Trump-Endorsed Murkowski Challenger Notches Major Endorsement

Senator Sullivan, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A Trump-endorsed Senate hopeful just scored a major leg up on incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski. Kelly Tshibaka, who is running to unseat Murkowski, was just endorsed by the influential Maggie’s List.

Fox News reports:

Maggie’s List on Wednesday backed former Alaska commissioner of administration Kelly Tshibaka. The move was one of three endorsements made by the influential federal political action committee that was shared first with Fox News.

The endorsement of Tshibaka was the first time Maggie’s List since its founding in 2010 has backed a challenger to a female Republican member of the Senate or House of Representatives.

Murkowski, a moderate Republican with a history of working across the aisle to achieve bipartisan agreements, was one of seven GOP lawmakers in the Senate to join all 50 Democrats in voting to convict former President Trump in his February impeachment trial on charges of inciting the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Trump was acquitted when the Senate vote fell 10 short of the two-thirds needed to convict. Murkowski is the only one of those seven Republicans running for reelection in next year’s midterms.

Trump vowed to come to Alaska to campaign against the senator. Earlier this year he endorsed Tshibaka, and a couple of leading members of Trump’s 2020 presidential reelection inner circle are working as senior advisers on Tshibaka’s team.

Maggie’s List also endorsed Republican House candidates Esther Joy King in Illinois’ 17th Congressional District and Tanya Wheeless in Arizona’s 9th Congressional District, two Democratic-held seats the House GOP’s targeting in the 2022 midterm elections. Republicans only need to flip five seats to win back its majority.

  1. Watch this woman, Murkowski lost her primary to a conservative in 2010 but with support from Democrats in Alaska came back as an independent to win the general election.

      1. Always suspicious and something similar happened in McCain’s last term. Bailed out mysteriously then turned on his constituents for the dimwit nitwits. The rinos pay for the dimwit nitwit help when they are in trouble. Greedy power hungry rinos need to be flushed from the cesspool of DC. Dimwit nitwit help means the rinos used the fraud channels of the DNC to win and apparently in 2010 used mail fraud with success in Alaska. In AZ it was the same and a lot of fake voters in AZ Then in 2016 with late night ballots for McCain same as in 2018 for Sin and 2020 for Gabby’s hubbi and to steal the presidential election as well. At least the last two were dimwit nitwits as senators in AZ. McCain was sickening inside and outside during his last term. He cheated to win and then was nasty in every way to the state and to Trump that he could think of. So very jealous of Trump and it was so obvious.

    1. Hopefully those in Alaska will be onto RINO Murkowski and she will lose. Independants are fed up with what is going on so they might want a true conservative in the Senate.

      1. Best watch the mail in ballots closely in all states. Dimwit nitwits will try it again with their usual methods and then new ones like illegal aliens voting, Mysterious non resident voters there for one month then disappearing into the wind. Hum? Oh and dead people still voting and others voting more than once, etc…

    2. Right now, we don’t have a “primary” as everyone has come to know the term. Alaska passed a law that the top 4 vote getters in the primary compete in the general election regardless of party. It is a pretty sneaky way to get a democrat elected to all our highest offices….split the votes among the Republicans, and the democrat, whom all the democrats will vote for, will get in. The only hope is if we get a lot of democrat candidates running for office….then they split the vote among themselves too…..Many Alaskans voted for this new system of voting, I think not understanding what it does to the process.

  2. Get rid of this rhino, she has been a traitor, ever since she got in,by default, she is as worthless,and incompetent, as cheney,and assinger.

        1. The person who won is in the White House.
          If Trump had won the six to three Conservative Supreme Court would not have allowed Biden to get in the White House.
          Trump had four years to bring an end to voter fraud.
          Voter fraud only got worse under Trump.
          Trump is a weak puke.

          1. I see you still have TDS, hess! Anyone that believes that Gropey Joe won that election has either been hiding under a rock or they lack the intelligence to function without their daily dose of that liberal koolaid. There have been 3 -4 forensic audits done and found major fraud in every one of them. During Trumps 4 years in office he didnt have time to address voting integrity because he was trying to fix everything the Dems fucked up for the previous 8 years. With Roberts being the Chief Justice in the Supreme Court, we all knew he wouldnt even hear any cases about voter fraud because he has always sided with the Dems on most major issues. He has the final say and he is a known RINO.

          2. ??? voter fraud is a long term disease in the USSA, no one, even 8 year president, is going to purge that without the all the States support…your delusional.

          3. You`ve made it quite obvious that what you lack in intelligence, you make up for with stupidity.

        1. No, I voted for the Republicans McCain and Romeny.
          I did not vote for Trump.
          I voted against Trump
          I lost in 2016 and won in 2020.
          Trump is not a Republican.
          He comes from a long line of Democrats.
          He has been a registered Democrat for longer than he has been a registered Republican.
          Trump’s true political party is the Grifter Party.
          His supporters grift in and out of prison.
          I find the sentences of Trump’s Capitol Fecal Matter Smearers to be particularly uplifting.

          1. To vote for those 2 POS RINOS shows you are in fact a SOROS and democratic shill with absolutely nothing between those ears except air! You continue to try and make yourself sound knowledgable about politics but always stick your foot in your own each time with some asinine comment that makes no sense to anyone except yourself!

          2. Too stupid and we all know you can’t help it. You obviously do not understand what a forensic audit is. And enough fraud was found in Maricopa County alone to decertify the election results of 2020 in AZ. Same in Wisconsin. The dominos are falling on the 2020 election fraud, Hessie Boring Dude!

            Trump won and you voted for Biden, the basement idiot. And I hope Soros pays you enough to make it through this sham president’s term. I would say for you trolling duties you need a 5% raise just today to hold your own in the stipend for Trolling Soros pays!

            Your posts always reek of BS (Bull Shit) and that is all you do. On every sight with this boring repetitive crap. Get a real job, get a real life, and leave your BS where the liberal lemmings might appreciate it and likely believe it just like Fake News.

        1. Look at America now.
          Highest employment ever.
          Highest stock market ever.
          Lowest on duty cop death rate ever.
          Fewest US troops in war zones in decades.
          No Orange Blob on Twitter.
          Life is good.
          I love my Shit hole country.
          Do you?

          1. What is the stock market at.?
            Employment levels?
            Has the housing market crashed throwing millions into foreclosure?
            Those kind of lies?
            How about the really big lie that Joseph R. Biden is the President of the United States of America?

          2. you lie just like your comrade biden. you get your info numberrs from cnn dont you? mentally unstable.

          3. Highest unemployment ever? Highest stock market ever? You evidently dont live in the USA because none of that has happened since Gropey Joe was placed in office a year ago. Are you really as ignorant as you make yourself out to be?

        1. Yes the person I voted against lives at a gone by Florida dinner club.
          The entainer is often Donald Trump himself.
          Did you know that Donald Trump has his very on star on Hollywood Boulevard?
          He was quite the entainer, but his routine is getting old.
          Voter fraud just doesn’t seem to crack people up like it use to.
          He needs new material.
          Maybe unearth a Canadian scheme to corner the maple syrup market and bring the US to it’s knees.
          On his knees is the position Trump likes to be in when he attaches his lips to Stormy’s stink star.
          You backed the loser.
          I did not back Biden
          I went with the lesser of two evils.

  3. Good!! Take Murkowski DOWN and replace her with someone who REALLY CARES ABOUT OUR NATION, KELLY TSHIBAKA!!

    Let’s support this lady and help her win that seat in Congress!! If DJT supports her, you know she is 100% for America!!

    If we get those five Democrat House seats taken by Republicans, then there is no longer a democrat House majority and Americans have effectively “clipped” Pelosi’s wings! That is how we make changes that count to destroy the ignorance that the Dems are showing.


    1. For Conservative to win they must convince we the people that we have ennimes.
      We know who the ennimes are.
      We voted them out of office.
      Will we the people be as smart in the next election?

  4. Murkowski is NOT a “moderate”. She is a flat-out RINO who should not be the Republican representative on ANYTHING. The good people of Alaska need to send Murkowski packing. Her RINO tendencies have hurt the Republican Party and has hurt the United States.

  5. Maggie’s list nothing.
    It’s like being endorsed by Trump.
    Virginia’s Govonor would not accept Trump’s endorsement or allow Trump to attend any of his campaign events

  6. Murky is a dynasty rino. Alaska needs to find a better replacement and it appears that state is in luck. The challenger can’t be worse than Murky. Primary her out and then kick the dimwit nitwit challenger to the curb in the general election too.

  7. The danger is this cornered rat might lash out and vote for BBB as a parting Rhino gesture. How does Townhall figure this woman is a moderate? Why the hideous image of her instead of Kelly? FJB!

  8. Pincha Rino slut Murkowski is nothing but a worthless wench , who bows to the Liberals !! The people in Alaska have to WAKE UP and boot her down the road , unless they approve of how Perv Biden and the Socialist democrats are destroying OUR country !!!

  9. Lisa Murkowski is no ” moderate.” She is left….the only reason I think she keeps getting re-elected is that Alaskans were very fond of her father. I don’t know why she stays in the Republican party…..maybe for old times sake…..


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