Biden to Endorse Changing Senate Filibuster to Push Voting Rights Bill Forward

White House [Public Domain]
President Biden is expected to endorse changing Senate filibuster rules in order to propel Democrats’ voting rights legislation forward. Biden is expected to back the Senate rules change during a speech in Georgia on Tuesday. According to a copy of remarks first obtained by Fox News, the President is expected to attack the “abhorrent” GOP obstruction of the measure and warn a filibuster is a tool that has “injured the body enormously.”

The filibuster is a threshold of 60 votes in the Senate that’s necessary before a piece of legislation is given an up or down vote.

Fox News reports:

In his speech, Biden is expected to “forcefully advocate” for protecting what a White House official described as “the most bedrock American rights: the right to vote and have your vote counted in a free, fair and secure election that is not tainted by partisan manipulation.”

Biden’s remarks will take place in the former district of late Rep. John Lewis, as he urges the Senate to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

“The next few days, when these bills come to a vote, will mark a turning point in this nation,” Biden will say, according to prepared remarks. “Will we choose democracy over autocracy, light over shadow, justice over injustice?”

A White House official reportedly told Fox News that Biden supports changing Senate rules to adjust the filibuster.

“Because abuse of what was once a rarely used mechanism that is not in the Constitution has injured the body enormously, and its use to protect extreme attacks on the most basic constitutional right is abhorrent.”

Republicans blocked Democrats voting rights legislation four times last year, however, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has repeatedly threatened his party will find a way to get rid of the filibuster if Republicans continue to block the bill.

  1. Was this clown put in office to fxxx everything up? Biden the great brainless disrupter, flying to Georgia to push for federal control of elections, the biden’s like the clinton’s are corrupt. Biden has not earned the right to take away any voting changes or control any of the States voting rights. Look how this corrupt person, who sold his soul to China and Russia has destroyed our Country in one short year. Who does this person work f or? not the American people, wide open borders, wide open crime with our borders, run away taxes , inflation, shortages, his screwed up energy decisions, can’t govern the virus and kicked it back to the States, why would anyone think he could handle voting rights concerns any different?.Biden fxxx up everything he gets involved with a total cluster fxxx in thinking.Look no further then the decisions he has made to date both international and domestic. He is just months away from impeachment proceedings to one thing this clown has done right? Only good pay to play at the taxpayers expense just like the Clinton, his weight with the DOJ FBI will soon fade, the investigations will begin and those who broke our laws will be accountable.

  2. Biden is lying to the general public about free and fair elections. If Federalized it will destroy free and fair elections opening the door to more abuse and allowing anyone to vote whether citizens or not. Dominion should be extracted from all states for voting machines. No machine which has access to the internet should be used to count votes.

    1. What do we expect from this liar in chief. Biden is a lifelong political leech who enriched himself and his family on the public dole selling out our country to the highest bidder. And lets not forget who his senate mentor was… Robert Byrd… the grand wizard of the KKK. Does anyone actually believe or fall for what comes out of this dolt’s mouth? It’s really time for the minority community to wake up… these politicians have no scruples and use the minority community as useful idiots to continue enriching themsleves.

    2. Biden’s brain is nothing but a dirt devil circling in the windy desert…there is no substance there, just empty air.

      Someone is manipulating the puppet called Biden. His head is full of so much dementia that he can’t even find the White House bathroom — so how can he know and understand the semantics involved with a free voting system?? He cannot!

      His PUPPETMASTER is pulling Biden’s strings and running his mouth. Find out who that is and we’ll know who is trying to destroy our Nation via biddyboy Biden’s actions!

  3. Wasn’t it the Democrats that instituted the filibuster in the first place when the Republicans had the upper hand ? Funny that when it worked for them it was great now when it works against their majority it has to go !

  4. Biden is the “abuse”! If he signs that into law, he is committing another treason. He is NOT President of the United States! He cannot make EO’s and laws. It is up to Congress to make laws. Biden is only president of Washington DC and DC isn’t even owned by the United States. Biden needs to be arrested and executed permanently!

  5. Funny how Democrats love the filibuster when it suits their needs.
    They better be careful what they wish for, especially considering they are about to get trounced in the midterms and in 2024.

  6. “Voting Rights Bill” ?? As written it is an unfunny joke. It allows ANYBODY to cast a vote. Is THAT what the Democrats call “Democratic’ ?? Uh-uh…. no way. With mail-in ballots accepted from ANYBODY without any ‘checks & balances’, even children could cast a ballot (just the way somebody told them to do)…. LOTS of ‘dead people’ would cast ballots… lots of illegals would cast ballots….. is THAT what the American people want? NO WAY. If casting a ballot means anything to anybody he/she/it should be glad to have the privilege of going to a polling place to vote and proving that you really are who you claim to be. There is NOTHING ‘undemocratic’about that…. that’s just the way things should be.

  7. Manditory Voter ID, these radical.liberal,progressive,socialist,marxist,dumbocrap commies don’t what it, because u have to provr who u are to vote, everyone can get an dam ID.

  8. How many times did dems use the fillibuster while Trump was in office to derail GOP bills?. Or While Bush was in office?

  9. Voting rights bill? More like vote cheating bill. They know they can’t win unless they cheat. That’s why they are so desperate to get this through. The Constitution says that voting regulations lie with the states. Manchin promised he would not vote to end the filibuster. Let’s hope he keeps his word.

  10. The rotten, lying Joe Biden and his corrupt Democrat Party strike again – or at least they try to strike. Such visceral hate has not been seen in an American political party since the days of the Civil War.

  11. The Filibuster is a necessary part of creating legislation and biddyboy Biden needs to back off and let this process remain! His incompetency is so glaring!!

    Why are democrats such crybabies about anyone or anything that can stand in their way of creating ridiculous legislation? They walk around with their emotions on their sleeves and then make inappropriate decisions based on their very immature and emotional feelings!

    AND YOU WONDER HOW OUR NATION GOT TO THIS POINT OF DIVISION AND ANARCHY??? Children are running our Capitol and they are playing “King of the Hill”!


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