Perdue Proposes Election Police Force in Georgia

(U.S. Air Force photo by Tommie Horton), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Georgia gubernatorial challenger David Perdue is calling for a new law enforcement organization dedicated exclusively to investigating election law violations. Perdue, who is challenging sitting Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, said Thursday he would create the new division to protect election laws however a number of Georgia divisions are already responsible for carrying out these duties.

The Hill reports:

Perdue is running against Gov. Brian Kemp (R), a former ally who acknowledged the fact that both Perdue and former President Trump lost their election bids in Georgia in 2020. In a statement Thursday, Perdue referenced a 2018 consent decree that governed how absentee ballots are counted in the event that a voter’s date of birth is incorrect or missing.

“What happened in 2020 should never happen again,” Perdue said. “Brian Kemp caved to Stacey Abrams before the November election and weakened our elections standards. Then, when Georgians had legitimate questions about the November election, Kemp refused to investigate or fix problems before the January runoff.”

Perdue said the purpose of the new law enforcement unit “is to give Georgians confidence that only legal votes will be counted, and that anyone who tries to interfere with our elections will be arrested and prosecuted.”

Perdue also said election results should be “independently audited” to “safeguard our election integrity and ensure transparency and accountability in our system.”

Perdue’s push for an agency dedicated to enforcing election laws comes days after Gov. Kemp accused his campaign of violating campaign rules.

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  1. This sort of thing really depends on who is running the agencies. And today most police forces are either deer in the headlights or as corrupt as the city, county, state is. Not a good idea for CA, Oregon, Washington, etc..
    Guess one could be suspicious of Georgia too. Abrams and her judge sisten have done some dirty deeds. And do we want upright concerned citizens who have been vetted and will be watched with cameras, live feeds, audits if necessary as part of the Voting process rather than a police for that which can be corrupted as easily as the vote counters apparently were in 2020. And 2018 for Sinema looks suspicious too.

  2. Nothing wrong with that,,,censor this ,,,black panthers did this a few years ago and it was just fine with th eleft

  3. Not really needed but ok with the idea. Better option is to go to paper ballots that are feed into an optical scanning machine by the voter. Once the closing time has been reached any unread absentee ballots are entered into a scanning machine. No machine has wireless or internet connection abilities. Only overseas military ballots received within 7 days of the election close maybe counted by use of the optical scanning machine. Then all paper ballots are hand counted using 3 3 person committees composed of 1 dem, 1 repub and 1 independent registered voter. The election may not be certified until both the OCR and hand count totals agree. The election investigation unit will investigate any abnormalities. Voter registrar may only allow walk up/ same day voters to vote if they present a picture ID. These ballots will be kept separate from all others and may only be counted if the voter registers to vote within 10 days of the election close. Any of these voters who do not register as required will have a certified copy of their ballot and info turned over to the EIU. After investigation, those who committed fraud will be prosecuted.

    1. How do optical scanners transmit their totals?
      Does each scanner print out it’s totals?
      Or do they send them to a totalizer for the polling place.
      How do they get to the state level?
      Hard copy hand carried?
      Hard copy by carrier pigeon?
      Phone in?
      Electronics means?
      Just like banking?

    2. Optical scanners are not good. They can read the same ballots over and over. That’s how Diebold works. Each ballot that’s scanned should be marked as it’s read through the scanner so repeats cannot occur. I’ve never seen a system that does that.

      1. Check the Puerto Rico system. It seems to be bullet proof. The whole system is designed to avoid and stop fraud.

  4. Knowing that DIMMs are the parents of voter fraud, Rin o Kemp should have sent GA state police to keep the polling stations open to partisan observers! No excuse for the fraud he and his stupid SoS let happen!

    1. What day did Kemp become a Rino?
      The day he failed to follow Trump’s orders.
      Find 11,740 more votes for Trump?

  5. Ok if they have organizations to investigate elections they have been derelict in there duties to say the least they need something with real teeth cuz what they got sucks

  6. The only way to to have fair elections is to prohibit those damn democrats out of our polling places.
    That is why we have the Second Amendment.

  7. They wiped the computers in Georgia so a forensic audit could take place, although, an expert could retrieve that information. They also collected the fake or questionable ballots and had them shredded. That was illegal in and of itself and someone needs to be brought to court and charged. Kemp was in on the Big Steal. Get rid of Dominion and Diebold and any computer system that can count the same votes over and over, and has the ability to connect to the internet, otherwise it’s toast.

  8. They wiped the computers clean in Georgia so a forensic audit could not take place, although, an expert could retrieve that information. They also collected thousands of questionable ballots from the questionable precincts and had them shredded. That was totally illegal and someone needs to be brought to justice for those crimes, tried, and sentenced. Kemp was in on the big steal. Get rid of Dominion and Diebold and any computer which can connect to the internet or count votes multiple times, otherwise, there’s no hope. They changed votes during the adjudication process under Dominion. Very easy to do. It’s on video as well as everything I mentioned.


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