Trump Says New Media Company Could Be Up By End of Q1 2022

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Former President Donald Trump says that his new media company could be up and running by the end of the first quarter of 2022. During an interview with Fox News, Trump touted his latest business venture, Trump Media & Technology Group, as a way to “get his voice out there” and noted the project should be ready for the public very soon.

Fox News reports:

“I’d like to say the first quarter of this year coming up,” Trump said, when asked about a timeline. “We think we’ll be in great shape, and you know, it’s moving along very well, and we think we’re going to be in great shape.”

When asked what the plan and purpose of the new company was, Trump said it is about “getting our voice out.”

“It is going to be, very simply, a way of getting our voice out to a lot of people,” Trump told Fox News. “And when we get our voice out, there are a lot of people that want to hear this voice, because they don’t hear it.”

Trump noted his distrust of the legacy media and its ability to accurately portray information regarding him.

“I truly believe we have far more than 50% of the public of the people of this country—much more than 50%,” Trump said. “This is a way of getting a strong word out from a lot of different people who should be heard.”

Recently, Republican Rep. Devin Nunez announced his plans to resign from Congress to serve as CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). Trump called Rep. Nunes a “fantastic leader” and emphasized that his experience with big and small tech will be an integral part of forming TMTG and ensuring its success.

Trump has continued to hint at plans to launch another presidential campaign but has stopped short of making any formal announcement. Some have speculated if Trump’s push to have his voice and ideas more readily available is a reaction to Big Tech’s decision to ban his accounts from number of platforms he used to communicate with voters.

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  1. This is long overdue. Anyone with a working brain knows the media is about 110% liberal. Those of us who are conservatives never hear right-wing news. The only option right now is Hannity. Way past time for somebody to get smart and realize there are a lot of us out here!!

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  3. Hmmmm? If all the people that support DJT on Twitter and Facebook left, what would be left? Not much.

    Wonder what is going through Zuckerberg’s head about Trump’s new Social Media website going “live” early in 2022?? There must be some kind of panic boiling up…

    Good! Let it boil over because THERE IS A CHANGE COMING BUT IT IS NOT THE “Change” the Liberal Left thinks!!


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