Report: Americans Don’t Want a Trump-Biden 2024 Matchup

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A new poll reveals that Americans aren’t keen on the prospect of a rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in 2024.

Fox News reports:

Only 28% of Americans questioned in an AP/NORC national survey conducted over the past week say they want Biden to seek a second term in the White House in the 2024 election. And that includes just 48% of Democrats.

The survey revealed Trump’s prospects weren’t much better.

According to the poll, just 27% of Americans would like the former president to seek a return to the White House in 2024. But Trump did fare slightly better with his party, with 56% of Republicans surveyed saying they’d like to see him bid again for the presidency.

Trump has for nearly a year repeatedly flirted with another White House run. Asked in an interview Wednesday with Fox News about his 2024 plans, the former president once again said he thinks he is “going to make a lot of people happy” with his decision.

Biden has said he is planning to run for a second term despite a disastrous first year that has sunk his approval ratings.

“If I’m in the health I’m in now – if I’m in good health – then, in fact, I would run again,” Biden told ABC News last month.

  1. He should have used the term “when” in lieu of “if” when referencing the ’24 election. This president is the same incompetent Blue Hen Delawarean who wandered aimlessly through the Senate for 36 years. He now hasn’t the slightest notion of what to do, where to go or even what day it is. The free world shares our shame.

  2. I do not want to do “social media”! ! ! I hope you will accept my comments. If so, I thank you very much.Surely even democrats are now aware of Biden’s extreme mental incompetency. Surely nobody will seriously consder him as a suitable candidate candidate for anything. Trump, on thevother had continually amply demonstrates the same extremely superior mental competence and sharpness he has always had.Old age does not in itself ever cause dementia. Concussions, drug use( both legal and illegal), and some physical illnesses do cause dementia. Biden is demonstrably incompetent. trump is demonstrably extremely cometent and then some. Trump further showed integrity and wisdom by keeping all of his wonderful campaign promises.Nobody else could possibly be as worthy to be president again. I hope and pray Republicans will wake up and become as fully passionately supportive of trump as they should be.I know that there are still tens of thousands of independents and former democrats who passionately want Trump and nobody else for President in 2024.. He has proven himself to me! !In spite of his terrible sexual immorality, I trust him because of his magnificent performance as president. he is the very absolutely best president we could have. By the way, Tim Scott would be a great vice president.

    1. And so would Ron DeSantis, there are more than 1 excellent possibility for VP. Make America Great Again Again.

  3. I certainly reject joe for a second term.
    I love President Trump and would vote for him should he run and get the nomination.
    However, for anyone paying attention, the media is doing everything they possibly can to bloody him and his family. My biggest concern is the crazies that would go out and vote against him.

  4. I just learned that it is about to come out that the Joe Biden you all think is the President of the United States in NOT Joseph Robinette Biden, President of the United States. The truth is about to be disclosed. We will no longer have to listen to an empty headed, corrupt criminal. Democrats, especially Obama has tried to put a good one over the entire world. Joseph Biden died in 2017, I suspect was executed, but I am not sure, I do know he has been dead since 2017. A ton of people, mostly Democrats are all going to Gitmo or one of the satellite prisons located all over the world because Gitmo is nearly full. Listen for this to come out very, very soon.

  5. What do you expect if you only poll LIEberals!! POLLS conducted by LIEberal POLSTERS ARE GARBAGE!!! The POLLS I’ve seen say 80 to 90% of respondents want Trump To RUN in 2024 and they will vote for him!!
    So who you gonna believe?? LIEberals that LIE for a living or REAL Americans???

  6. Slo Joe says if he is still in good health in 2024 he will run for a second term. Hell he’s not in good health now. I really think he is just a brain dead moron.


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