Senate Republicans Deal Twin Blows to Democrats

Photo of the US Capitol / Photo by the US Capitol via Flickr

On Wednesday, Senate Republicans torpedoed two efforts from Democrats to advance their agenda. First, Democrats failed to change Senate filibuster rules which then led to Republicans striking down voting rights legislation in the upper chamber.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Democrats argued that despite their own past opposition to changing or ending the filibuster, an “adjustment” was necessary in order to ensure passage of the two election bills.

The legislation would roll back red-state voter integrity laws and expand federal oversight of election and voting district changes in some states.

Republicans blocked the election overhaul bill with the filibuster earlier Wednesday evening, prompting Democrats to embark on their attempt to change the rule.

Sen. Angus King, a Maine independent who votes with the Democrats, accused the GOP of using the filibuster for “stone-cold obstruction” rather than to achieve bipartisan legislation on the voting measure.

Republicans unanimously voted to strike down Democrats’ voting measure, arguing it will federalize elections and impact voter integrity.

Moderate Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema voted against changing filibuster rules.

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4 months ago

old angus king is a weenie noggin … why pretend that you are a “independent azzhole” when you vote with the “democrat assholes”? oh yes I know so that morons will support your campaign and vote stupid once again ..

Tired of it
Tired of it
4 months ago

Why are people surprised that the Democrats want to change the rules just to give them a permanent lock on control of America? First off, they think they are smarter than everyone who doesn’t agree with them and that the rank and file electorate are too stupid to run their own lives. Second, the top wealthy 1 percent and big business fund Democrats so they also have a lock on their elite status.

4 months ago
Reply to  Tired of it

I feel that the Democraps think most people do not see how much money they are getting by changing the laws to give themselves the advantage throughout our country.

Miguel Stroe
4 months ago

The disgusting demorats will stop at nothing to try to steal power from the voters. After their massive cheating in 2020, their agenda is the same… grab and stay in power to destroy our country.

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