Jan. 6 Panel Says It May Pursue Criminal Charges Against President Trump

Gage Skidmore Fickr

The House panel formed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and investigating the events surrounding the January 6th Capitol riot could soon be turning its attention directly to former President Trump. After issuing requests and then subsequent subpoenas to many former Trump Administration officials the panel is indicating it plans to explore any potential criminal wrongdoing by former President Trump.

The Hill reports:

Quoting the statutory text for a felony obstruction offense, Cheney said that a key question for the select committee investigation is, “Did Donald Trump, through action or inaction, corruptly seek to obstruct or impede Congress’ official proceedings to count electoral votes?”

Obstruction of an official proceeding is a charge that carries a maximum possible sentence of 20 years in prison. Federal prosecutors have wielded it against hundreds of rioters accused of participating in the attack on the Capitol.

But bringing the same charge against a president who never set foot in the building would require far more complex legal and political calculations.

“The challenge is … this undefined territory of the circumstances under which an executive official crosses the line between exercising executive power to actual obstruction of justice,” said Daniel Hemel, a University of Chicago law professor.

The move is a distinct uptick in the panel’s investigation. If they went forward with the plan the committee said it can refer Donald Trump to the Justice Department for prosecution.

  1. Nothing like relying on the opinion of a Lawyer from aa classically Marxist University in a Marxist State in a Communist-Marxist city. This Congress MUST be defeated on all fronts.

    1. Amen Amen! I agree 100%. They need to let Trump alone. For goodness sake, where are they going to get a president who doesn’t take a pay check. Please———————– Let the man alone. He is the best president we have ever had and God is watching and after all, He is the one who has put Donald Trump as our president. The whole bunch in Washington will pay greatly for what they have done. Heads will roll. They need to read the Bible and see what God does to people who have acted like they have. They will soon lose theirs heads and they have asked for it.

    1. And that’s exactly why it will be ever so sweet when he does run and wins again. That may be just what it takes to finish the miserable b_tch off.

    2. She is posset by satan and has a reptilian liveing in her body. Just watch her eyes and you will see snake eyes. She and Biden both have these. They have been caught on camera with these eyes.

    3. Kate
      Now in 2 Presidential elections Trump did not win the popular vote in either, what makes you think he will win the 3rd time with so few supporters, even people in the Republican party have left and become Independents, because of Trump.

      1. Trebor (Robert) you are an typical liberal moron Trump didn’t lose anything. You scummy liberals cheat it’s what you do, it’s all you know since you know you could NEVER win the popular vote EVER!!! Trump’s support is larger than before and you would know that if you didn’t get your news from another loser source CNN. You’re a never Trumper but the rest of us aren’t. 80 million people didn’t vote for a demented old man and a nasty old w hore you’re a fool.

      2. Name them Kate. Know any history or how elections work? Apparently not! 79% of republicans still support Trump. Biden can’t say that. Of course he can’t say anything without screwing up.

      3. For the record Derbur Derbur Duh! I LEFT THE REPUBS because of their treatments and their eye turnings of TRUMP! The Repubs STILL hound me for cash whilst Riding the Coat tails of his Name. I never was a Repub nor a Demorat. WE Voted for TRUMP because he was not the “Establishment Leech” that the “THEY” are all ARE! I was only a Repub for the moment.I am more an Indie if it were EVER POssible these thugs ‘n’ Loons would allow an Independent into their Rein…REIGN deer games! You need to wisen up and Gitcher Headoucher Arse…before it is way way way too late to react to something Liveable and Peaceful.
        GO READ SOME THOMAS SOWELL! He was ONCE a Marxist! until he…

    4. just like someone said a long time ago, President Trump is living rent free in the Democrsts heads, I think it’s great, long live trump in their small minds!

  2. The hatred toward the man who boosted our economy and was loyal to our military and allies with so many more accomplishments is staggering!

    1. If you can’t put her in prison for life, at least keep her defending herself in court for the rest of her life – she is an evil person

  3. The true reason Pelosi organized the committee of miscreants is finally coming to light, even though it was apparent all along. To get Trump by lying and falsifying data. This committee has no actual authority under our Constitution even to issue subpoenas nor to in any way criminalize anyone!!

  4. As the jan 6th witch hunt comes to light, it won’t be Trump that is to blame,but crazy,n,piglosi will be the one arrested, and put in the electric chair, for total failure to secure the capital. She is the authority for the security of the capital, which Trump offered the national guard,she turned it down, and is the one to blame. Get your popcorn,and soda ready,this is going to be epic.

    1. These things will never seen or brought to the eyes of the public. This is another witch hunt and a way to punish any
      conservative. This is the NEW America.

    2. How would Pelosi ever be prosecuted she runs the investigation and has the attorney general in her pocket. She will be prosecuted when Hillary is that being (when Hell freezes over) but he what should happen never does Dems we all know that !

  5. It’s quite simple really. As it always happens when the ultra-left gets into power, they trash everything and create disasters. Rather than allow media scrutiny they attack Mr. Trump with anything their feeble minds can come up with. It has happened repeatedly and will continue for as long as the man lives.

  6. I wish there was a way to bring action against these Dysfunctional bullies and get restitution from them for the unnecessary costs to the people they are bullying, and the costs to the nation by wasting tax payer time and money.
    I think a big case of comeuppance might go a long way to derailing their disgusting behavior
    It is evident that they do not want a 2 party system, and think they are the only ones that should hold the power / that alone should scare any people of reason

  7. We all need to get together, find a special attorney and form criminal charges against each and every congress person. Put them in the same position that they are doing to Trump and his family. End them so they cannot do any more damage. They are all criminals. You should see what their backgrounds say about them. It is disgusting and in acts of treason.

    1. It’s called the 5th Amendment. Madison made sure there was a way to hold all politicians accountable, so he gave us, the branch, something called the public grand jury.

      1. Sorry, the 4th branch of government-we, the people. We can form a grand jury, without any interference from any government official. We can research and investigate corrupt politicians and the bring presentments and indictments against them to any sitting judge.

  8. During the riots of 2020 how many federal courthouses were forced to suspend all activities? That was also Obstruction of Official Proceedings. How many of those ‘peaceful protesters’ were arrested and charged similarly? Any?
    Adam Schiff has already been caught presenting an EDITED version of a text from Jim Jordan to Mark Meadows to the committee and the PUBLIC. The ‘committee’s’ public statement on that edited version says that a period was ‘inadvertently’ added but fails to explain why the balance of the text was REMOVED from that presentation.
    The SOLE purpose of this ‘committee’ is to find something, anything, that it can use to attack not just Trump, but also as many elected Republicans as possible, to sully their reputations going into the 2022 elections.
    Do not allow them to dishearten you. Choose your candidates for EVERY office wisely, learn their history, learn who and WHAT is providing them financial support for their campaigns. Democrat governors, mayors and their supporting courts ordered that election LAWS legally passed by legally elected legislatures be IGNORED and proceedings changed ‘due to the pandemic.’ Do not allow them to repeat that subversion of our election process again in 2022.

  9. Peloser is pursuing criminal charges against Trump? Uh, after hearing about “Crazy Nancy’s” activities, shouldn’t that be turned the other way around?

  10. The J-6 investigation by a legislative body is NOTHING MORE THAN A DEFLECTION of public attention. It succeeded in stifling colossal outrage at election irregularities and continues to earn advertising revenues for communist media.

    Seems the first year of a new administration isn’t news. Conservatives must search for news of Afghanistan, economic problems, foreign trade and military intimidation and the long list of other failures piling up against this president and communist congress.

  11. She is not getting enough juice out of this so now she is leveling our money and congressional time is wasted on more of her witch hunt nonsense. Can’t wait until she is knocked off her seat in 2022 and the process of criminal charges is leveled against her even if she decides to retire though I really doubt the old hag will.
    But after the elections of 2022 the congress needs to devote at least the whole two years via one committee to harassing her and leveling legitimate charges against her constantly. Start with her culpability for 1-6-21 since she was in charge of security and let it drop completely. It seems that fact alone makes what happened her problem, not the protesters. And be mindful of how protests have been set up by those outsiders of Soros’s brownshits and they were present and released.
    And fine the hell out of her for rule infractions she violates.

    1. This will never happen unless we get the elections cleaned and
      cleared of all the dead and people who have moved so they can
      not vote. They must keep Covid and fear alive so they can have
      mail in voting so thousands can vote in every elections were ever they need the votes. The states that were corrupt in 2020
      have not corrected anything and most know the truth. Their plan
      worked last time & it will work again unless Conservatives
      become a lot more courageous.It already be too late to save
      America. There are more of us but most are afraid and do not
      believe we are the majority.

  12. As usual, my comment was censored. This continued algorithmic abuse by the TTN site is the reason I’ve not joined President Trump’s new website. I continue to be a Trump supporter, voter and conservative but I’m not stupid. Cut the crap GET A NEW ALGORITHM or face more withdrawals from 2024 campaign support. We like Trump and want his organization to like us.

  13. Everyone is very much aware of the cheating and lieing that was going on by the Dems at the time of January 6th! It’s been very clear to most americans that the only people lieing were the Dems and evern many of the Dems have acknowledged their folly!

  14. Another panel considering criminal charges…..You mean, like the panel that had all kinds of evidence for criminal charges against Hillary. These panels are simply a continued smear witch hunt that are a total joke.

  15. The Select Committee that isn’t a legally a committee is another example Pelosi overreaching actions. The Select Committee has specific rules that needed to be followed before the Committee could convene. Since Pelosi did not follow those rules the Committee has not yet been formed and those Congressmen meeting under its name are not “The” Committee and have no standing. Importantly, they have no power of subpoena and to hold action against anyone who refuses to appear before them is a violation of their oaths of office and should be at minimum censured. Pelosi herself should be removed as Speaker of the House.

  16. To the voters tell those idiots in the Democratic Party to stop waist if money that we donor have. Stop looking for ways to degrade former President Trump. You all should stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself who is the Criminal piriof.

    1. Trump has been the best president, he came to help us and not to get rich like other politicians. For example Pelosi and Biden, they were not rich before coming to the office. They hate President Trump because with him in office they do not have as much freedom to do their corruption. He came to change things in their corrupt world and that is why even Republicans Rino’s do not like him. That is why they are trying in any possible way to prevent him from running again. I was born in Mexico and our government is becoming like the corrupt Mexican government. Let’s all unite and get out to vote for all new conservative candidates to make America great again. God Bless America.

  17. RED WAVE: Go for it, you have quite a list, and the list is already written on what the charges should be. Just copy the list that China Joe Vendetta’s he has created and has reversed all the winning for all our USA. That should be all one needs to get going. Then, soon, when the tide changes and the definition of Jan 6 is changed x the truth, not the rip up of President Trump speech. That told you what was the goal and we know who got it rolling full strength. That will, when done put the total list on Bat Ladies charges. Coming soon, so if you want more, go for this BS. We know who was for both sides and not one flavor ice cream. That will melt and the real for both will be coming back soon.

  18. Nancy Pelosi is so afraid of President Trump she and the Democrats/RINOs are willing to commit TREASON in an effort to destroy him. President Trump is God’s choice for America and the pedophile/Satanist in our government will not be allowed to win. This is a battle between good and evil.

  19. There is one thing that this law person seems to ignore, this comes under the same classification as a person who arranges for their wife to be killed or hurt severely but never was at the scene of the crime. If Trump was involved in the arranging of the breach of the Capitol or even give his OK, then he is criminally liable, according to the laws of this USA.

  20. This Jan. 6 witch hunt has nothing to with criminal actions by Trump. It is so obvious this is a political movement to keep him from running again in 2024. They even recruited two renegade and corrupt Rinos to help do their dirty work. They are only doing these things to impress their swamp buddies and also lining their bank accounts with our tax payer money. I hope most Americans stand up and vote these corrupt politicians out of our govt. in 2022 & 2024. We also need to stop the voter fraud that has gone on in previous elections.

  21. The Democrats are SO Stupid ! They should know that President Trump doesn’t break the law in any way . Also the stupid Democrats know full well that the January 6th ordeal was all set up and enacted by the Deep State , Soros and the Lincoln project and most of all the FBI had 50 agent provocateurs dressed as Trump supporters and was instigating the breach at the Capitol building ! Why hasn’t the Black Security agent been arrested for Ashli Babbitts blatant murder ! Remember “
    WE HAVE IT ALL” ! The democrats will pay for their crimes !

  22. The whole panel is comprised of Trump hating Marxist morons and malevolent to America Marxist misfits, most of whom should be in prison for collusion ,conspiracy, oath Violation, Malfeasance in Office and dereliction of duty and obligation to us all, let alone knowing NOTHING about True Justice or DUE PROCESS. Jan 6th was PLANNED by members of several federal agencies and investigation has named he FBI as but ONE of several such agencies. Trump has done nothing at all to Warrant the attacks which begam the Day Shrillary LOST the previously rigged election of 2016 ONLY because Americans had had enough of Obama and his Fundamental Change to U.N. Agenda 21 and loss of sovereignty he so hoped for! IT IS time to stand and defend, the Constitution and Rule of Law equitably applied for a change AND TO GO AFTER THESE TREASONOUS TROLLS; BETTER AND MORE ACCURATELY CALLED EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE: THE ENEMY WITHIN!:

  23. Seems you are really in the era of Stalin or Hruschev Soviet Union.
    Maybe you should find the history of what happened to the Americans who emigrates to Russia after the revolution in the second decade of the 20th century.

  24. Criminal Charges should be brought up against Piglosi , Schmuck Schumer , Habitual liar Shitff Pencil Neck , Hippo Nadler and Mad Maxi Pad Water’s for the January6, 2021 Insurgentscy on the Nation Capital.

  25. That’s rather hypocritical since the rioters were democrats dressed up as Trump supporters and that fact was already confirmed by both the Secret Service the DC police. It was also reported on the news. How much mileage is Nasty Nancy trying to get out of this fraud she may have very likely been involved in directly. Her irrational hatred for Trump makes anything she says or does based on irrational and vindictive retaliation.

    1. It was what is called a “false flag” event. As you correctly stated, members of BLM and ANTIFA were there dressed as Trump supporters and they were the ones who were committing all the violent acts. The conservatives were the ones calmly walking around taking selfies.

      Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and where there’s fire, there’s ANTIFA.

  26. Nancy Pelosi is trying to keep attention away from what they are trying to do to the people of the United States and she should be kicked out of office

  27. Congress has become a rabid dog wasting taxpayer’s money pursuing President Trump. This appears to be another Russia scandal which they wasted an obscene amount of money on. No one wants Pelosi and her best friend Soros manipulating Trump, he did nothing wrong and the American public knows this.

  28. You need to remember that you’re up against a Corporation. It has its own rules. That is why Trump did such a wonderful job, he knows how to run a Corporation. He’s not a Politician, he is for the people because he understands, he’s a businessman, the left know this and that is why they want him out. Almost all of the representatives serving in the White House are Corporate Lawyers. All have fought the fight to get into a position to retire with a pocket full and a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the people. Getting angry, calling names, hating people is not going to get you anywhere in the Corporation of the United States. Get an education about the corporation and you’ll know exactly what you’ll need to do and how to do it with your integrity in tact.

  29. The good news is regardless of what they come up with, We the people will kick these A-Holes out of power in November

  30. Pelosi needs to be send to CHINA with a one way ticket. This woman is a liar and a cheat, She blames Trump for every lie she can think of! Republicans need to kick all these trump haters on Pelosi’s comittee of LIARS TO THE CURB! hopefully charging her with crimes against republicans!


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