Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Dies at 82

Nevada’s Sen. Harry Reid discusses the history of inter-agency partnership to preserve Lake Tahoe at the 18th Annual Lake Tahoe Summit outside of South Lake Tahoe, California, Aug. 19, 2014. Federal, state, and local leaders were on hand to reinforce their commitment to ecological restoration and improving water quality in and around the lake. The Corps continues to partner with state and local agencies on a series of ecosystem restoration projects around the lake. Photo cropped for emphasis. (U.S. Army photo by Luke Burns/Released)

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has died. Reid a Democrat from Nevada was 82.

Reid led the Democrat-controlled Senate during Obama’s presidency. Recently, Reid battled pancreatic cancer for four years finally succumbing to it on Tuesday.

Senator Reid was responsible for blocking then-President George W. Bush’s attempt to privatize social security and was instrumental in passing Obama-care as well.

Famously, Reid led the push to change the Senate’s procedures for confirming judges and executive-branch nominees with a simple majority. The move altered the chamber and led Mitch McConnell to use it against Democrats in confirming former President Trump’s nominees.

Reid wasn’t without fire. He attacked presidential candidate Mitt Romney with unfounded claims of Romney not paying income taxes for a decade.

Senator Reid urged Barack Obama to run for president and predicted he would become the first black president stating, ““light-skinned and had no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,” to which he later apologized.

Harry Reid is survived by his wife, Landra, and five children, and numerous grandchildren.

      1. God isn’t the one who blessed the globalists and their puppets….that was Satan who Reid and the other globalists sold their souls to! God hates sin, He does’t bless sin or sinenrs!!!

      2. I might also add…Reid suffered for 4 years with pancreatic cancer… wouldn’t call that a blessing, I am sure he went thru hell, however there is another hell waiting for him!

  1. I wish I could say something nice about “Dirty Harry” Reid but alas, I cannot tell a lie! He was one of the most dishonorable and dishonest Speakers in the history of America!
    I do offer condolences to his poor family……………….

  2. No mention of Reid’s Las Vegas organized crime link’s?
    nor his Mentor-ship of all things evil even Nancy Pelosi.

    1. Or his Chinese business partners, with whom he wanted to set up a taxpayer-funded solar energy farm – on the Bundy Ranch…

  3. This explains why today seemed more pleasant that it should have been. Another leftist fanatic has joined his heroes Lenin, Stalin, and Mao in Hell.
    I know that seems harsh, but considering what Reid wanted to do to America, it’s more than he deserves in recognition.

    1. Reid sold his soul to Satan for money…how can anyone be proud of the marks he made on the world when they were all for his enrichment and greed for his party….that isn’t good, its bad and has no honor!

  4. This morning supposed “conservative” anchors are saying great things about this man. He wasn’t the “lion” of the Senate; he was the JACKAL with his shady real estate deals and lying. Especially heinous was stabbing a fellow Mormon in the back and then bragging about it. NOTHING to praise here!

  5. The Harry Reid legacy will be lies, deceit, and self-enrichment. Now Las Vegas just needs to remove that noxious name of his from their airport.

  6. This is good news. The only thing better would have been if Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden reached their “End of Days”!


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