Sen. Rand Paul Blames Fauci for Thousands of COVID-19 Deaths

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Doctor Anthony Fauci’s longtime rival Senator Rand Paul is blaming the disease expert for thousands of deaths related to Covid-19.

Fox News reports:

“I would venture to say that thousands of people die in our country every month now from COVID because [Fauci’s] deemphasized the idea that there are therapeutics,” Paul, who is also a physician, said in an interview on the Ron Paul Liberty Report published Monday.

Paul has previously said that monoclonal antibodies “are one of the most promising treatments for the virus” after a person has been infected, but that misinformation on the antibody treatment plagues “government bureaucrats.”

“Recent data showed that monoclonal antibody treatment cuts the risk of death and hospitalization by 70% in high-risk patients and reduces the chance of infection among a household by 80%,” Paul wrote in a September op-ed. “Monoclonal antibodies have only just begun to be mentioned by the mainstream media, and misinformation still plagues government bureaucrats when discussing this scientifically-backed treatment.”

Fauci has previously noted that monoclonal antibodies are a “much underutilized intervention” for COVID-19, but such therapies are often dwarfed by his focus on vaccines.

Senator Paul and Dr. Fauci have engaged in repeated tense exchanges on Capitol Hill regarding Fauci’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Rand Paul, the optometrist, is an idiot. He knows nothing but tries to act like he knows everything, which he does not. This longtime Republican is very glad that Fauci stayed on with Biden after being tortured having to work under Trump and listen to his bragging and ridiculous and erroneous comments everyday on national TV. Fauci was embarrassed by Trump’s ignorance about everything. The truth is that Trump knows very little about anything, like the law, like geography, history, health, civics all that stuff we all learned about in high school. Rand Paul is just another loudmouth, semi-Republican RINO-type who slobbers at the feet of Donald Trump, the undisputed King of the Swamp.

    1. Teddy S, do you make a practice of publicly lying and writing unadulterated nonsense? You are just another Democrat liar and imbecile, too ignorant and dishonest to see what the Democrats have done toward ruining the country. Your phoney imposter president Biden and his administration are liars and imbeciles who gravitate to stupidity and evil. Imagine a U.S. president entertaining empowering the rogue, criminal government of Iran with nuclear weapons! Imagine leaving your southern border open to criminals and terrorists. Imagine abandoning $85 billion of military equipment in Afghanistan, abandoning American citizens and Christians to the Muslim savages of the Taliban. Go apply for a brain. Admit it, you did not learn much in high school, least of all abut morals and decency.

    2. He’s a surgeon and graduated from Duke University. You’re the idiot. Typical scum sucking liberal shiit bag. Doesn’t know shit.

  2. Fauci should be held accountable as it was his Chinese Labs with their gain of function crap which i am sure many other labs are doing but haven’t been caught

    1. Yes, you are correct, but the buck doesn’t stop there. Chairman Xi of the CCP allowed his Covid infected Chinese countrymen to fly to other countries during the Chinese New Year, thus SPREADING THE DISEASE WORLDWIDE! (See my comment above) It’s one thing to create the disease and another more irresponsible thing to let Covid infected people fly to other countries infecting those countries too.

      Of the two, actually Xi is the SPREADER OF COVID AND HE SHOULD BE TRIED BY AN International Panel for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! Fraudci is just a cockroach and should be stomped on and destroyed for his lies and deception.

      1. “YES”, you say, Teddy S is “correct”. About what? Please don’t placate this liar, Teddy S. Trump was wrong about a few things, but never was he the disgusting liar and fool that Biden is. Your country is being destroyed by Biden and his mob of fools, imbeciles like Sec. of State Blinken, dimwits like General Milley. The U.S., thanks to the Democratic Party and Joe Biden is a mess. a laughing stock to the world. Fauci is a proven liar and Rand Paul is right to both challenge him and expose him as a liar.

  3. Fauci should be charged with treason, along with the director of the NIH, which funded the GOF research through back channels.

    1. you forgot to say 1-2-3-4 testing…If this was an actual threat you would be instructed to listen to the civil defense radio channel in your area….LOL I’m just kidding around… 🙂

  4. I think Fauci should be prosecuted for premeditated murder. He has orchestrated a campaign against the multi-medication protocol of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin used in conjunction with vitamins C&D3, zinc, melatonin, quercetin, and aspirin. I used this protocol to save my life from a severe Covid-19 infection.

  5. Fauci is a LIAR, like biden!!! Both belong in prison or better yet put in front of a firing squad made up of the families of the 13 soldiers he (biden) killed in AFGHANISTAN!!!

  6. The big problem with any of these treatments is that if they are approved, they would negate the emergency use authorization of the ‘vaxine’. If the real concern was peoples health, The treatments would be the biggest news story. Sadly, the lack of reporting on the available treatments is an indicator that peoples health is not the real concern.

    1.  Fauci are making $billions selling their jab to federal/Biden $700 each jab.
       Americans laid off or died due to his vaccine mandates will get $0.  Fire Fauci and arrest him BEFORE he can collect on the $350,000 annual retirement!!!!!

  7. Fauci is doing exactly what Paul says , very intentional as he is owned by the CCP. People who can’t or won’t see that are not in touch with reality.

  8. Loyalty is your faithfulness to your nation, faithful adherence to your sovereign government and full allegiance to it’s people. Why is it the bidens can’t fit anywhere into the above definitions? China owns the biden family, recent events uncovered from Africa confirm this even further, Hunters pot of gold awaits the bidens for their rainy days. “Biden refuses cognitive testing” – “despite showing many obvious signs of diminished cognitive function” joe biden claims American is back, what reality, is this lack of  mental ability for judgement is he living in? He lacks any required ability for basic leadership skills, responsibility, Look at all his personal decisions since being in office.  Afghanistan with his callous regard for loss , fuel transportation cost, resulting in the highest inflation our Country has ever seen. His appointment of non qualified persons who are unable to resolve any of the un American problems he created against the American people, like his open border policy, allowing illegal drugs, invaders to swarm into our Country without consequence. Ask yourself is this not the from loss in his mental state? Look at the bidens love of China, and the decisions made since he has been in the White House that favor this Communist Country, the money the bidens been well compensated for those decisions. And there’s many in that community who believe starting at age 65, there should be some sort of screening that’s done. Dr. Ronald Peterson, who runs the Alzheimer’s clinic at Mayo has been somebody who talked about that.” “But as far as we know, President Biden, “we didn’t see any kind of tests like that performed since being in office” O’Connor concluded claiming that biden may remain fit for duty, and fully executes all of his responsibilities without any exemptions or accommodations, except ” without any testing for what appears to be the obvious threat to “Biden’s ability to perform his job, his mental fitness?” “President Trump had something known as the Montreal cognitive assessment. It’s sort of a screening test for dementia. And, you know, that there was no mention of that sort of thing here. It is a constant point of discussion. I can tell you within the geriatrics community, I wrote this book last year about brain health, and one of the things that kept coming up was, should sort of leadership types of screening tests, cognitive screening tests, be more commonly done? The democrats complained and complained until Trump took the exam,where are the same complaints from the democrats against bidens abuse of power.

  9. Actually, to be more factual, Fraudci AND THE CCP/Leader Xi are totally responsible for releasing and spreading Covid! Not only did the Wuhan Virology Lab use poor safety procedures thusly infecting the outdoor food market, but Leader Xi allowed his millions of infected Chinese to fly worldwide spreading the disease. It was the Chinese New Year and he refused to stop his countrymen from flying to other nations.

    Not only that, but 👉BEFORE THE WORLD KNEW COVID EXISTED👈, CHAIRMAN XI HAD HIS CHINESE VILLAGES DIG MASSIVE PITS OUTSIDE THEIR VILLAGES TO BURN AND BURY ALL THEIR DEAD INFECTED CHINESE BODIES SO THE WORLD WOULDN’T KNOW HOW MANY CHINESE HAD DIED AND WHAT THEY DIED OF — Covid! I saw pictures of some of those massive pits before they were removed from the web. This is absolutely true no matter what Xi or the CCP says.

    So if you really want to be factual about who did what about Covid, fraudci and Chairman Xi of the CCP are definitely totally responsible for “creating” and “spreading” Covid throughout the World!

    Now, how does the World Countries discipline both these individuals for their part in killing mega numbers of our human race? Any suggestions?

  10. Rand Paul is a MORON. He is still anti-vax and his followers are dropping like flies. His ignorance and incompetence are asstounding.

    1. When you say “moron” again just make sure you look in the mirror while you say it.

      “His followers are dropping like flies”
      Oh my god you are so stupid!!! I love how you imbecile libtard fucksticks just make stuff up. You libtards are so disturbed.

  11. drfraudci(Frankenstein) dr. death and slo,zombie joe have caused so many deaths, that both should be charged with crimes against humanity. they both have been lying to the American people about the virus and vaccines.Their lies have caused thousands to die with misinformation, and both have covered up their involvements with the vaccines,especially fraudci, makes money off the vaccines, from what his boss dr collins told us. Neither care about the american people, both care about power, we need to remove both for total incompetency, and charge both with treason, and crimes, against all of humanity.


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