These Corporations Are Crawling Back After Shunning Republicans


Several Companies stopped donating to Republican campaigns and causes in 2020 after the January 6th Capitol Riot and the GOP’s effort to bring forward new election integrity laws. A lot of these major companies are now coming back after the Biden Administrations and Democrats have threatened to bring about new regulations and higher taxes. The general mismanagement of the country is also a contributing factor in this return. 

Here are the companies that have come crawling back to the GOP: 

    1. It’s there, just fight through the ads and go back to the article then hit NEXT to view the companies involved.

  1. These companies helped the Dems win and now they see the results of their support. What did they think was going to happen? Now we are left with communist idiots running our country and running it into the ground. Who knows if the Republicans are going to be able to fix things when and if they get back in. The Dems have a bill that gives the feds the ability to tell the states how they must run their elections. If Sinema and Manchin don’t stay strong in denying the Dems in their attempt to get rid of the filabuster. We are lost.

  2. As I always say, better late than never! Haha
    Glad that they’re seeing joe’s inability to run the country. These companies by now see what’s coming.

    1. They made their bed these businesses should lie in it. They cared at all about there business and country they wouldn’t have gone with the democracts in the first place. No thanks they can go take there business and go to China Iran.

  3. These firms are guilty of large scale, corporate prostitution and I say that as a retired, senior level business executive who spent most of his career in Fortune 500 companies. A while back I started keeping a list, and while I can’t avoid the names on it all the time, I check it whenever I have discretion in what brand to buy or service to use. I won’t forget and I do hold a grudge. We all need to do this to make a point and get their attention.

    1. Agree. It’s disgusting they play whoever gives them what they want. We don’t need them. We need to get as smart as the Dems and support and Scott Pressler. Especially in swing states!!! I will never buy a GM product again.

    2. Right you are! They lived on Government Contracts – with the Dems they were not getting them. Shame on them!

    3. General motors they will always side with the government that will help bail them out. They did this once before in the 90s I believe. General motors stabbed this country in the back one to many times. I don’t want these businesses here in this country let them go elsewhere

  4. So many companies are opportunistic money-grabbers. If they think going woke will earn them an extra buck, they soil their own nest to join the socialist brigades. But – Go Woke, Go Broke!
    And of course, for some ungodly reason, Big Business executives in droves seem to have the socialist flu. They think the socialists will grant them monopoly if they aid and abet the socialist grab for total and eternal power.

  5. they’re attempting to kiss RNC’s butts because they know a red tsunami is coming and they want the contracts to continue….

    1. Let’s take their money!! We’ll need it to fight off the dem cheating and the likes of Zuckerberg corruption in election integrity.

    2. That’s right, Sly. The unprincipled plutocrat CEO’s hang their flag according to the wind and change their flag to suit the prevailing wind. Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

  6. Sorry, but when is the true investigation into this Jan. 6 crap going to start with the true people behind all of this, and that is Nancy and George and the rest of the Communist Clan, ( 4th Reich) and Oh, Ass Clown is not President, he did not win.

    1. Right you are Jackson; If these jackass companies really want to show their support for conservative values; let them invest in support of a total and unbiased investigation of the real terrorists; the deep state and it’s operatives in BLM; ANTIFA; and the FBI!!!
      They have the lobbying power to do so!

      1. Dream on. As long as Pelosi and Cheney are in power NOTHING is going to be investigated. Oust Liz Cheney Wyoming!!!!!

    2. Nancy – is in charge of Capital Police. She was MIA in her orders to them until it was all over and she appeared shocked at what happened. What a phoney.

      1. What happened was exactly what she wanted to happen. It gave her the cover to do exactly what she and Shumer have done ever since.

  7. How could the companies have stopped donating in 2020 after the Capitol riot? It didn’t occur until Jan 6 2021! Not only did you omit the list, you got the date wrong!

  8. Found the list…beginning on page 3. I didn’t go farther into it because having to click “next page” after every 2 paragraphs is for someone with nothing else to do. However, the dates in the lead-in are still wrong.

  9. If the new funds will help the GOP spread the legalvoting support all over the US, then definitely use their money!! The RNC is fighting against lunatics like Zuckerberg, Soros and Gates, who are spending millions on impacting elections negatively! Let’s use the money to get more legal residents registered Republican and voting to SAVE AMERICA!!

    1. The only way the dems can prevent the redwave is by cheating. That’s how they have always won elections. I agree mail in voting is convenient for the working and disabled, but is easy to heat for the Democrats. When you look at what they did to our country and the people in less than a year, voting in person WITH valid picture ID is the only way to help prevent Democrats from stuffing the ballots.

    2. Be VERY CAREFUL; just because some one has an “R” in front of their name does not make them a Republican or a conservative. Such as Mitt Romney!!!

  10. “What should the Republicans do with these companies (i.e., the ones who withheld and/or withdrew support for the Republicans and who are now attempting to get back in the Party’s good graces)?” Well, THAT’S easy enough. The Republicans should drain these b*****ds for as much money as they can extract from them. They can promise ’em anything they want, but their only obligation is to screw them only slightly less than the D’s screwed ’em over. What’s GM gonna do if the Republicans jack their tax rate to 98% if the D’s were jackin’ it to 99%? They should count themselves lucky. Personally, I haven’t bought ANYTHING made by or branded under Gillette, and damn little from Proctor and Gamble (their parent company) since that “Be All You Should Be” commercial. Macy’s, which thought I had no right to vote for Trump in 2016, hasn’t seen a dime of my money since they severed commercial ties with Trump and his family.and Nordstrom’s, which pulled the same BS? Well, I let the boys in the hood know whenever they get a new shipment in, then sit back and watch the ensuing “smash and grab” on TV (and, should I ever be there in person, I’ll make sure I distract as many cops as I can by faking a heart attack while the lads scoot by with their loot. Boeing and their stockholders should be happy that it’s not me deciding the Party’s policy toward them, because, just like “Old Conservative Guy”, infra., I have no problem holding grudges. And when it comes to “Big Tech”? Well, Dorsey’s and Bezo’s decisions to sell out and scoot may be the right move, because, if the R’s return to power, the elimination of Section 230 will be the least of their worries. .

  11. Running-dogs behaving like the “pariahs & mongrels” that, they are, shouldn’t surprise anyone. They’ll have no qualms, even, about eating their own $#!+ or vomit, if the situation, called for it…or “banging” their own mothers, for profit/personal benefit❗️😆

  12. When the republicans went back to house and santa and White House we need to abandon this bad than these companies they are for the Communist democrats let them stay with the Communist democrats and let’s just get rid of all of their contracts do not have any contracts with them let’s keep the contracts with the Americans not with the Communist like Boeing UP is Boeing UPS general motors

  13. Chevy can take there business and go elsewhere they want to bring electric cars here and favor China they can go move to China, any of these businesses can take a hike, don’t want these two face CEOs and business here. We need our factories opened up that have been shut down and make our own. These businesses helped the democracts to crumble this country their business can can crumble and lie in the mess they created for themselves

  14. They want to come back so they can make more money and stab this country in the back again? No thanks don’t want sellout businesses here

  15. LISTEN UP….GOD will BLESS the AME RICAN Companies and AMERICANS who HELP the REPUBLICANS or PREZ TRUMP. GOD Chose PREZ TRUMP to be PRESIDENT of the U.S. HE is GOD’S King DAVID. GOD has a REASON for EVERYTHING. GOD will Bring the GOOD Out of the EVIL that is Going ON. GOD Appointed ME to HELP PREZ TRUMP. I have a CONTRACT/C ONVENANT with GOD. From SamuraiQueen……GOD’S ADOPTED Daughter….Forever. 😄😄😄


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