Chicago Teachers Union Accuses Mayor Lightfoot of Locking Teachers Out of Virtual Classrooms

MacLean Center / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

The Chicago Teacher Union accused Mayor Lori Lightfoot of locking teachers out of their virtual classrooms after the union voted to return to remote learning. The union claims it was an act of retaliation after the union broke with city officials pushing for in-person learning.

According to The Washington Examiner:

In a pair of tweets sent Wednesday morning, the Chicago Teachers Union said that Lightfoot had “started locking Chicago public school teachers and staff out of their Google Classrooms” and added the hashtag “#LoriLockout.”

In a follow-up tweet Wednesday morning, the union said, “We are being inundated with calls and emails this morning from educators who attempted to log into their platforms to connect with their students and teach remotely, and safely, but are being locked out by Mayor Lightfoot.”

The union voted late Tuesday night to move all classes to remote instruction, a move city officials considered an illegal strike. The city responded by canceling classes for Wednesday.

The union claims that the city’s COVID-19 protocols are insufficient due to the infection surge tied to the omicron variant and are demanding widespread testing, among other measures, before they will set foot in school buildings.

City officials say that in-person learning is safe despite the recent case surge and better for students. Recently, more officials have been pushing for a return to in-person instruction after seeing the detrimental effects remote learning has had on children and the low risk for hospitalization associated with the omicron variant.

    1. That and do the same thing to the teacher’s union leaders and any teachers towing the line. But then the liberal idiots of Chicago (and all of Illinois for that matter) are getting EXACTLY what they voted for. Suck it up buttercups!

  1. Another democrat fxxx up, the democrat Chicago teachers union strike.When the Chicago policemen wanted had more safety Mayor lightheaded, fired them yet the Chicago teachers “both receives and gets tons of money” from the democrats, why are they not fired? Their contract does not allow strikes, Yet again, Mayor lightheaded does nothing. When are the tax payors, people of Chicago going to step forward, and take back control of their city from democrats, who allow murder, crimes, riots, reduce police safety, and now the teachers union to run all over the tax payor who pays their salary. Say it again just another Democrat fxxx up. Democrats can’t govern, are you not tired of being told to go fxxx yourself from the democrats???

  2. Wow probably the only smart thing Lightfoot has ever done in her life. Teacher’s unions blow. There’s no reason to not have school in person. Especially for a virus with over 99% survivability.

    1. She isn’t locking teachers out virtually because she cares about the kids-she’s doing it because they cannot teach CRT, woke ideology, etc. virtually or parents may overhear the garbage they are teaching.Who would allow their child to attend a public school is beyond me.Beetlejuice, beetlejuice!

  3. Who are dam idiots that put this imbecile in office. All of you Chicago voters. She is your choice. Now you pay !!!! Now. Get rid of her.

  4. Mayor is correct. What happened to the Federal 2 million bailout for school reopening. Time for school vouchers. Let parents decide where heir children should go to school.

  5. She isn’t locking them out for the children’s sake-she wants the children back at school to be taught woke ideology , CRT, etc. The kids have to be there in person to be brainwashed, otherwise parents or others may actually see and hear what they are being taught.

  6. Hard as it is to say, for the first time that I know of, Lori Lightfoot did the right thing. A la Ronald Reagan,and the Air Traffic Controllers’ union, she should now tell the union , “You will be in your schools teaching by 9:00 Monday, or you will be fired by 10:00 Monday.” As the chief elected official of the city, she’s the boss, and she should wield the hammer on this issue. No union should ever be allowed to be more powerful than the organization they work for, PARTICULARLY, any government position.

  7. Florida Governor deSantis took a lot of flak last year from the Biden administration for keeping the schools open. I wonder how Joe (and the left in general) will react to this clash. Either they offend the mayor or they offend the teacher’s unions. A lose-lose situation for them.

  8. She finally does the right thing and we criticize her. The teachers’ union is garbage. Parents need a backbone. Fire the school boards, Re-hire teachers who want to work and work to do away with the teachers unions.It will take effort but it will be worth it.


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