Hunter Biden’s ‘Close Friend’ is Charged With High Treason in Kazakhstan

Center for Strategic and International Studies via Flickr

A close friend to the President’s troubled son Hunter has been arrested in Kazakhstan. Former intelligence chief Karim Massimo was arrested by Kazakh authorities last week on alleged suspicion of high treason.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Massimov’s arrest came Thursday, one day after he was fired from his post as chairman of the Kazakhstan National Security Committee. He was arrested amid nationwide violent protests sparked by, among other things, an increase in fuel prices. The unrest has resulted in thousands of arrests and dozens of deaths.

Hunter Biden, while serving on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, shared a close business relationship with Massimov during his second stint as Kazakhstan’s prime minister from 2014 through 2016, according to records from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Emails and texts from the laptop previously reported by the Washington Examiner show that Hunter Biden scheduled a meeting in 2014 with Massimov in Kazakhstan to discuss an energy deal with Burisma. Hunter Biden ditched his Secret Service security detail before departing from Paris to Kazakhstan to discuss the deal, the records show.

Until last week, Massimov led Kazakhstan’s National Security Committee, an intelligence and security agency that replaced the Soviet-era KGB in 1992 after the collapse and dissolution of the USSR. An announcement from the agency on Saturday said he had been arrested on Thursday after being removed the day before.

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    1. That’s because no matter how badly he screws people over they just want to run up to him and pat him on the back and say good job screwing me over Joe I didn’t see that one coming, the darnedest thing I have ever seen he has to be the devil himself or at least the devil’s favorite demon!

    1. They would be arrested and prosecuted except that our Federal government is so corrupt it is unbelievable. The politicians steal money through corrupt schemes like “INSIDE TRADING”. And because they are all doing it, no one blows the whistle on anyone else. They all walk away rich and the American people are the real losers.

  2.  Biden the great brainless disrupter, flying to Georgia to push for federal control of elections, the biden’s like the clinton’s are corrupt. Biden has not earned the right to take away any voting changes or control any of the States voting rights. Look how this corrupt person, who sold his soul to China and Russia has destroyed our Country in one short year. Who does this person work f or? not the American people, wide open borders, wide open crime with our borders, run away taxes , inflation, shortages, his screwed up energy decisions, can’t govern the virus and kicked it back to the States, why would anyone think he could handle voting rights concerns any different?.Biden fxxx up everything he gets involved with a total cluster fxxx in thinking.Look no further then the decisions he has made to date both international and domestic. He is just months away from impeachment proceedings to one thing this clown has done right? Only good pay to play at the taxpayers expense just like the Clinton, his weight with the DOJ FBI will soon fade, the investigations will begin and those who broke our laws will be accountable.

  3. HUNTER BIDEN AND HIS INFAMOUS FATHER AND FELLOW FRAUD SHOULD be included in any indictments and trials for HIgh Treason THERE IS CERTAINLY ENOUGH HARD EVIDENCE TO PURSUE SUCH ACTION, indicating suspicion of conspiracy and collusion with other countries to counter President Trump and HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS and blackmailing of Ukraine as Vice president of which there is video of Biden senior BRAGGING of his acts. If you had family members ,American citizens abandoned as was the $83 BILLION in sophisticated weaponry to uncertain but likely fatal results and to study and use by China and the Taliban AGAINST us: I would think you would consider his acts cowardly and treasonous and, as a disabed Vietnam veteran of the 1968 Tet Offensive, THAT is exactly how I feel about this national disgrace , WHO needs TO BE REPLACED WITH A fully competent and AMERICAN ORIENTED PRESIDENT; and not a New World Order, U.N. Agenda 21 advocating enemy within. I have had a degree in Government fr 55 of my 77 years NEVER SEEN A LESS COMPETENT AND MORE DANGEROUS THREAT TO AMERICAN CULTURE, ECONOMICS, FREEDOMS AND PERSONAL CHOICES AND THE FUTURE THAN THIS SORRY EXCUSE FOR A LEADER IN A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. PERIOD.

  4. Biden family is nothing but corrupt an should all. He put in jail. He has screwed American. People wake up. He is no dam good


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