GA Governor Accuses GOP Challenger of Illegally Coordinating With Fundraising Committee

Office of U.S. Senator David Perdue / Public domain

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has accused Republican challenger David Perdue of illegally coordinating with a new fundraising committee.

The Hill reports:

The complaint, filed with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, accuses the fundraising committee Georgia Values Fund of asking donors to provide cellphone numbers to receive Perdue campaign updates and news, as well as to send contributions directly to the former senator’s campaign.

“In light of these facts, the Commission should take immediate action to investigate Perdue for Governor, Georgia Values Fund, and their agents, and take all appropriate action to halt such behavior and assess appropriate penalties under Georgia law,” the complaint reads.

In Georgia, independent committees such as Georgia Values Fund may raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to advocate for the election or defeat of a particular candidate. However, they are barred from directly coordinating their efforts with a candidate’s campaign.

A spokesperson for Gov. Kemp’s re-election campaign said that the alleged violation is a part of a larger pattern of unethical behavior by Perdue.

“From shady stock trades to blatant campaign finance law violations, David Perdue has a long history of breaking the rules to benefit himself,” Hall said. “The Perdue campaign’s actions are clearly against the law, and directly reflect the repeated lack of ethical conduct by Perdue himself.”

A spokesperson for Perdue’s campaign called the ethics complaint “laughable and desperate,” adding that because the former senator “is not associated with any state [political action committees],” his campaign “can’t speak to the independent activities of outside groups.”

Perdue and Kemp are locked in an intense primary battle to determine will go up against the likely Democrat gubernatorial nominee, Stacey Abrams.

  1. Idiots like these give the nastier DemonCrap challengers (in this case the nasty RACIST Stacey Abrams ) lots of great things to magnify during the entire election cycle.
    Selfish and stupid much, RINO’s?

    1. She’s very typical anytime anyone criticizes her she pulls the race card. Look at that other idiot Maxine Waters and her daughter living high on the hog in Palms Verdes when she is required to reside in the District she’s supposed to represemt

  2. Oh that’s what we need, slugging it out in the press. Neither were tremendously popular to start with. The Republican strategy of the circular firing squad.

  3. This is what the leftists dems love….Republicans fighting among themselves. This is one thing that will ruin the Republican Party. There are too many “elitists” in the group & they all think they know better than the rest. The Republican Party needs to WAKE UP & SMELL THE BACON or they will be lost altogether.

    1. It was bound to happen. Kemp has to be removed or even Abrams can beat him. Kemp is a lame duck and too weak to win. Purdue can beat Abrams because he is a known quantity in Georgia and Kemp is just playing the dirty card but he will lose. Go Purdue!

  4. I believe that’s the business of the IRS not a political witch hunt which seems to be the new normal with these politicians. Frankly I’d rather see Congress tax returns especially Pelosi, Schumer and Schiffty. Then there’s that idiot Newsom who has screwed up California’s economy so bad it’s likely ne er to recover. Then he goes out a redistricts Kern County so he can very illegally appoint legislators that aren’t elected by the people. Now he has at least a majority of not a super majority in the State Assembly leaving taxpayers with another burden of very obviously illegal tax increases specifically on their property taxes during an economic crisis then imports eight million illegals thst are unvetted and unvaccinated who his Aunt Pelosi intends on granting citizenship and th3 right to vote.

    1. Then after all those shenanigans the federal government bails out the state of Cal….say “what”….that is the obvious form of political pay back. Airlines do it, banks do it, auto makers do it, the United States Postal Service does it…etc….Have got to get the red states to not allow the federal government to use “public funds” to bail out blue state mismanagement as well as private sector pay offs(too big to fail is BS).
      You want to see a really scam, how about the AmTrak pay offs to their bloviated, bankrupt retirement funds…..

  5. Kemp is turning out to be another Stacey Abrams with all the lying that comes out of his mouth, doesn’t like a challenge to his two face lies. Kemp is nothing but a rino wimp pretending to be a conservative, who has no idea how to be one. Hoping Kemp gets his butt kicked and loses. Sad that these Rino’s are making democracts that much easier to win.

    1. Purdue is running to face Abrams. Kemp was never going to win against that heffer! Purdue can. I am betting Abrams if backing Kemp and he will just roll over for her if he can get aways with the lying!


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