from D.C.!

  7. Biden is a ignorant asshole .. maybe the dumbest MFer to ever lay claim I be a congressman let alone a President. Our entire country should now see how damn stupid the last election was. Plus we all know how fraudulent it was. Most don’t have the balls to admit it. Right now we’re a sorry excuse for a democracy.. Wake Up America before it’s too late

  8. Speaker Pelosi through her ‘committee’ is trying to repeat the effects of the Mueller investigation, discourage Republicans from voting in 2022. Adam Schiff is repeating the same methods he used in 2018, presenting edited and/ or false statements to his sycophant press for them to disperse to an unwitting public to turn public opinion against all Republicans.
    Do not let them discourage you, investigate every candidate running for office, local and national. Use their PASTS to judge where they really stand on issues, learn WHO is providing financial support for their campaigns, use that knowledge and VOTE!
    Remember that EVERY rule change that Democrats have made, from Biden denying Trump his historical right to Executive Privilege, to Pelosi’s Jan 6 committee’s failure to meet the House rules that stipulate 13 members, to their proposal to eliminate the filibuster in the Senate–can be equally used by a Republican majority and a Republican president in the future.


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