Trump’s Social Network Gets Official Release Date

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Former President Trump’s social network has officially announced a release date for its app.

TRUTH Social, the social media platform announced by the Trump Technology and Media Group in October, will be available to the public on Presidents Day, Feb. 21. The app is available for preorder now on the App store.

According to The Washington Examiner:

The app’s key features will include a profile, a “TRUTH feed,” and notifications, all functions that most social media apps have.

TRUTH Social vowed to take a “Big Tent” approach, which will allow users of varying viewpoints to come together and “have an amazing time and share their viewpoints of the world,” echoing its original selling point as a forum for free speech amid claims of censorship from Big Tech platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, particularly after the platforms deplatformed Trump in the aftermath of the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol.

But the app, which is making inroads on the Right prior to launch, has already become a tool for Republicans to fundraise. The National Republican Senatorial Committee promised to reserve donors’ usernames on the social platform in exchange for political donations. It remains unclear whether the NRSC reserved the username for the donor.

The social network’s operating system was previously revealed to be based on Mastodon, an open-source social network used by other companies to create their own custom social media networks, an apparent breach of Mastodon’s license that led to thus far unfulfilled threats of litigation.

In October, Trump described the app as a way to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.”

      1. At least President Trump (as you know all Presidents retain this title even though they are not in office) keep all promises made to the voters, returned better conditions, standard of living, and freedoms to our society, and, despite the opposition from those of you Democrats, did MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN! something that our present fraudulent “President Biden” had turned into destruction.

      2. I have been doing this job for like a few weeks and my KJH last weekly payment was exactly
        𝙁𝙞𝙣𝙙 𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙝𝙤𝙬 𝙃𝙀𝙍𝙀….

      3. Correction Herr Hitler. (Sorry Hess) 19th President of the Republic of America and present Commander in Chief sworn in by the Military. If you dont like it, go back to Germany

          1. If you dont like it here Go to Mexico or Venezuela Cuba Russia Lots of places dont have a REPUBLIC Which is why so many want to come here

          2. I have always said about a country; ‘You can tell so much about a country by how many people want to leave it. An how many people want to come to it.!”

          3. Took the words right out of my mouth!!! Why don’t you try out what you think you want before fighting for it…….BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

      1. Have you always been an a-hole or is this a new libertard condition? Interesting that individuals of your ‘ilk’ never can carry on a civilized conversation . . . just swearing & name calling – typical of a milk toast pussy

      1. Hey Albert, since you are so smart, hahaha….Biden didn’t get away with cheating….Trump is just letting the old demented Joe hang himself and the other Satanists in his party even more. People are listening and watching our great country get destroyed by these evil liberals who sold their souls to Satan and sold out our country to China. It is all falling apart and they are so scared! Remember….God wins and Satan loses! Why do you think so many democrats are resigning or retiring…they know their party is done to be no more….keep watching Albert! Watch what is happening around the whole world…people are standing up and protesting…they are ready to end this communist take over of the world. BTW, President Trump is more popular and more loved than ever….Joe not so much…Joe’s poll numbers are in the tank!

        1. 3 cheers for Londa, who tells it like it is. The Lord of glory Jesus Christ will prevail and bring down the tyrants in his time and way, what a great hope we have in the midst of great corruption.

      2. You mean a weak puke like Nancy Pelosi???? That is so funny!!!! Yeah, the weak puke of the Democratic party helped the ole fool Biden cheat…wait and see, the cheating is going to be revealed and over-turned! Biden and his cohorts committed treason and will be punished severly!!!

  1. Trump has started so many very successful companies.
    Football teams.
    A University.
    This will be a roaring success.
    Trump is a Big Tech Whiz Kid.

  2. And just WHERE are the G-d Dam–d Republicans? Let’s face it, America, the Republican Party is very close to the Democrat Party in its beliefs and actions – they are both members of the swamp.. They are BOTH strongly anti American (in the original definition of 1776) and both should be outlawed from the American political system.

    1. Remember Reagan’s 11th commandment. Now is not the time to start another party. We have a two-party system for a reason, and like you, some are swamp creatures in both parties, but off hand I only know two republicans for sure, Liz reared in Va. claiming Wy. and weeping Kinzinger, from IL. We really need to keep perspective,IMO

      1. Oh, there are more than two Rhinos…you forgot Rommney, Collins, Murcusky, Linsay, McConnell…and a few more to add to the list!

    1. If he used his own money they would say he bought his way into the White House and you’ll never hear the end of that one

    2. I could care less about how much money he has, as long as he beats the hell out of the democrats who cares? I’d like to see a Trump-DeSantis administration for four years and a DeSantis one for four more years. I would also recommend that during this period that the democratic party be disbanded and replaced with a patriot’s party of America. During this period.of time institute another un-American activity act and try and convict all un-Americans in congress and kick their butts out of our country. To me these people are nothing more than traditors.

  3. “App?” Is this confined to Smart Phone “apps?” Why not just be able to sign up on line as one does for Twitter?

    1. Trump lacks the ability to put that together

      That is why this will be yet another Trump failed busisness.
      Trump should have gone to Trump University instead of wasting time being President.
      Being President is for money losers.

  4. It is sad that Albert Hess is so narrow minded in thought and I am sure that he loves what happen with Afghanistan inflation oil prices and everything that Biden and Harris has touch as trying to dog Doodoo.
    I’m also sure that his comments back will be relative to the same mindset so far or the lack there of. Thus a relative small minded
    And narrow vision individual!!!!

  5. It’s about time.
    Lets see what the lying marxist left does now.
    What an idiot cackling kamala is for trying to compare the 6th to Pearl Harbor.
    Just goes to show you the mentality of these ignorant buffoons.
    I sure the sailors buried on the USS Arizona really appreciate her lies!

  6. Couldn’t be a more Perfect date for the release of the social media app as presidents go President Trump is among the greatest of them all. Might add that when the going gets rough the liberals get dummer. Ever wonder why that is a fact?

  7. Wow! We cannot mention the name “George Soros” without getting silenced! That tells me all I need to know about this TTN.

  8. I keep hearing about this and I keep getting dunned for money. More money every day and I still don’t know what it is. Sorry, I don’t donate. Period. I have no idea who is getting my credit card number and unless you’re campaigning in AZ, I don’t give a fk.

  9. FIRST TIME JOINING ANY SOCIAL NETWORK SITE. Don’t really like nor trust the social sites,but for President Trump I will take the plunge. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP AND WIPE THE FLOOR UP WITH THE COMMUCRATS!

  10. Let’s get behind one Republican candidate and win this election! If the republican party candidate’s don’t wake up and quit fighting among themselves, splitting the votes between two or three candidates we will lose this next election! Come on, wake up! Let’s get behind one and win this country back again to the Republic it was meant to be!

  11. We must all come together to take the Domo-rats out of power and keep them out if America is going to remain a free and God- fearing nation.

  12. My hiccup is that “Pravda” translates to “Truth.” We know from history how truthful the Pravda newspaper was for a significant part of its content.

    This makes me uncomfortable enough that I wonder if the name alone will cause some to hesitate about jumping into the discussion.

  13. I can hardly wait for President Trump to get back in the Whitehouse & oust ol “Stinky Pete” so we can begin to Win Again & Fully Back to Making America Great Again! Also for Trumps new site to be fully rolled out! I checked out pretty much completely from FB over a year ago. I basically send stories & posts from outside into FB Exposing the depth of the Evil, the Lies & Bias of the Left. Also Praises for Manchin, Sinema, Tulsi & the I believe now over 100 others from their party who also have recognized just how evil their party has become. Abortion on steroids, perversions, lies, deceptions, terrorists walking freely through the southern border with way too few being apprehended. Russia, China & even Middle East Terrorists traced back to the same terrorist groups of 9-11 and so much more. Praise God for giving us people on the Right who Truly Love Our Nation, Our Babies, All Races, Fair & Legal Voting (one person, one vote only) who don’t imprison U.S. Citizens for standing up for our Rights & Freedoms, and who don’t get us fired, shot or beaten if we don’t take the jab. Who stands up for our Nations Freedoms of Speech, Religion and the Right to Bear Arms & to Protect & Defend ourselves, our businesses & our family members. A New Day is about to Dawn! Then the Nation will see just how Quickly a Nation with a Real President that is Chosen to Lead by none other than God in His Mercy can come back to being a Very Strong & Blessed Nation once again!!!!

  14. This will mark the turnaround needed World Wide back to Truth and actual investigative journalism and reporting on current affairs of interest to people. Truth is beautiful, No more Jeff Zucker running from desk to desk at CNN, ordering anchors to say Trump is a racist (For 1 week) then next week ordering “Climate Change” then the next week ordering “Racism” again??? and so forth


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